movie pass (fiction)

for so long we have been sending letters to each other. we would wait anxiously at the mail box just to be able to touch it before anyone else. we want to meet each other but our situations have made it most difficult. for him to travel would interfere with his work. for me f****y was my top priority.

yet we found a way on certain days no one gives a damn about us and that was our chance.

dear lover

finally we have a chance to be together. and even though it will not last i make make the most of it. see you then!

my heart pounded with excitement.

i was standing at the entrance to the theater when he walked up to me. being shy as ever i couldn't say anything. then he put his have under my face tilted my head up and gave me a kiss. oh and what a kiss it was, it was like i had orgasm in my mouth.

soon we found our seats yet to our surprise one was there. the credits was showing future film which gave us great interest. as i was looking at the screen i notice him glancing at my breasts. soon i realized m my nipples were hard and that he could see it through my shirt.

i was so embarrassed!

i turned to the side to conceal me shame. he put his hand to my hair and brushed it back, kissing my neck. he came closer to me, rapping his hands around my waist.

slowly he groped my breast. mmmmmmmm it felt so good! lifting my shirt exposing me. he continued rubbing and grabbing. then he stood up came in front of my got on his knees and took of my panties with his teeth.

spreading my legs on the arm of my chair.

"it look so soft" he said

i was so embarrassed that i didn't look.

as he was licking me a shock of pleasure surges through my body. my body was going wild. never have i felt to relaxed. on his knees still he goes into his pants and how me this shaft.

i was scared to imagine how something so big could fit in my hole. my already wet with pleasure he slowly penetrated my woman hood. once he went in all the way he stops and looks at me.

"don't be ashamed, i want you i want you to be satisfied!"

back and forth, he comes in and out of me. covering my mouth to hide my pleasureful moans.

"uncover your mouth i want to hear it all!"

so i did, the more i moaned the faster he went. suddenly while inside of me he picks me up he sits down while i was on top.

"this is the cowboy position, so show me what you got"

going for what i know i bounced up and down i could feel his man hood going deeper inside me. hitting a spot unknown to me. licking my left breast i was evermore turned on.

"now in reverse" he said with a sexy crooked smile

turning around sitting in his lap he enters. in a backwards crab stance i start to bounce again. this time he grabbed my hips helping me go up and down. my knees became tired but no need he held my up finishing the job.

"let me see your breast" he said

exposing my breast he put his penis between them. he slowly went up and down, so i put it in my mouth and sucked as his penis came up.

"may i cum in your mouth" he said

"you can do anything you want" i said

up and down he goes faster until squirts of cum filled my mouth. it was so much i couldn't swallow it all. some ended up on my breast.

"what a load" i said to myself

"heard that" he said laughing

after cleaning ourselves off in the bathroom we walked out happy and satisfied.

"thanks that was amazing" i said happy

"ha ha, not yet baby wait until i get you home then I'll show you a performance"
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2 years ago
This is such an exciting story. Thank you.
2 years ago
This is such an exciting story. Thank you.
3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
fancy watching a movie with me
4 years ago
Sounds like one of my dreams. Sex in a theater.