touch down! (fiction)

my and my boyfriend hace been together for years, 3 to be exact. and its been a year sence we've made love. i tried everything, sexy lingerie, giving him massages, but nothing works.

one day him and his buddies was in the living room watching a football game. one of his friends came into the kitchen where i was he was looking at me strange.

"are you ok" he said concerned

"i am fine just tense" i said with no emotion

he gave me a long sigh. and for some reason i felt some what better. so i look at him he was very tall at least 5'9. and he sound so black i wouldn't have know he was white unless i turned around. then i started to giggle.

"well well well, the curse is broken but for real whats the matter" he said getting closer to me.

"promise not to tell my boyfriend"

"promise" having his hand over his chest.

"my boyfriend......." trying to get the words out.

"come on" he said both hands on my shoulders

"he hasn't touched me in almost a year i tried everything, i feel as though i am not attractive anymore" i said bursting into tears.

he stood there not saying a word, next thing i know he grabbed my hand put it up to his chest, then with one swoop grabbed my body and kissed me.
i tried to fight back....but...its been so long since i have been held like this.

as we gotten closer i could feel his penis growing, how close he was to me i felt as though he wanted me to know it was there. i pushed him and ran out side and went into the pool house.

"what was i thinking" i said out of breath

"i am so sorry i just...."

"i wanted you know be show the love that you deserve"

all i could do was look at his body. next thing i knew he was stripping down. and there is was, greeting me with is stiffness. my pussy was getting so wet that my panties could slip off.

"only this once...and that it" i said with my back turned.

"baby after i am done with you, you are going to beg for more"

he came close to me and unbutton my blouse and caress my breast. i never felt so good i my life. i looked down at his cock it was so hard that i could see his veins. i couldn't wait any longer i took off my panties, he pined me to the wall and gave me his all.

over and over he was drilling me, i wanted to moan so bad but my boyfriend and his friends were inside the house. he saw me trying to hold my pleasure.

"i don't care if they hear, i want him to know what pleasure sounds like"

and without thinking twice, i moaned, i called his name, i went crazy. i wanted more, all of him. so i layed on the floor in the doggy style position.

"please give me more, i want to cum again"

"as you wish"

so he got on his knees he put his penis around my clit teasing me.
after long hours of passion i layed on him dizzy and out of breath.

"wow that was amazing" i said out of breath

"baby that was just half time, and I'm not leaving until i make the play offs"
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1 year ago just the fact you mentioned playoffs at the end this song popped into my head
3 years ago
Nice story
4 years ago
Nice history, u going to getting me hot
4 years ago
lol good one>>>
4 years ago
very lucky guy
4 years ago
My dream is to score with a black lady also
4 years ago
i enjoyed it too
4 years ago
very nice i enjoyed it thx for sharing