my vinella shake

i have this fantasy that wonder about all the time. i get wet each time i think about it. i am a maid working at this house in new york and my boss is this hot and sexy European. he comes to me and tells me that i did a great job. each time i see him my body goes crazy i masturbate each time he leaves the house.

"there is something i would like you to do" he said with a crooked smile

"what is it" i said confused

"can you go down to the basement and get me some chocolate please"

"sure sir right away"

so i went down stairs it was dark, so i tried to find the light bulb.
then i heard something move. next thing you know someone grabs me from behind. i try to scream but the persons hand was over my mouth. he worked his hand to my lower back.

loosening my apron, i was scared i wanted to scream but i didn't know what would happen.

next thing i know my panties were off i felt cold and ashamed. then i felt something wet on my clit. my hands were tied by my apron, i was bend over the washing machine.

i was scared but my body was losing control i started to moan like crazy. next thing i know something strong went inside of me. i couldn't describe the felling that i was having. but i didn't realized that i was moving with him back and forth.

it felt so good i couldn't help but moan even louder. i was so afraid that my boss would hear me, if he knew what was happening then he would fire me. then he picked me up spread my legs on the washing machine and pounded my pussy with everything he had.

but with out him knowing it i untied myself. and pushed him on the ground. i held him to the ground.

"my turn" i said slowly

i was grinding him his hands on my ass squeeze me as i go in and out. my nipples was so hard that i couldn't stand it.

"i'm going to cum" he said

"so am i"

then i put his penis between my breast and gave him a boob job. when he came all over my breast it was warm and wet. then he did the unexpected he kissed me.
next thing he said shocked the hell out of me

"thanks for the chocolate"
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1 year ago
sexy story babe,nice 1,i'll be your European anyday
4 years ago
Send it to Hustler, they'll print it!!!!!!!!
I'm sure you'll find a man that will play nice with you.
4 years ago
I noticed this one doesn't say fiction... :)
4 years ago
mmm a chocoholic like me, yummy
4 years ago
Love to have hot chocolate on my cock
4 years ago
I wish I could role play this story with you
4 years ago
I loved your story
4 years ago
its a good one lil'lady
4 years ago
4 years ago
I loved this.
4 years ago