rainy day thoughts

Today I was mostly thinking about fruit! It all started out so innocently when the idea of sitting on his face and squirting cum into his mouth came to me as I was in the middle of an important but very boring meeting. Knowing he was in an impossible position to be able to wank over our mutual fantasies made my already bad bad mind work overtime. It was a very good idea he told me. But only on the condition that he could watch me slap my clit at the same time. I told him I was full of good ideas and that ‘yes that would be an option’. He said he hoped that my cunt was wet. In reply I said it was wetter than he could ever imagine. I wanted him to finger it, just to make sure. He said ‘nah…I’m going to ram a cucumber up it as hard as I can then I’m going to watch you wank as I fuck your face.’ You see…he adores watching me play with my clit, he gets so hard watching it swell as he fucks my face making me choke. He knows how turned on I get. And he knows just how to do it.
He then asked the question …’what would you fill your pussy with for me?’ and for one that’s short of ideas I was well and truly stumped! I couldn’t even make allowances for it being early in the morning and having brain freeze from the meeting! However, as cyber sessions so often do this one had to come to an abrupt end. With promises to talk later about the question he asked I was left a little puzzled. What else would I put in my pussy that’s not his cock? I came to the conclusion that we’ve all done the dildo…and some of us have even opted for the vegetables. I have even winced as I watched a woman squeeze an orange from her chuff, granted it was a Satsuma but still…it looked like she was straining a bit! (And truth be told she was a bit old and if she had squeezed anymore her fanny might have fallen out!) The beer bottle has also cropped up in conversation so has a hairbrush handle (wink wink) and the aforementioned cucumber scenario. I’ve seen mobile phones going in there and gear sticks and even television remote controls but come on…who the fuck would dare sully the most important item in the house by covering it with hot sticky cum? Eh? But as I thought and pondered…and then pondered some more I thought about fruit. Bananas seem to be the fruit of choice but they give me terrible indigestion so seeing as how I wouldn’t let one pass my lips I’m not about to stick one in my fandango! Peaches are nice but a little bit fiddly. And my favourite fruit is Dragon fruit but oh so prickly. Strawberries are always good but alas as some of you will know they have to be accompanied by cream. Apples?? What’s sexy about apples???? G****s? Well they might get lost. Then the marvellous mango popped into my head. The logistics of fitting a whole mango up there might be a bit complicated so my thoughts turned to slices. Which got me thinking about juice…. and that led me to think about sticky cum juice mixed with mango juice and I wondered….hmmmm mango would work. Mashed mango smeared into my pussy and being sucked and licked from me would quite turn me on I think! And as the scene in my head evolved into one of me grinding my cunt on his face and cumming in his mouth the idea of mango fandango appealed to me even more. Seeing his face all covered in sticky juice and licking it from his cheeks while he filled my cunt with his throbbing hard cock was enough to send me to the loo to check the state of my knickers!!. It’s these sorts of weekday conversations that can brighten up a rainy day. Maybe tomorrow I will put the fruit idea to him and see what he thinks…………

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2 years ago
Yes Sharing is GOOD! :)
2 years ago
nothing better on a hot sticky day then a nice fruit salad..
2 years ago
Id love to be the one cybering with u mmmm
2 years ago
I hate bananas, won't let one touch my lips either..lol..but mango....x
2 years ago
sharing is good :) mmmmm
2 years ago
IF???? its me you thinkin about the fruit idea sounds very erotic me eating it mixed with your cum....
We could also share ? Mmmmm