Not every Monday sucks

Cheryl and I have shared many fantasies with each other during our Monday morning coffee dates. Some of them have even come true. This one particular Monday I was feeling a bit more raunchy than usual the weekend was crap so I made some last minute calls to arrange for some additional relief. Cheryl arrived and could tell that something was up but I gave no answer to her question I just led her to the kitchen for our coffee and some small talk. After a short while the doorbell rang and I told my guest to get set up in the living room. I led Cheryl upstairs and had her strip and wear the new robe I bought her it was lacy and very see through I was already wearing mine. I refused Cheryl’s advances and we made our way back down to the living room I had Cheryl get on to the table as I answered the door and led my next guest into the kitchen showing them where they could work. I came back in and climbed onto the other table and our masseuses began the full body massage. My guy was a large black man well built with a nice tight ass and from what I could tell a very large package in the front I couldn't wait to unwrap. Cheryl’s masseuse was a very voluptuous blond with a very large but firm ass. As we were getting full body massages nothing was left untouched and I could hear Cheryl’s pleasure and had to smile to myself. The chefs started to set the table. The masseuses had us turn over and we had a cucumber mask put on and were told to lay there and not to move no matter what. (I knew what was coming since I made the arrangements) I could hear the door open and the last of the guest arrived right on time I so love when everything goes according to plan. My new guests were told in advance to grab one dish of their choice from the table and to come over and rub, pour, or place the items anywhere on or in us. I could hear moans and gasps as this was done. My reactions were very similar. After all the food was placed were everyone wanted it they were instructed to clean us off anyway they wished. I could feel the food being eaten but what got my attention was the big cucumber and carrots being pumped in and out of my cunt and ass. I was bouncing in rhythm I was ready to cum and screamed out as I squirted everywhere. Cheryl and I were moved to the floor at this point. the vegetables were removed and I had two very nice cocks replace them It felt so good to have both holes filled the next thing I knew I was eating a very tasty pussy as some other guest were cleaning my tits and stomach off I was bouncing out of control and the cucumber mask slid off and I could see Cheryl surrounded by several of our guest she was being pounded in both holes and sucking on a nine inch black cock. I realized that I was surrounded by just as many people. the guys in our cunt and ass were about to cum so they pulled out and moved to the head of the table there they unloaded all over Cheryl’s face and neck my guys let a torrent loose on my tits and stomach. My cunt was filled back up with not one cock but two Cheryl had her ass filled back up and our blond masseuse eating her cunt out. The flood of cum was like a river we were near spent everyone started to come to a halt. I looked over at Cheryl and could see a lusty longing I knew just what she wanted I disentangled myself and made my way over to her I climbed up over her face and never looking away I squatted and peed into her waiting mouth when I was done I got down on all fours and kissed her passionately I could tell she needed a bit more so I moved down to her cunt and ass and as much as I loved her ass I knew it was her cunt she wanted me in. I started eating her out then I put my fist into her and started to pump away I felt her clench and new she was Cuming I pulled my hand out and started to drink her cum she was spent I looked up at her and with my eyes I gave her my permission to let loose I drank her piss and enjoyed every drop. we were all spent and our guest started to clean up as I led Cheryl to my bathroom and drew her a bath I washed us both and we fell asl**p in each other’s arms as she was drifting off I whispered that I hope you enjoyed yourself I did this all for you mistress sl**p well.
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3 years ago
AWESOME story! Makes me want to go to one of YOUR 'dinner' parties!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Nice change of pace story. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Very nice reading ~