I love pink underwear (part 3)

While remaining in her depths I shifted myself behind her, pressing my chest against the soft skin of her back. I felt the soft flesh of her hips press into mine while my knees kissed the back of hers. Gently, but still firmly, I grabbed her hair and shifted her blinded head so I could kiss her neck and nibble her earlobe. My other hand rejoined her voluptuous breasts while our breaths entangled and our bodies swayed into a pagan dance. Two bodies writhing as one in an increasingly swift and increasingly sensual rhythm.
I licked the sweat off her spine before planting my teeth marks in her shoulder. Then I lifted her leg and moved my lower body in a frenzied fervor.
I unsheathed my fleshy falchion and threw her leg forward, forcing her on her belly. Then I sat on her, resting my manhood between her cheeks, and massaged her back first then moved down and started to gently bite the soles of her feet, I flicked my tongue in between her toes and then sucked on them. I slid up her calf with my teeth, kissed and licked the back of her knees. Rubbing my lips over her soft skin I moved up to her perfect ass. I rubbed and kneaded, grabbed and spread her twin cheeks. She arched her back in response giving me a spectacular view on her shimmering cleft. I couldn’t resist and nuzzled her pink shiny flesh and let my tongue twine her clit.
She raised her knees and lifted her whole pelvis giving me better access and I swept my tongue inside her warmth, out again, up her perineal skin to her starry chasm. I slid my thumb inside her wet pussy and rubbed her clit with my palm and could resist slapping those beautiful round cheeks. Slap… Slap… Slap… SLAP!.. I replaced my thumb with my hard rod and pressed it deep into her. I swept my hips in an eight-like figure, pressing deeper and deeper, teasing her uterus. Then I slowly pulled out until i saw my wet sulcus and abruptly pounded roughly in her depths and repeated this a few times. Then I picked up the pace and started pound her deeper and harder and I enjoyed the sound her but cheeks made when they slapped my hips. I leaned over and grabbed her by her hair and slightly pulled her head up, forcing her to arch her back even more. Then I crossed my arms to grab her waist and planted my feet in the matrass lifting myself up and thus giving me the freedom to speed up to my maximum speed. I went as fast and as hard as I could and while she screamed I planted my nails in her back and scratched it and I felt her juices drip down my balls.
Then suddenly I felt a short-circuit in my brain and electricity going through my whole body, filling my loins and just in time I pulled back and fell on my butt. I sat there catching my breath – totally unaware of the pace of time – my cock sticking to my belly, leaking a single drop op thick white ooze.

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1 year ago
mmmm, almost makes me wanna try bondage ^^
1 year ago
nice story!!!!
2 years ago
Very nicely written indeed-I'm going to buy a pair of pink panties the first chance I get!! LOL
3 years ago
My pussy is dripping wet, I would love to have your sweet tongue buried between my fat pussy lips, licking and nibbling on my hard clit.
3 years ago
yes more would be sweet....
3 years ago
mmmm want more
3 years ago
this is as far as I got with the narrative, let me know if you want more