I love pink underwear (part 2)

I placed myself between her legs and freed her of her cum-saturated undies. And took a breather whilst caressing her thighs and looking at her shiny jewel.
I lifted her leg and pressed my throbbing dick against her thigh and started licking her toes. I kissed down her calfs and licked the back of her knees and started to nibble her inner thighs till my lips met her gleaming pussy. I started by gently licking her bloated clit while I let my hands scale her voluptuous body. Whilst cupping and kneading her beautiful tits, I pressed her clit between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. Then I lifted her knees and used my fingers to spread her lips wide so I could lick her hard and deep. I lifted and spread her legs even more and I inserted my tensed tongue as deep as I could and flicked it around. I returned my attention to her clit, licking it, nibbling, sucking, kissing and pinching it between my lips and whilst doing that I immediately inserted my two forefingers deep in her shimmering sheath. I laid there my head and fingers buried in her womanly center clenched in between her thighs, my free hand massaging whatever I could reach on her squirming, screaming temple of a body. I heard muffled screams as I felt a stream of spicy juices poor down my mouth that I swallowed with pleasure. With all my strength I spread her legs and continued to gently lick her gleaming pussy.
I laid myself on top of her and I lowered my pelvis and pressed the hard shaft of my dripping cock against her wet slit. Slowly, yet f***efully, I swayed my hips back and forth and from side to side while letting her lick her own joy off my lips.
Then I sat back and grabbed my own member and pressed my glans against her clit in circular motions. My thumb took over when I slid down and softly prodded her warm and wet opening. She hummed loudly as I slowly pressed my hot swollen flesh deeper into her. I firmly gripped her waist and slowly but surely filled her to the hilt. I began making fine, subtle, circling movements that rippled through her divine body. I lifted her knees and pressed my shaft even deeper and whilst my hands scaled her mesmerizing curves I contracted my abs, pressing my bl**d down, consciously throbbing my glans.
I lifted and hugged one of her legs, I began suckling her toes whilst stirring in her warm, soft flesh. I began pounding her with slow, irregular, hard thrusts while softly biting her calf.
I placed her legs together, making her lie on her side giving me a spectacular view of her perfect booty. I pressed her knees against her chest and spread her cheeks so I could delve deeper into her with each rhythmic push. I increased the tempo and her moans started more and more to sound like singing and I felt another wave of her pleasure drip down my loins.

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1 year ago
wanna read part 3!!
3 years ago
Mmmm should be more than a story...