Moving Night & A Very Happy New Year

I lived in a very small Northern Town. I guess it was Central North. I mainly worked 12-18 hour shifts at a Special Care Unit. It was a Goverment Job and though the pay was extremely high, we only got paid the last day of every month. Giggle! So I could say, I wanted to have some cash flow a little more often and took on several little jobs that were flexable to my main job.
One was a Counciller at the same Goverment Job and one was a Secretary at the same Goverment Job.
But I also took a job at a Sports Lounge where I recieved more tips than pay. Another was a Service For Seniors. Another was even at a Dairy Queen. And one was Supe of my appartment building. There were not many appartments in the building. Only 8.
The combined pay was great. I was never short of money at any time. My best friend in that town lived directly across the hall from me. Janine. She was only about 5 years younger than me but about 15 years more naive.
Giggle! I really played the field back then. I know. Where did I get the time right? But lots of work and fun and hardly no sl**p. So many parties that I could still get high but I couldn't get d***k anymore. I could get a pleasant little buzz, but not d***k.
There was dancing, bar hopping, bon-fire parties that lasted for 3 days at a time. Those were days I had off from my main job and only did some private Health Care for 2 or 3 people a few hours first thing in the morning. It was never a problem, cause as I said, not much sl**p.
I guess I was seeing 10 guys on a fairly regular basis, of all ages and others once in a while. It was a blast!
If any of them knew about any of the others, they never said a word. My friend Janine could not believe my going ons. Giggle! Sometimes her eyes would get round as saucers. And here is why;
Every single day for 3 years I had gifts from all these men being delivered to my door at various times and she would bring them in her appartment for me till I would get home. She was a lot more excited about them than I ever was.
Giggle! And some of the gifts were normal to very strange.
I was getting Roses, ( Which are not my favorite. I prefer either BlueBelles and some Baby's Breath or Black Night Orchids which were about $80.00 each )
But I did get those as well. There were Chocolates, Jewelry, all kinds of sexy cards with some little thing in them like lapel pins which I collected, weed, tickets to whatever event, new types of condoms that were interesting and sometimes with new delicious flavors, ( Not that they were used the entire time in sessions, giggle!). Specialty Chocolates,( Giggle! I dislike chocolates except for the odd cherry covered ones). Specialty coffees, Ornaments, some suggestive, giggle, sometimes special little tea cups and saucers, Bottles of expensive Whine or Champagnes and new wine or champagne glasses to go with then, wild flowers which I DID like, my favorite, José Cueruo Special Tequila with Cremé de Cacoa Liquere to make Tequila Paralizers, and those were the so not unusual gifts. The more unusual gifts, giggle, made Janine's eyes go even bigger. Giggle! There was such fancy ligerie, beleive it or not, a Brand New Biggest Screen TV at that time, ( Giggle! Guess mime wasn't big enough). A brand new sterio system of great quality which I don't even want to guess at the cost, and even spices and certain cooking dishes and utensels as they all loved my cooking. Giggle! I think you get the idea. But gotta admit, some were quite strange, even novels and movies. Giggle! Janine used to ask me, ' What the Hell do you do to these guys that they gift you with such incredible things?" I used to just laugh and say," Nothing that any other single women don't." She said," I'm a regular single woman and I never get things like that, come on, tell me, what do you do?" Again I told her it was nothing unusual but that one day I would have her on a double date with me and she could find out for herself.
Giggle! She was always excited to open her door and see these gifts at my door. Giggle! I didn't much care and ended up giving her most of them anyway.

But after the 3rd year, the Special Care Unit had to close because people were being brought to a larger town only an hour and a half a way. I applied at every other town and City that had the same work and took the 1st hit. Not because it was the 1st, but it was the highest paying, because it was in a farther up Northern City. And the pay was weekly with a $4.50 extra per hour for Northern allowence for working so far up North and Remote.
We had our last Christmas Party in a huge Banquette Room at a fancy Hotel, going out with style. I even won some awards. I chose my best buddy forever to escourt me to that event. I didn't want any dates.

I had only told my BBF that I was moving on December 23rd but would be back New Years Eve to collect the rest of my belongings from my appartment. He cried. Damn near broke my heart if I hadn't had such a Jaded one already. Giggle!
So I left on the 22nd of December so I could get a good nights sl**p before beginning work the next day. I had only brought a few uniforms and a few major necceties. A couple other changes of layman cloths too. I was staying with a friend I used to date about 4 years prior to that.
Nothing was to happen and the house I was moving into would be ready New Years Day. The City was 9 hours away from where I had been.
The night before New Years Eve, we had a few drinks and tokes and ended up sl**ping together just before I left in the earlie hours of New Years Eve Morning.
I had a happy driving all that way. When I got into the little town it was mid after-noon and I had movers loading up a U-Hall for me. All I had left in the appartment was the bed my parents were going to put in there basement, some bathroom ameneties, a change of clothing and some take out food left in the refrigerator.

The idea was that I was going to rest up, my parents were going to pick up the bed 1st thing New Years morning, a little radio to listen to, and my phone was still connected till January 2nd, we were to have breakfast together, then I was heading out again. And I was not going back.

My friend Janine was out of town visiting her Mother. I lay on the bed, listening to the radio trying to drift off to sl**p for awhile. But then the phone rang and because my aswering machine was already on it's way to it's new home, I answered the phone. Giggle! By midnight, all the men I had been seeing had called curious because they had seen the U-Haul outside my appartment and none of them had seen me since December 21st. My friend Janine had also been banging on my door by that time, having come home sooner than expected. I was so tired! I wearily opened the door for her and when she saw how empty the appartment was, she said," What the FUCK is going on? Your moving? Somewhere else in town or out of town?" I said out of town, and 9 hours away to be precise. She yelled," AND YOU WEREN'T EVEN GOING TO FUCKING TELL ME? YOUR BEST FRIEND?" " And what about all your boyfriends? Tell any of them yet?" I said I never was very good at good-byes and was going to leave a little something under her door. Giggle! Actually, my smaller TV and Sterio. There was no point in moving 2 of each. Right? And I told her, " All my ' Boyfriends ' had called and some were as mad as her and some were just wierd about it." She went to her appartment and came back with two mugs of tea. I thought I was never going to get enoung rest for the long drive ahead of me. I just didn't know how very accurate that was. Giggle!

First, one guy stopped by while we were having tea and very politely asked her to leave so he could have a private ' talk ' with me. I was 32 and he was only 19. He cried like a baby and begged me not to go. Then he picked me up and carried me to the bed-room. I didn't know he knew all the things we did for the next hour. But it was fantastic. But then he ruined it by pulling out an engagement ring and asking me to marry him. Our love making had been very sensual, erotic and romantic but I had had no idea. I just stared at him gasping like a fish out of water. I had no idea how to tell him no. But I did.
I said,' Marley, you don't know what you are asking of me. I am going back to a great job. You are only 19 and still have all your f****y arroung here. And one day you are going to want c***dren and I'm sorry but I am no longer physically equipped to give you that. We would be frowned on by all because of our age difference and you deserve so much more. I just can't." He cried, gave me a long passionate kiss and told me to think about it and he would call me in the morning. I didn't tell him I wouldn't be there when morning came. What would have been the point? I'd have only hurt him more and it would have been harder for me to get away. It was already 0230am and I was so tired and weary.
But that was not the last of it. Every guy I had been dating and some I had only dated a few times came by one by one. Some took me angrily with f***e to try and make me stay, some leaving their mark on me, as though I was theirs. They didn't know that hickies only last about an hour and a half on me. Giggle! So I am unusual, what can I say? But they all proposed and they all had rings. No matter how angry they were with me. But at least they were my age or closer or older than my age. Unlike Marley. It was still a very emotional and difficult thing. And I had had sex with all of them thinking they were making love WITH me. And they had come to my appartment only a few minutes after the last had left.
I thought I was done and though it was still dark, it was nearly time for my parents to come and get the bed and for me to leave for new beginnings. I just sat there and cried. I really did not mean to hurt anyone. I didn't realize everything wasn't just fun and games, that those men were so serious.
My heart was breaking for the pain I had caused them but not out of love for any. So I figured it was actually good I was leaving so soon because I could not deal with a bunch of men who figured they were in love with me. And I thought I was just a status symbol anyway. I had, for the entire 3 years, been going to a Southern City every month because I was still modelling and they used to get so many compliments on me being on there arms so to speak.
So I figured that that was all it was. I had remembered the time when I was in a bar with one of them playing snooker and there were 10 super hot young guys from another country that each sent a drink of what I was drinking to my table then coming up to the guy and telling him congratulations to have the most beautiful woman on their arms that they had seen since coming to Canada. They asked him if I could just dance with each of them once. His chest puffed up so much, he agreed without even asking me if I wanted to dance with ANY of them.
So I firmly believed I was just an Ego booster for them and what they were feeling for me, was NOT love at all.

That was not the last of it though. Just when I was going to have a shower to wash away all the sweaty hot sex, Janine came in with a cup a mug of coffee for each of us. I had given her my appartment sized washer and dryer as well which had also been a gift from one of the men.

She asked me what I was going to do about all those guys. Giggle! I said," Pass the bucks over to you? Giggle!" And that is exactly what I did. She was looking foreward to taking over where I left off. But as we were talking and laughing, 2 of the guys I had seen off and on came to the door. Same attitude as the others. But I said Janine was staying till I left. So we ended up in a foursome, trading off, all enjoying one another. It was a first for both her and I. We didn't go down on each other, but we did kiss and suckle on each others nipples and felt each other all over. The guys were really getting off on that. But they still didn't get that I would actually be leaving. And they too, still wanted marriage and came with rings. I was so tired, weary and full of cum that all I could do was say, " Call you from my new place when I get back into town." They bought it and left. Janine was so excited. She asked," Is it like this all the time?" I said, " Sigh! Yeah, basically. Giggle!" Then handed her the list of their names and numbers.
Those two guys did not realize I wasn't coming back till they called my number and got Janine as she had her number changed to mine as soon as disconection was in effect.
I went for breakfast with my parents worrying that they would smell all the sex on me. I had already throw my as I call them now," Fuck blankets." In the garbage. I only kept one for the memories. Because I knew I would never get myself into that situation again.
My parents just said they thought I must've really worked hard all night and was still sweaty. Giggle! Yeah, I worked hard all night for sure.
I got back into the large Northern City, stopped at my friend's place to pick up my few things before going to the house I was moving into and he said," Hey, couldn't enjoy the New Years Party without you here." And as he was carrying me to his bedroom still un-bathed or even showered, I though," Oh no! Not again!" We screwed for almost 8 hours every which way possible except anal on me, but on him. He asked me to move in with him instead of the house. I said no. I said I already put the deposit and rent on and as housing was hard to get there, there was no way I was giving it up. He helped me bring the items I had to bring in and stayed for coffee. He got that look in his eyes again and I just said," Mmmmm....I am really looking foreward to having a long aromatic bubble bath with a little glass of wine and alone, then bed as I have to be up very early and I just need some time alone for awhile." He accepted that, but called or stopped over all the time even though he knew I had dated a few other guys already. By Christmas, he bought me an engagement and wedding ring set. Platinum, blue sapphires, and designed by himself from a folk-lore book with a story for the style. It was too much. I moved. Again. He hadn't been the only one that Christmas but he had been the one to come to my Christmas Party so I guess he thought he was chosen above the rest. So once again, I was moving completely away on New Years Day again. He said he loved me, that I was the only woman he ever loved and ever proposed to. I said," Love just isn't enough." And I left, with a, " Happy New Year and have a good one." Giggle! I haven't slept with anyone since then. Over 5 years. Made sure I was clean, no more drinking, no more d**gs except for a little weed occasionally. But this year? I plan on having," A Very Happy New Year!" Giggle! Again. No moving away this time though. Giggle! But just that. Not like before.........Giggle! I am sure this time. So an early," Very Happy New Year to Everyone on XHamster and everywhere!"
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3 years ago
Good story. Thanks for posting.
4 years ago
4 years ago
Great stuff, keep up the good work babe!
4 years ago
Loved the story. needs more explicit sex scenes. but I can not imagine the nightmare of booking her calendar would work. and did any of these guys know each other? Work together? Talk amoung themselves?
I can see that turning into a massive gang bang at a reunion party.
half of the old play toys gather together to celebrate one of those "This is your Life" moments.
now that might determine which turn they got.

That poor pussy. How sore did she get?
Amazing lil things that seem to "bounce right back and be ready for more.

Love it. keep up the good work.