The Hypnotist

I had known this amazing hypnotist for years. In fact, I am 46 and have moved 46 times. Every town I moved to, he was the Hypnotist when there was going to be that kind of show at one of the clubs or the bars. We had become pretty good friends and I say he was amazing because I have a Bachelor Degree of Science in Mental Health and while training,Hypnotism was a much debated topic in almost every class and I had learned quite a bit of it. I will call this guy Newton. Newton to my knowledge had surpassed his abilities way above what we had been taught was possible in Hypnotism.

Newton usually hit the towns or Cities with his wife as his assistant. But something about me caught his eye and he always chose me to be one from the audience to be Hypnotized. I didn't mind as it felt dream like and what was 4 hours on stage only felt like about 20 minutes. Each show was video taped and the willing participents were given a copy the very same night.

The year I got divorced, I went to one of Newton's shows with freedom in my heart and a celebrative mood. I was still in College, a few years before going to University. Newton had once again had his wife as his assistant. He called me up and I was hypnotized very quickly. I think this was the start of what was to happen a few years later. I had gone with all of my friends from College.

What I didn't know was that my newly ex-husband was there with his new girl-friend who had been my BBF's wife. But Newton noticed.

At 1st it was just the usual stuff but a little bolder with me perhaps. The 1st thing he did was slap a big haired wig on me and gave me a mic to sing 9 to 5 as Dolly Parton. Now he tried to get me to jiggle my boobs outside of the stage gate in front of a bunch of single men.

One thing I was taught was true. If the Hypnotist suggests or orders you to do something that goes completely against your values and mores, you will instantly awaken.
When Newton tried to get me to do that, I resisisted and only went to the edge inside the stage gate but not outside of it. When he insisted, I immediately awoke. Now Newton usually sent those that awoke back into the audience. But for me, he just re-hypnotized me.

He then sat me next to this big native guy and told me that the native guy stank and was the ugliest human I had ever seen but that I would not vomit. I saw and heard all. I didn't quite immediately remember. Right after I got home I watched what was on the VHS copy I was given of the show. It was pretty funny.

I was holding my nose, gasping for breath and tried really hard not to look at the ugly human male that stank soooo much. Newton then told me that the big guy start smelling so beautiful and that he was now naked and no matter how ugly he still was, I didn't care because all I could focus on was his gigantic cock and balls. He told me it was the biggest I'd ever seen and that the guy's cologne and equipment were starting to make me really really horny. (The dude was actually pretty hot, sober and laughing his ass off slightly embarrassed at being scrutinized in such a manner.)

On the VHS, I saw that I was trying to rub up against him like a she cat in heat! Watching myself like that was kind of embarrassing as I had only modelled respectively, and had not ever Peeled yet. I felt my face and ears just burning. But it was still funny.

The guy didn't try to move away or anything and was starting to enjoy the attention. From the video I could see Newton didn't like that very much so he said the guy was once more beginning to smell rancid and his cock was starting to shrivel to about an inch. On the video, I saw myself trying not to look at the guy but not being able to stop myself and start giggling like crazy the more I looked at him.

Then there was some basic stuff.

Newton made us all believe we were seeing a ghost with a broom and a cape coming for us and we all huddled together in fear.

Then he had us be cops and robbers and we ran all over the club in a big non-existant shoot out.

Newton then had me be a mischivious 6 year old that was knocking over this old lady's sand castle every time she got it rebuilt. She thought she was only 4 and I was a bully. Every time I would knock over her non existan sand castles, she would cry like a 4 year old and try and find me to tell on me while I giggled behind a pillar.

The next thing Newton did was a sort of stiff as a board, light as a feather. He then got his assistant wife and a member of the audience to lay me on a bed of nails and he walked on me. Then I was moved between 2 chairs, one of which only my neck rested and the other only my ankles. On the back of the thin wooden chairs. He then got up and jumped up and down on my stomach, proving how hypnotized I really was or else something like that could not be done.

I now know that those thing were leading to me giving him my trust.

Then he had us go on a minature pink elephant catch. Every one else caught theirs but I couldn't catch mine until he told me I could.

Newton then played this recording that sounded like a freezing blizzard and again we were all huddled together shivering like leaves in the wind. Then told us we were now on a tropical island and that we were so hot that we wanted to just take off all our cloths and jump in the water but that we wouldn't. Take off all our cloths. There was no water to really jump into so not really a concern.

When I watched the video, I could see us have our lips turn blue while we were freezing and then actuall sweat on our foreheads and upper lips when we were supposedly so hot. Very funny.

Then Newton called me to him and said, " You are smelling the most incredibel cologne you have ever smelled and it is coming from your boyfriend here in the audience. You will pick him out, call him on stage and his cologne will make you extremely horny." I stood on a chair looking for a boyfriend I didn't have. I started to look so lost. So Newton said, " Where is your boyfriend, let his scent guide you to him." I was still looking but still could not pick anyone out.

This was when my ex-husband got pissed off and came to the stage to try and get me out of there. Under hypnosis, Newton asked," Is this your boyfriend Jade?" I said no. Newton then aske if I knew who my ex-husband was. I said I thought he looked familiar but had no memory of ever being with him or in love with him. My ex-husband had started to shake with anger at that point, get very red in the face and looked ready to deck Newton. Now Newton found this very entertaining for some reason. He pushed further. I moved closer to Newton for safty and it seemed the wonderfull colgne was emanating from him and I was getting antsy. He said, " Okay. This guy smells like a huge pile of shit and all you want to do is get away from him and cum to me where you will be safe." I was already starting to do just that.

My ex-husband had to be dragged to his table by 2 bouncers and the bouncers had to stand beside him and his new girlfriend. Giggle! It was so funny when I watched it but what was funnier was what came next.

Newton told the 7 of us left on stage to put our legs over the backs of our wooden chairs and lay back on the seats. He said," You are all now at a cinamax watching individual movies. But these are no ordinary movies. You will find that this is something that really happened and it is now a movie."
Naturally, the way the night was going, Newton asked me lastly what it was I was watching that made my eyes go so big.

I said," I can't believe they made a God-Damned movie of this Bull shit!" He laughed lightly and said, " Why? What is wrong with your movie?" I said," Well I am in there and I have just gotten off work an hour early. I had a funny feeling when I went to open the door so I kept my keys really quiet. I opened the door and there he is fucking my BBF's wife right in the middle of the living room floor! I mean, what if one of the c***dren woke up? So I got the girl across the hall to take a silent peek in to see what was going on. Man! She was just as disgusted as myself! And neither of them noticed a damn thing!"

Newton then asked if I went in and joined them or kicked their asses. I said," Hmph! Why bother disturbing them? Now I know and I can get the legal separation papers signed. I even have a witness. I can hardly wait." Newton then asked," Well what did you do then?" I said," My friend and I quietly closed the door and we went to the College library to study up on a few things till the time I was suppose to be home."

I snorted then said," And when I got back home I walked in and they were pretending to do different things like she was using my computer and he was watching a hockey game. How lame is that when it was obvious they had both just come out of the showere? I mean you can smell the shampoo and soap and everything and their hair is still all wet! They obviously think I must be stupid."

Newton then asked, " Well did you confront them?" I smiled and giggled and said, " No. I Let them think I didn't know. Wouldn't let him get near me ever again though. Ewwwwe! She is sooo masculine I can't figure out why my BBF ever married her! But I WILL have the last laugh. They are going in the same direction to visit f****y on the long weekend which isn't a long weekend for everyone. I am going to a lawyer friend, getting the paperw sent to the fucker to sign and make sure I have them signed myself. And when he tries to go home, there will be no home to go home to!"

Newton asked," And how did that work out?" I grinned and said," Great! I have full custody of our c***dren, he doesn't even have visiting rights, and I feel so free! So free I even went and got a tattoo! Giggle!"

I then showed the tattoo on my ankle of a black panther running under a blue moon with her bl**dy teeth showing and her eyes glowing.

Now my BBF's wife was going to the same College as myself and my neighbor friend. The entire College body, if they hadn't seen the show, heard about it. They were all complimenting me on my previous nights performance and when they would see her, they would point and laugh and call her a home wrecking whore.
She transfered to a different College and I made a lot of great friends. I think that that is what Newton intended in the 1st place. Well, actually I know as he later told me that that had been his intent but did not say why or what for quite some time to come.

Well, every town I lived in, if he was doing a show, he would call me to come and be a participent if he had a hard time getting Audience volunteers. An ice breaker I suppose, and buffer, showing nothing bad was going to happen, that they could trust him.

When I went to University for my Bachelor of Science in Mental Health, I was in a different City. For 4 years. I saw one guy for a year but he was too jealous so I broke it off before he wanted to live together or something.

Then I was dating this other guy for almost 2 years. We used to have a blast together. We would club a lot and even dance in the street. We seemed very compatable. We would go to different pool rooms or bars with pool tables. Snooker. And when just the 2 of us were playing, I wouldn't play very well and there was always a couple of guys ready to blow us away at pool. Only, when we played together against another team, we ALWAYS won. They would say," Hey! We got hustled! Where'd you find her?" I will call him Jay. Jay would just smile secretly and say, " Hey, I didn't know she could play that well. She never does when it's just the 2 of us." It was fortunately, always for drinks and not money or I imagine we'd have gotton into some problems. I was raised on a snooker table litterly, and have all kinds of Snooker Pool Tourny Trophies.

Well, Newton knew I lived in that City and looked me up right away. I kept going to the shows to get the ball rolling at various bars or clubs. Jay would notice Newton brush up against me or tap my bottom or wink at me, etc. Jay was also jealous and would go up to Newton each time and say," Don't think I don't know what you are trying to do or get. Leave her alone. She is too innocent for someone like you." Hmph! He was one to talk. Then he would come back to me and say," I don't trust that guy. Don't let him get so close to you." That kind of got my back up right from the start but we had had so much fun together otherwise.

But things just never seem to be as one thinks they are and we never really know anyone. Truly. No matter what precautions we take or how cautious we are.

Jay and I met at the University lounge. He didn't attend but had gone to meet a mutual friend. As soon as Jay asked what kind of ring my amnulet ring was, our mutual friend dryly said," Well I'm off to class. See you 2 later. At 1st I was puzzled until Jay asked me out. So ' Mr. Joe cool like.'

I guess I really was a lot more innocent than I thought I was. Before accepting the date, I thought I had asked all the right questions. I asked if he was married. He said no. I asked if he had a girlfriend or steady. He said no. I asked if he were involved with anyone that could be hurt by dating me. He said no. I asked if he had a ' Buddy with benifits.' He said no. So I accepted.

We flitted arround the City, bars, clubs, fairs, etc as any normal 2 people dating would. Sometimes he would stay 2 or 3 nights at my place. Then we went to what he called a surprise party.

It was a surprise all right. It was at his b*****r and s****r-in-law's place. It was a 3 day party. None of us slept, we played crouquette by day, drinking and cooking, and we would build bon-fires and dance in the moon-light.

Jay was like one of the hottest built bods that looked like an old time Gypsy.
His b*****r was opposite. He was light and looked like a Greek God. Jay told his b*****r that he finally found the one, and was planning an enlopment in the near future. But I didn't know any of that.

The last night, his b*****r asked me for a waltz. To blusy-jazzy hot music. Jay said to go ahead. The b*****r's wife kept her eyes glued on us as much as she could. He sort of steered me arround the wood pile. We kept dancing, laughing, then he tried to kiss me. I pulled away. He pulled me close again and rested his forehead on mine. Granted, he had to really stoop. The b*****rs were both around 6ft. 4in.

He sighed, drew in a shaky breath and said," I can see why Jay has been so tempted. I never even thought of fooling around on my wife before and definately not with anyone Jay ever dated. But you, you drive me nuts. Your good people Jade. Did you know Jay is in love with you?" I was shocked and said no.

He sighed again and said," Jay Jay Jay. When will he ever grow up?" At my questioning look he said," You know Jay is married don't you? I mean you 2 don't seem to hide anything. And how Jay is planning to elope with you?" I was totally shocked at that! I said," B but I asked him. Hhhe s said he wasn't married or or anything! I don't love him! He is only a distraction from work and studies! Granted a nice one, but still. Just that. And he knows it."
I will call his b*****r Ray. Ray shook his head. He looked at me with such a pained look. I thought, oh no, he thinks this is all my fault. But then Ray said," It's not your fault. And what I meant by married was common law which is the same thing really.' I said," That is the ONLY thing I did not ask him, if he had a common law."

Ray said," Jays never been in love before but he told me before he brought you here that he was bringing the woman of his dreams. The woman he loves. The one woman in the world he truly wants to marry. And I can see by your expression that you didn't know ANY of this. Damn! My b*****r can be such a prick! Always getting himself in trouble. And I am tired of lying to his common law about him spending nights after work here."

I just said," Well next time he doesn't spend the night at home he will be with someone else or really here and you won't have to lie." I asked who his common law was and when he told me her name, my heart dropped to my stomach. I had know her from High School. We'd actually been friends till I'd moved so many times we lost track of each other.

Talk about feeling like a piece of crap! If I had known....I had once been her, my BBF's wife the ' Other woman.' I would have never done something like that.

When Jay was driving me home, I confronted him on it. He was just NOT understanding. He said," Well now you know, I hope you stay faithfull to me and I hope you stay away from that Hypnotist. He wants you."

I figured he did not deserve any kind of answer. I got out of the car when we reached my place and I didn't give him the chance to follow in. He must have felt some of my disgust because he didn't even try to follow. I just thought, the nerve of him! Asking me to be faithfull knowing he had a common law that I had once been friends with!

I ignored his calls for over a week and then I ignored his calls, knocks, and daily gifts sent to my door for another week.

Then my friend Janie said a Hypnotist was going to be at a certain bar and we should go as she'd never been to one. I asked who the hypnotist was and she told me it was Newton. I grinned and said definately. But I wondered why he hadn't called to say he'd be performing in the City as he usually did. But when I got home, there WAS a message from Newton on the answering machine, saying he was performing in the City and asking me to attend for a back up in case he needed an ice breaker to draw volunteers from the audience. I just smiled to myself and agreed.

Now up to that point I had never had sex with anyone better than Jay. If there was one good thing I could say about him, that was it. And 'it' I was jonesing for so I wasn't completely sure what I'd do if he called or stopped by. I got ready for a night out and went to my friend Janie's while she got ready and we left for the one bar to see the Hypnotist.

We got to that particular bar and there was Newton. Happy to see me as always. He kind of looked develish in a handsome and charming way. But more entertaining.

He had a big grin as he sat at our table before the show began and I asked where DD, his assistant wife was. His grin got bigger and he said," Divorced for 6 months now."

Gave me a bigger grin, then a wink as he called this young guy over. I think he was about a month short of legal, but wasn't certain and they were not going to say. Newton said," Jade, Janie, meet my nephew and new assistant, Jimmy. He was a tall fair good looking boy next door k**. A little friendly to me for someone he didn't know though.

Newton watched closely, Jimmy's interactions with Janie and I. He gave an approving nod, said," C'mon Jimmy. Time to get the show rolling. Jade, you going to do that thing if required?" I said," Of course I would. When haven't I when I was available?" He just laughed and said," Good Girl!"

Now I was truly thinking that this was the most uptight bar I had ever been too. EVERYONE in the audience including my friend Janie was scared to volunteer to be a subject. I really couldn't believe it. If so many people were there, they had to know a Hypnotist was going to be there and they themselves must have been there for the show. Yet out of all those people, not one volunteer.

Newton did some parlor tricks at individual tables for a while before stopping at our table. He did his parlor tricks at the same time whispering," Jade, I will do 2 more tables then when I ask for volunteers, you ready to go up?" I nodded discreetly pretending to be amazed by his parlor tricks. Kind of Chris Angle stuff.

Janie hadn't even heard him. She had her eyes on some guy and I knew she would not be catching a ride back home with me. Janie was 15 years older than me and had a Hell of a lot more life's experiences.

It was almost 1996 and I was already too Jaded to have her easy go mannerisms and I trusted no one but those I knew well and most of them I did't really trust because I did know them so well. Giggle! Yeah! I was just as confused by life then as my last statement.

So I figured it was just as well that I'd be volunteering for the show in a few minutes or else I'd be sitting there alone.

Once I went up and went under Hypnosis, it didn't take long before others start scaggling up to the stage to volunteer as well. About a quarter of them I had seen around the University or even knew a bit. The show was a blast and a big success.

The bar of the Hotel closed. Newton, Jimmy and myself were sitting there having drinks and laughing over some of the things involving the show. The owner came out and asked Newton if we wanted to go to his place for a party as he had to leave for it soon. Newton looked at Jimmy, winked, then looked at me deeply. He said," No thanks Chris. I think we'll just all go to our room and celebrate our little star here.'

I said," What makes you think it will be so easy to get me to your room?" He laughed and said," Because you are addicted to being Hypnotized and wouldn't want to miss out on being Hypnotized without an audience. And I am a free man now and you must be a free woman as you came her with a girl friend tonight instead of that boyfriend you had a few weeks ago." I had to giggle at his accuracy but then I looked at Jimmy and before I could ask, " What about him?" Newton said," He's cool. Plus, he is in training for my job. I would like to open an office in a year or two." I could only say," Oh. Okay." But what happened I really didn't expect to happen. I mean I expected something. But not what did.

Newton handed me a Tequila Paralizer, we all sat down, Newton on one bed, Jimmy on the other bed and me on a chair at the tabel. We were all silent for awhile. Then Newton asked me if I had ever had 2 men. I told him that I hadn't. He said," Well why don't we give it a try? I think you will like it very much with me and such a young stud as Jimmy."

My mouth dropped open and I was trying to close it but I was like a fish out of water. I had no idea what to say. Finally, I just blurted, " Maybe, but do NOT try any anal or try to hypnotize me into anything anal or I will freak!"

It was Jimmy's turn to look completely shocked. Giggle! I think he was actually a virgin. Newton just laughed and said," Well that isn't my idea of being with a woman. In fact it was one of the reasons DD and I got divorced. And to tell the truth, I want to train Jimmy the right way in every aspect of this kind of job with never being home and always on the road."

I thought about what Jay had asked of me once more and thought it would serve the prick right cuase NO one except my Bosses could try to boss me around without getting my back up.

I downed my Tequila Paralizer and asked if they minded if I stepped out for a joint. Newton said," No problem. Jimmy will go with you. He's into that stuff too."

Jimmy and I went outside and we shared TWO joints. I think we were equally nervous about what was about to happen but just before we went in, we shrugged at each other at the same time and then grinned.

Newton asked how our joint was as he handed us each another drink. We both said," Good." At the same time. I said," Newton, I think both Jamie and I are a little nervous about this." Newton looked at Jimmy and asked," Is this true?" Jimmy said," Uncle Newton, you know why I would be nervouse. What if things happen too fast for me and then it's all over?"

Newton chuckled and said," Don't worry boy. I will show you everything you need to know." He then had me lay on the one bed, told Jimmy to slowly remove my cloths and then give me a massage everywhere. Jimmy did as he was told and I was feeling a little vulnerable with being naked, the lights so bright, as I was trying to prepare myself for something new.

I needn't have worried. Jimmy gave me a massage that beat any I'd ever had before and even paid extra attention to my feet just right even though when he 1st started his hands were a bit clammy. But Newton was at the head of the bed and putting me under Hupnosis, saying," You will completely relax and feel comfortable enough to enjoy everything that happens this night. If Jimmy or I do something that normally makes you uncomfortable, you will still have the presence of mind to say what it is and when."

It worked. Then Newton asked Jummy if he had ever had a blow job. Jimmy said that he hadn't. Newton told Jimmy to come up to my mouth and told me to give Jimmy a blow job to the best of my ability. Jimmy hollored in about 2 minutes and came hard and a lot. He was playing with my nipples and watching Newton suckle my clit and finger my pussy.

He told Jimmy to put his cock back into my mouth as he hadn't had enough of my pussy yet. He made me cum really hard. Then he called Jimmy to where he was on the bed and showed him what he had been doing. Then he told Jimmy to do the same thing. While Jimmy was suckling my clit and fingering my pussy, Newton came up and put his cock in my mouth. It was shorter that Jimmy's but quite a bit thicker. Newton was tweaking my nipples just right as I had his whole cock in my mouth with my lips wrapped tight and my tongue swirling around his cock and my head bobbed up and down.

When I needed some extra air, I opened my lips slightly and still kept my tongue doing quick little flicks on the head where the sensitive part is. When I felt Jimmy cum on my leg, his mouth still suckling my clit and still fingering me, it made me cum again only harder cause I knew if he came on my leg so easily, that I was pleasing to him. When I began to moan and wriggle around, Newton tweaked my nipples a little harder then shot his heavy hot load of cum down my throat.

Then Newton told Jimmy to let me blow his cock again but not to cum. Just get fully hard again. Then Newton continued suckling my clit and fingering my pussy. He had instructed Jimmy to keep tweaking my nipples while I was giving another blow job to him.

I came really hard again for the 3rd time and then Newton said," Quick Jimmy! Come here!" He showed Jimmy how my pussy juices were flowing down and intructed him to stick his cock into my pussy and use his thumb to keep rubbing my clit. While Jimmy was doing that, Newton started to fuck my boobs. All those intense sensations nearly had my eyes rolling back into my head. Jimmy came hard inside of me. That hot shot of cum was so powerfull that I could feel all of it, his cock pulsating as his cum continued to shoot out it bursts.

Jimmy didn't quite know what he should do and went to pull his still semi hard cock out of my pussy. Newton noticed and said," Don't pull out yet Jimmy. Keep going till you fill her with cum again then still keep going and when you are ready to cum again, come up here and shoot it down her throat." Jummy was instanly hard again and did as instructed. I had cum so many times already I didn't know if I could anymore. I felt delerious and was almost drooling.

When Jimmy came up to my mouth to shoot his cum down my throat, Newton had cum all over my boobs and was rubbing it into them. Then he moved down and start sucking on my toes on both feet and once in awhile, putting his finger into the cum. Mine and Jimmy's.

Then Newton put me in doggy style position and began to fuck my pussy hard while I was again having my tits fucked by Jimmy with my tongue flicking out to like the head each time his cock came up. We all came at the same time.

We didn't really move much, we just grabbed more drinks and once we cooled a little, he had Jimmy fuck my Pussy Doggie style while he had me blow his cock again.

Then I felt something almost like pain but too intense to be real pain. I didn't know what was happening. I kind of thought I was going to pee and when I was going to say stop so I could go for a pee, Newton said," Oh Jade, Baby girl, that's it, let it go. I looked up at him with so much confusion he asked," Is this your 1st one?" I could barely speak when I said," No, I've cum so many times already...Yeeeeiiiiiii!" Newton laughed and said," I didn't mean an ordinary climax, I meant the kind that just happened." I said," No! I think, I mean, I think I might have peed!" But Damn it felt so fucking awsome. Like nothing ever before. I was thinking that if that was a golden shower, I could really get into it.

It was if Newton could read my mind. He said," Don't worry, you didn't pee, you had what is called female ejaculation." Then he and Jimmy licked everything off my body and even the rest of my body where there was no cum. When they were doing that I whimpered and had another female ejaculation. Now called sqirting. They liked that as well and it excited both of them.

We spent close to 12 hours doing everything we could think of to each other that did NOT involve anal. When we were all spent, I very shakily got dressed back into my white see through blouse and Hunter green mini skirt. My panties and panty hose were too damaged to bother doing anything with except to through them in the garbage.

On extremely shaky legs, I walked out to my car in the parking lot. I didn't see anyone around and for that I was happy. I laid one of the hotel towels down on the seat. Globs of cum ever so foamy was still running down my legs.
I lifted my skirt so it wouldn't get too messy while I drove home and hoped like Hell that no one would see me enter my appartment building or my appartment.

We did this for 3 nights in a row, experimenting a little more each time and cumming more each night.

It was 3 of the best nights I'd had.

This is a true story. It happened in the spring of 1997. The only changes made in the story are that everyone else has different names except for me. Otherwise it is 100% true.

Oh, and Newton and Jimmy each gave me a tiny hicky on each side of my neck closer toward my shoulders. Newton said it was to let Jay know that there are a lot more fish in the sea or lakes or even rivers.

Jay did approach me a couple of days later while I was shopping and he was very cross. I told him to keep his head as we were in a store and I was not afraid to make a scene and then the whole area would know that we had an affair and it would be sure to get back to his common law.

He wisely kept his mouth shut. I then saw his b*****r approach me. Ray said," Way to go girl. It's about time SOMEBODY gave him a shot of his own medicine!" He was grinning like a fool as he walked away backward.

I moved far far up North just before Christmas and I have a true New Years story about that as well.

Then there is also a true story about Ray and I.

I hope this wasn't too long or boring for anyone who managed to read it all the way through. I know it is probably too long and my last story was too short. I hope to find a happy medium with the next ones.


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Hot damn - loved it all - wow
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What a hot story - so exciting and honest and sensual - thanks Jade!
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Kind of long but a good story. I enjoyed it.
Now that sounds like making good memories.. 3 nights in a row. that could get habit forming
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Wow, that was amazing!
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Great, darling.
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just perfect