lesbian story

As I sneak into your room I find
you sitting at you vanity brushing
your hair, you are only wearing
your Bra and Panties with a
Garter Belt and Stockings,
thinking that I would be visiting
you tonight you chose my
favorite set. You have always
enjoyed the feeling of the brush
on your hair so much, your eyes
are closed in pleasure. I step
forward to you, and grab you
from behind, covering your
mouth so you cannot scream. I
look at you in the mirror eyes
wide in terror, whispering in
your ear I tell you to stand up
and move to your bed, I can hear
you whimper behind my hand
and I smile enjoying the
knowledge that in a few short
minutes you will be screaming in
a mixture of pain and pleasure.
As we reach the foot of your bed
I place a ball gag into your mouth
and fasten it onto you head and I
tie your hands to the bed with
you still standing, but, face down
on the bed so that your perfect
ass is in the air. Now is when I
have to decide how I am going
to take you. As I look around
your room I see you left out
some of the object that you
hoped that I would fuck you with
tonight, I see a very large strap-
on dildo, two sets of nipple
clamps, and a large set of anal
beads. Standing there looking at
your waiting backside i decide to
start with the anal beads, I start
inserting them in one by one
until they are all inside of your
ass, from there I will take the
nipple clips and attach one set to
your nipples and then from there
I will take the second set and
attach one clamp to the middle of
the chain and then after I open
your pussy lips I will take the
second clamp and attach it to
your clit. Now I am left with the
strap-on I take my time putting it
on all the while using one of my
hands to stroke you wet pussy.

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