In a way what I’m about to post
just another of my ways to come
to grips with myself, my past and
who I’ve become from it for
good or bad. Though for many
years I’ve kept much of my past
hidden and secret, as I’ve come
to accept myself have this urge to
share more and more.
Though not the point of the story
yet having relevance, from a very
young age being the only c***d
and stuck with a father who
quite simply had decided since
my also young mother had run
off when I was born, that I
clearly was her replacement. As
you can imagine it was a rather
terrible time for me. f***ed to
serve him in all ways, it really all I
had ever known. It not really an
option and there would be no
help coming till I could get out on
my own.
Being a very rural community in
the Southern U.S., those that did
know of us for the most part
shunned us. My father a d***k
(which at times was a saving
grace when he’d pass out), and
us considered white trash so
simply left to our means. The
worst part perhaps being I had
no one to turn to not even to just
simply be around others. As you
can imagine no other parents
would want their c***dren
around me, and adults knowing
much of what was happening
considered me I suppose to
already be a lost cause. Add to
that either us so poor or my
father’s perverse ways, most of
the time I was kept naked
around the farm. So it was just
him and I.
There was one saving grace
however, unfortunately just as
twisted I suppose as the rest of
the situation. That being the
comfort I found via Buck my
fathers hound. Now before I
continue know that though
things changed eventually, Buck
had always comforted me when
sobbing away, or hurt from that
days beatings. So though things
eventually turned I believe with
all my heart his was always in the
right place.
The day things changed had
been a rough one. My father
d***k as usual was unfortunately
not d***k enough. What started
out as one of his usual ravings,
quickly as was often the case
ended up with his cock in my
mouth and even at this young
age had learned not to resist.
Now the day could of turned out
one of three ways, even though
just a c***d I had learned to some
degree how to manipulate this
man. So when his insults turned
to a slap, and then an undoing of
his belt, I knew if I made him
cum hard enough the whole day
might be over.
Unfortunately it was not to be. He
had not d***k enough so that
meant there would be more to
come. The second way it could of
turned out was he’d leave for a
bit, then most likely come back
very d***k where it would simply
be a repeat of the morning. Sadly,
it was not to be that way either
leaving the only other option of
these sorts of days. That being to
have to endure him fucking me,
and there was nothing enjoyable
about it his 6’+ frame over my
own of maybe 3’.
Done with me I suppose and off
to do whatever he did when not
at home, I was quite simply left
laying there legs spread wide
and hurting bad enough I didn’t
want to close them. Now on
most days like this, Buck would
of simply jumped up on the bed
and laid his head on my belly. Yet
this day be it my pose, or
perhaps the cum flowing from
me, Buck instead did something
he had never done before that
being to quite simply walk up
between my thighs and start
bathing me. It startled me to be
sure, yet though I guess reflex
having learned not to resist any
contact I froze instead with Buck
just lapping away at my cunnie.
As you can imagine I really didn’t
want anything touching me
there. Yet as he continued I
began to relax, and soon the
tension of being touched where
I didn’t want to be turned to
soothing comfort. This was a
new sensation to me, touch not
harsh and brutal, and though my
father had made me service him
in all ways, I had never felt his
mouth on me ever let alone be
gentle and comforting. Now I
didn’t cum, in fact at this point in
my life I had never even had an
orgasm, yet by the time it was
done Buck as usual jumping up
and cuddling I had discovered
the first and only soothing I had
ever experienced, and it would
set a tone for much of my
remaining days there.
My routine had suddenly
changed. What had once been a
very lonely existence, devoid of
any caring contact found me
now seeking it out. To me initially
there was nothing sexual about
it. Quite simply comfort, and
something to look forward to.
Now when my father was
around, maybe Buck more
intuitive then I, he’d keep his
distance from me. Yet when we’d
go into the fields, barn or down
by the creek, and always when
my father wasn’t home it would
always start the same. A nuzzle
here, or a lick there, Buck quite
often taking to bathing my body
fully I quickly gaining a penchant
for having my armpits, bottom
and especially my feet bathed. To
me there was nothing sexual
about it, yet in time I found the
soothing licks and bathing of my
cunt brought on new sensations,
and these most definitely sexual
as after about a couple weeks of
this I experienced my first
I’ll never forget the day, up early
as always fetched my father his
bottle him leaving me alone too
hung over from his night before,
and quickly made my way out to
down by the creek where he’d
never go naturally Buck in tow.
Though embarrassing now to
think how ridiculous I must of
looked, like always when alone it
took me all of two seconds to
flop on my back and put my feet
up in the air for Buck to bathe.
After a short while as usual, my
legs went down and I patted my
cunnie signaling Buck to lick
there, and with his usual
attentions it began, yet today
things would change. Quickly I
noted a churning feeling in my
belly. My thighs and chest began
to tingle, and a feeling of
something was happening yet
though it scared me I didn’t want
it to stop. It didn’t take long, my
back arching a little as I shook
and trembled, Buck just
continuing to lap away till I
pulled my legs together him then
as always laying his head on my
That day alone I guess I must of
cum maybe 4 times. It was new,
felt obviously good, yet really I
think more it simply felt like
something that was just mine.
Quickly my body I guess began to
change. Daily I’d wake up with a
buzzy feeling in my gut and
cunnie. Soon I also began to
notice I had started becoming
whet, and that whetness seemed
to be almost constant and rather
copious what I guess was my
bodies new found defense
mechanism from my fathers
attentions. That almost constant
whetness seemed to help a LOT
when my father decided on
fucking me rather then one of
his more usual demands for a
blowjob or hand job. It made it
all so much less painful, though it
seemed to anger him to no end
him even making me wipe myself
off before hand, there was no
stopping the flood now that it
had been started.
What it did however do past
making life a bit easier, was
inform me that it was a sexual
thing. It coming from there, it
aiding in my fathers ****s, and I
guess to a great degree I also
realized in how when I thought
of Buck licking me, how it would
simply flood out of me often to a
point I was dripping Buck also
seeming especially excited by it,
and naturally doing all he could
to lap it up.
The final piece to the puzzle I
suppose as to discovering all this
to be sexual (not having put that
term to it with my father or buck
till much older), came the day
Buck and I were in our hiding
place in the barn. Having already
cum a couple times and
recuperating, Buck had shifted to
over me as he bathed the sweat
from the heat of the day and my
orgasms off my body. Perhaps
just the first time I paid attention,
yet I found myself looking
straight up at his cock and balls
the tip out of the sheath maybe
an inch and dripping slightly. No
doubt it being bright red
catching my eye, yet knowing
what they were used for due to
my father, it suddenly struck me
that Buck was male, and having
known when my fathers cock
was swollen and oozing (with
precum), knew what a male
wanted done with it.
I’m not sure if it was just habit,
or maybe a sense of obligation
as I doubt it was a sexual desire,
yet when I saw the tip of Bucks
cock I simply knew what I was
either supposed to do or needed
to, and raised up my head and
licked the red tip. Buck froze yet
he did not move away, raising up
higher I tilted my head back, and
as soon as my hand reached for
his cock gripping it Buck began
to thrust his hips. Almost
instantly I could taste his precum
flowing, MUCH more then my
fathers ever had. Yet I simply
sucked and stroked away though
Buck did most of the work the
position so awkward, and in a
very short time I had a mouth full
of Bucks cum. No doubt just
habit I swallowed it down, Buck
quickly stepping off me yet unlike
the usual slap or vile words of
cunt, whore, or half-breed I ‘d
get from my father, I instead was
met with what seemed to me to
be thankful licks to my face, and
the tide had shifted in our

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very good
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Great story....very erotic. Well done.
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Very interesting....
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mmmmmmmmmmm.. luvd ur story.. made me cumm like helll kissesssss
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Very good indeed,,but sorry abt your bad rearing,,kisses
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Nice story