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[Story] the road trip

Posted by Nimmy 1 year ago

[Story] the road trip

I have always had a crush
towards my cousin s*s, B, who is
19 years of age as of now. She’s
very cute, just like a doll, stands
at 5 feet, and a bit chubby. We
are just 6 years apart in age, and
we always have had a very good
relationship, just like friends. I
have tried many times to seduce
her, but she never encourages
me, so I never try too hard, just
because that I don’t want her to
f***e anything to her. She’s really
very close to my heart.
Last year B finished her high
school, and got admitted in a
nearby city of ours. Her parents
had arranged a van to drop her
off to h... Continue»
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lusifer momma

They Should’ve Named Him
Lusifer Momma.
I got up and turned the box on
and listened while Jenny brushed
her teeth. Jill burst
into the room crying.
“They should’ve named him
Lusifer Momma, He’s Satin in
human form” she yells
“Did he hurt you baby” Aunt
Marie says .
“Not at first Momma he was
sweet, gentle and loving almost,
it was beautiful I could see
heaven in his eyes. He took my
virginity so tenderly I was in
heaven, I just knew god was
looking over me and somehow
had made him good for me.” Jill
says still sobbing.
“Sssh Baby tell Momma all about
it” Aunt Marie says tr... Continue»
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lunch time

Once Ranma and Akane were
close to the school they heard
the bells begin to ring, "Oh no
Ranma were gonna be late"
Akane yelled with fear in her
voice, Akane had reason to fear
being late any girls who arrived
at the school late were marked
as lunch, they would be taken to
the kitchen and slaughtered and
cooked for the hundreds of
other students, everyday a few
girls were always late, maybe
they wanted to be roasted was
all anyone could guess.
Ranma being the faster one
picked up Akane and ran for the
school gates and passed them
just as the last bell chimed and
the gates we... Continue»
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In a way what I’m about to post
just another of my ways to come
to grips with myself, my past and
who I’ve become from it for
good or bad. Though for many
years I’ve kept much of my past
hidden and secret, as I’ve come
to accept myself have this urge to
share more and more.
Though not the point of the story
yet having relevance, from a very
young age being the only c***d
and stuck with a father who
quite simply had decided since
my also young mother had run
off when I was born, that I
clearly was her replacement. As
you can imagine it was a rather
terrible time for me. f***ed... Continue»
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Every day after school the wife
would go pick the grand k**s up
from primary school, bring them
home, feed them, do homework
with them and watch tv before
their mother would come pick
them up when she finished
work. This happened up till the
eldest was about 15. Old enough
to look after the other two when
they finished school. There was 3
girls. Louise, Sarah and Michelle.
They all had different hobbies.
Louise liked music and was
always in trouble at school, Sarah
more quiet liked computer
games and kept to herself and
Amy the baby of the girls and she
lived up to the name a... Continue»
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[Story] lesbian story

As I sneak into your room I find
you sitting at you vanity brushing
your hair, you are only wearing
your Bra and Panties with a
Garter Belt and Stockings,
thinking that I would be visiting
you tonight you chose my
favorite set. You have always
enjoyed the feeling of the brush
on your hair so much, your eyes
are closed in pleasure. I step
forward to you, and grab you
from behind, covering your
mouth so you cannot scream. I
look at you in the mirror eyes
wide in terror, whispering in
your ear I tell you to stand up
and move to your bed, I can hear
you whimper behind my hand
an... Continue»
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[Story] my story

i am a lesbian as you know, but i
didn't knew that my cousin s****r
is also. i went to my farmhouse,
then i started to notice that she
is going bathroom after every 5
minutes.then i noticed that her
lingeries were wet. i came to
know that she is doing
something. then i asked her
about her that whether she is
interested in girls. she said "linda
don't tell anyone that i am only
interested in girls, that i am a
lesbian."i told her with joy that i
am a lesbian too.then after 5-10
minutes she started seducing
me.what choice would i get i
sent her in the bathroom and
followed her ... Continue»
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[Story] my lesbian story

tI am a 19 yrs old girl sharing my
first sex experience with readers.
….I lived in Delhi……. Two years
back when I was in the 2nd year
of graduation, one day I went to
my friend’s house to pick up
some study notes at about 3 PM
in the month of hot July……….
Since I was a regular visitor to
my friend’s house I entered the
house without knocking the
door. ………
The door was open and I just
opened it entered in the room……
I found nobody in the house…….
Suddenly my friend’s b*****r
came out of bathroom after
taking shower……... He had got
only towel wrapped on his
waist….. He was abo... Continue»
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