SheMale Pussy and Cock

I once had a friend who always said "never fuck anything you can't bench-press". He was right, the biggest benefit of having sex with someone smaller and lighter than you is you can lift them easily !

On a recent trip to Thailand I couldn't take my eye's off a stunning, short, tiny but beautifully proportioned woman sitting on the bar-stool close to where I was eating.

She had a silk-blue clinging chinese style wrap on with a huge slit running all the way up her thigh revealing a beautiful tanned leg. The outfit was buttoned all the way up to the neck, but her (37?) breasts were obviously out of proportion to her height. Her hair was quite short and a curious mixture of colours, mostly dark red but every time she moved her hair seemed to change colour.

I'd finished eating, had paid the bill and was about to go back to my hotel when I noticed her. I don't know where she came from, I hadn't noticed anyone earlier other than staff and the odd motley tourist-types. The instant I spotted her, momentarily, it was like we were the only two in the place.

She stood up from the bar-stool and actually lost height. I guess she was 5' high, probably an inch or so less, thin-waisted with a cute ass that looked awesome shimmering under silk, and those massive breasts which now looking were much smaller than I thought, but yet huge compared to her size.

She looked directly at me, put one hand under her dress through the slit on the side and obviously adjusted her penis !

Not only obviously, she was grinning slightly as she dipped her ass a bit, obviously pushing her cock between her legs.

I immediately regretted wearing nothing under my baggy-shorts. My dick throbbed before a conscious thought hit my brain. I mean it was just a purely chemical body reaction to my imagining what her cock would look like. With that body. Oh boy, I was feeling that fuzzy-sweaty feeling of lust crawling down my spine and heading into dangerous territory again!

I was sort of trapped momentarily, I couldn't stand up until my cock was socially acceptable again and I couldn't help staring at her. So I just smiled and raised my glass to her quite subtly but she fluttered one eyelid at me and it was obvious we'd connected.

She handed some Baht over the bar, stood up, pulled her tight dress down and turned around walking straight towards me. She stopped directly in front of my table, put both hands down and with both her gorgeous globes swinging down looked my straight in the eye and asked "Are you horny for me?"

Her voice was quite feminine, she looked totally female in every way. No adams-apple, no kneecaps, small hands .. she was just a total knockout, I couldn't figure out where she came from, she looked Chinese but her features were too Western .. a Lucy-Lui kind of face, yes with a few freckles too, I just wanted to kiss her hard.

"Oh my God, yes, since I first saw you!" I whispered back.

She sat down opposite me and helped herself to my wine. She reached into her small clutch-purse and produced a cigarette case and a Dunhill lighter, in a flash she'd clicked a cigarette alight the instant I felt a very skilful foot squeezing my semi-hard cock.

I didn't see her move an inch, but I then felt two feet stroking my cock, under the legs of my baggies !

And not like a foot-rub either, her feet worked in perfect unison, they were twisting my penis, stretching my balls, squeezing the head of my circumcised cock; like hands. It was freaky because all the while she was manipulating me under the table, she was calmly sipping from her wine glass, smoking her cigarette and just playfully grinning.

Looking around it was obvious nobody noticed or cared. There was no table cloth so it would have been easy to see her legs moving and my naked cock, but I was beginning not to care.

"I love your cock baby," she said softly, exhaling smoke. "I always like to check first. I hate being disappointed." With that her feet gave the base of my cock the most incredible tight squeeze, you know how that just inflates a cock to it's bursting-point; well somehow she clamped my cock and stroked it with the other foot. Then just let go!

With a thud my cock jumped up from my right pant-leg bolt erect and hit the underside of the table.

"Mmm Wood." She grunted, stubbing out her cigarette and gulping down the last of the wine. "Let's go somewhere." With that she stood up, walked over to me and held out her hand.

I grabbed her hand as she pulled me away from the table, my hard-on out for all to see, not caring at all in the fog of lust; but in a few paces she turned around, grabbed my penis in one hand and stuffed it up under the belt of my shorts. Untucking my shirt, she covered my cock up and brushed my hair saying "Ssshh, we still have to cross the street."

We held hands and jumped out onto the street, dodging and pausing between the bikes and taxis, eventually going down an Chinatown alleyway on the opposite street; she opened a very solid looking door and motioned me inside.

Slamming the door behind her I turned around to see her leaning down working the lock inside the door; and couldn't resist reaching down with both hands and running them up her thighs and over her perfect ass. She sighed and played with the locks; I moved up behind her closer and leaning down slid my hands around her stomach and gently filled my hands with her hard breasts.

Inhaling harder, she giggled, squirming her ass a bit but obviously getting excited; my fingers circling and squeezing her surprisingly large nipples. A bit puzzled I kept squeezing and her nipples kept growing harder and harder under the silk material. She gave a sexy sigh, turned around and started unbuttoning her dress from the neck .. our lips collided and we tongued and inhaled each others sex-crazed mouths for minutes until she was naked kissing me, wearing only a straining g-string.

I held her back by the shoulders to take in her beauty. Her tanned Asian body was a tiny hourglass. Her tits stood perfectly upright, big and proud with two massively large nipples thrusting upwards from her large black areolas. These were the tits of a much bigger woman, they pushed towards each other in the middle where they swelled. Obviously cosmetic surgery, but I couldn't see any signs of scars, an expensive job.

Her tiny tummy was the horniest I'd seen in my lifetime. Imagine a young boy's stomach, muscle it up a bit, but with hips. Her ass swelled out perfectly behind her and I couldn't help pulling her in closer to me, sliding my hands down to squeeze her tight, hard bum.

The top of her head only came up to the bottom of my chest as I felt her leg wrap around the inside of mine and start squeezing my leg as her hands reached around and grabbed my ass cheeks. "Mmm you've got a nice ass, Aussie boy."

"You too, girl." I said leaning down and doing the same to her.

"I love you calling me girl." She pushed me back and slid off her g-string. Opening her legs in a horny ass-upwards pose, she wiggled her hips and down flopped at least 8 inches of totally bald circumcised penis. I inhaled sharply in amazement as she stood up in front of me, crossing her arms.

"Well?" she asked as she just shook her hips making her cock slap from side to side against her thighs. "Am I a good girl?"

"Oh my God, baby, you're my favourite kind of girl!" I slipped off my shorts and moved up to her, holding both our large limp dicks together. We both looked down at the sight of two shaved cocks being slowly squeezed and pumped in my hand. We both had "those cocks"; you know the ones that you just look at and sigh with joy?

"You've got a lovely cock," she said to me as we both watched ourselves getting harder and fatter as I jerked us as one. "We look good together" I laughed a bit. "Mmm".

Soon we were raging pulsing hard cocks and I was using two hands while to stroke us while she pulled our balls in unison.

"My turn," she said pushing my hands away and with a cock in each hand started the hardest locomotive jerk I've ever felt before. My balls and hers were slapping together painful in a way but her vice-like grip pumping on both of us made my knees buckle. It's not like I was about to cum, but the wave of delight, my cock felt like a rod of steel it was so hard, and with each stroke she made it harder.

The scene was so horny I knew I was going to cum quickly if I didn't take some kind of pause here; but she just started grinning more and triumphantly looked up at me, "Nice cocks, big cocks". Grunting she slowed her pace and then quickly stopped.

Stepping back a pace she was looking at my throbbing cock, stroking her 9" curved penis, stopping to slide a juicy amount of pre-cum off the tip; "Mmm you make me wet, boy." She started squeezing her nipples one at a time as she stroked her hard cock slowly.

"Me too, girl" my cock was dribbling pre-cum also, and I smeared up the head of my cock with it, ecstatically sliding it between my fingers. "But I don't want to cum too quickly, I could cum any second, mmngh." I grunted and stopped playing with myself, squeezing my nipples along with her just staring at each other.

"Your cock is bigger," she said holding hers sideways, "but my tits are nicer!". Without any warning she just jumped up, sprung into the air and grabbed me around the waist with her legs and around the neck with her arms, immediately sucking my nipples with her mouth and teeth.

She was incredibly light as I held her, feeling my cock sliding between her cheeks, my cockhead was sliding between my hands holding that gorgeous ass. I loved her sucking my nipples, with each bite my cock twitched with desire. I don't know if it happens with all guys, but for me I swear my nipples, softly rolled by a mouth, has as direct electrical connection to my dick and this time it was driving my penis crazy with desire.

She leaned back as I held her higher up her hips, her cock bouncing up between us as I leaned down and took one of her tits into my mouth. The whole head of her breast was a conical thing more like a black-woman's but with hard nipples like the tip of my little-finger. I just played, sucked, licked, nibbled, hell I was fascinated as she pulled me by the hair over from nipple to nipple.

"The right one is my favourite!" she sighed as I sucked her right nipple inside my mouth, sliding my tongue all around it and gently clenching it between my teeth. She started squeezing my favourite (left!) nipple too and soon I started feeling my cock "accidentally" pushing against her asshole. She was moving her hips around and obviously encouraging me to push inside her; hey I couldn't help it but it brings up a different point: again I don't know if this happens to other guys either, but both her and my ass get "sweaty", like really sweaty, lubricated sweaty..

She arched back a little and I lifted my head up from her hot tits simultaneously with her wet ass grabbing the head of my cock. Just the very tip but with a little wiggle she'd grabbed the total head of my cock with her tiny tight asshole, squeezing me as I squeezed my cock back, making it larger inside her as we both sighed hard with our mouths together.

Grabbing her ass harder, I pulled it wider and moving from side to side I gradually managed to ease the head of my hardon inside her tightness inch by inch; all the while we were shouting "fuck yeh" I'd pull out a bit to make it easier each other stroke, "oh shit that's so fucking good", her mouth was a huge O as I finally lowered her full weight onto my rock hard cock.

I just stood there with her fully impaled on my throbbing cock, with every tiny movement one of us gasped or grunted, urgently kissing and biting each other but not fucking; both remaining essentially motionless, completely deeply connected whimpering with lust.

A minute or so must have passed with us just trying to slow the tempo a bit, knowing orgasm was so amazingly close every single second.

Our cocks were both huge, veins were massively engorged on both our dicks and our scrotums were tightly sucked in, two huge cocks just ready to release any second desperately trying to keep the feeling going on for as long as possible before the cream exploded.

She released one arm and started stroking it while we kissed, I leaned back to watch. Her legs were wrapped around me but I was only holding her with one hand on her ass, the rest of her weight was fully on the shaft of my penis; I was squeezing one of her nipples while she, with one hand around my neck, was jerking her curved cock. You know that perfect curve that matches the "stroking arm"'s arc? Yeh well you can see why her cocks curved the way it is just watching her little arm stroking it!

I was hypnotised by her cock. Each stroke it looked cuter, shinier, harder. Her balls were slapping against my tummy with each hard jerk, which I could feel on my cock deep inside her; every time she squeezed on her cock her ass clamped the whole length of my shaft like a huge hand.

We got into a bit of a rhythm and I could feel the heat building in my balls.

I knew we'd have to change position soon but amazed that standing here with her like this wasn't hurting my back in any way; I think we could have fucked standing like that all day but I really wanted to suck her cock!

I leaned down with her still balls-deep on my cock, she arched backwards and I slipped a bit grabbing her back with both hands, but I managed to get my lips around the head of her cock and just held onto it with suction. It was too awkward to get her cock closer to my mouth, but pulling her up along my cock, her cock came closer with each inch I pulled her up on my pole and she shrieked with joy.

Eventually I had a few inches of hard cock in my mouth and I mean it was hard, squeezing it with my lips it didn't budge, that's hard. I sucked up and down the head and top of her cock while she stayed clamped half way down my own cock, squeezing and squirming with each head-slurp I gave her inside my mouth. Mmm we had such a great feeling for each other's bodies it was lovely; I knew she'd be as conscientious with me as I was with her and I love that rare feeling.

"C'mon let's fuck f'real," she gasped eventually, nodding her head towards the sofa. Looking around I noticed for the first time we were in a small kitchenette kind of room with a pull-out bed sofa closed up, obviously in a hurry with sheets poking out from the cracks.

I walked, deeply inside her, holding her ass as she squeezed her tits with both hands, squeeling a sound of delight. I lowered her onto the sofa as I kneeled down, dropping her body down and grabbing her butt with both hands; slowly moving my cock inside her gently to and fro.

"Mmmm that feels hot and hard inside me, boy".

She linked her feet behind my knees and I started stroking her rigid hard-on, this time I could see it clearly and loved the sight of her balls slapping my hands and belly. Each stroke seemed to make her bigger, like that was possible, but she was big enough I could stroke her with two hands and soon I was pulling my cock in and out of her ass while grasping her cock in unison.

We stroke-fucked like that for ages, but as her delicious pre-cum oozed a little cream and I wanting to taste that cock.

Pulling out of her, my cock slapped against my belly-button as I pulled her hips up around onto the sofa and turned around so my cock was directly over her face and was leaning over her pulsating hard penis. She reached up and eagerly pulled my cock towards her mouth, I groaned as her cute smile opened up quickly inhaled half of my manhood before she gagged a bit and laughed. "Just a second," she said, swallowed and then the most beautiful wet mouth slid up my cock effortlessly.

I gasped violently, looking upside down at her forcing my cock further into her throat, I'd never really been so deep-throated before so quickly I guess because once my head got into her actual throat the feeling was shattering.

I was so tall relative to her that I had to stretch her curved cock down towards my mouth before I could greedily start the 69.

Stretching her penis down made the huge central vein grow and bulge massively, feeling that beautiful cock throbbing inside my mouth after a few strong slurps I finally stopped the gag reflex and swallowed hard, pushing her huge she-manhood inside the back of my throat, wobbling my head and eventually feeling it so deep I could swallow on it.

Uuurgh the saliva was amazing, gobbing in long strings each time I pulled out. Before long I had her cock totally saturated with my throat-cum(!) that I pulled up and stroked it for a while, slimy and hugely lubricated it was the horniest sight; watching my hand sliding up and down the huge veiny pole while seeing my own cock vanish down her coughing throat.

We both stopped for a while and just sat up stroking each other.

"Smoke break?" she asked.

Great idea. She lit two in her mouth with one hand like and expert, we sat there as our heart-rates came down, gripping each others rockhard dicks, pulling the ballsack, sliding fingers up our asses, pinching nipples, kissing; you know - a smoke break.

"I want to fuck your hot ass, boy."

She sort of slid down the couch a bit, stubbing out her cigarette as she grabbed her cock with both hands and looked at me with pure lust.

"Let me lick your ass."

I stood up and leaned my ass towards her eager mouth; her tongue dived straight inside me then licked my asshole rim all over, spitting more saliva inside and around my butt until I was groaning with pleasure.

I knew she would be an amazing fuck. Just from the way her tongue was working over my ass. I just kept pumping her cock, pulling it's curved arch up towards me but just unable to quite reach it with my mouth. Each time I squeezed that hard curve she ground her hard tongue deeper inside me; then reaching up pulled my own cock down as hard as I was pulling hers up and stroked it in unison.

Reaching up she slid a couple of her small fingers inside me; pushing down on my boys g-spot and making my cock throb larger; I could feel the hot lava rising from my balls, pumping up with each squeeze she made deep inside my rectum. Grabbing my sack, she pulled my balls down with each thrust of her fingers; all the while me groaning watching the pre-cum dribbling from my cock onto her shaft. I stroked my pre-cum all around her dicks' head dreamily as my ass convulsed with joy.

We were both sweating in the Thai heat; and I had to feel this cock inside me! I rose up and grabbing her hard shaft started to rub the head around my slippery hole.

"No, I want to see you."

She pulled my hips around and I turned around, feeling her hot breath on my balls as I started to lower myself onto her fascinating penis. The girl was a gymnast, the way she could arch herself forward she could reach my cock with her mouth while I started feeling her cock exploring my asshole.

Her head penetrated me easily but the tightness was awesome as I squirmed all around, pushing and forcing the hot hot cock deeper into my orgasmic feeling ass. With each inch my cock swelled more and the feeling of my incredibly hot lava rising was unbearable.

It was like I could feel the cum seeping up through my cock and when I looked down at her stroking my dick on a crazy angle, sure enough I could see the drops of clear-white pre-cum dribbling onto those tiny hands which only made my cock look bigger.

I just rode that curved cock of hers for every inch I could get. Groaning, screaming as it hit me hard deep inside me pulling on her hard nipples as her insane cock filled me totally. She was tearing my skinny ass wider and wider, her big cock-head sliding over my ass-trigger dangerously close to cuming each stroke. Rising up and down on her, her hands pulling my engorged cock, playing with my nipples, pulling my balls, we were both turning each other on in every way.

Two people receiving total pleasure from each other openly and freely. Her breathing was getting louder with each stroke we gave each other, she was getting so loud I almost wanted to shove one of the cushions in her mouth, but she was so cute and orgasmic; her mouth opened with each stroke in pure ecstasy, she'd lick her lips between shouts of "Fuck yesssss"; but it was turning me on too.

I looked down at my cock, she was pinching her nipples while stroking my cock but it looked like she was stroking her own cock, a big white uncurved shaved cock; like it wasn't mine at all. I let her pump long thrusts inside me and could feel we were both wanting to cum hard.

Her balls were slapping my ass furiously and smoothly, my insides were tingling like crazy as the cum just kept pooling up with each stroke she gave me.

"You want to cum inside me girl?" I asked too loudly.

"Mmm lemme see you shoot your wad, boy"

I leaned back a little, as she thrust deeply inside me, she grunted for the first time deeply.

"Ohh fuck your ass is sooo tight man".

I reached back with one hand and grabbed her ball-sack, pulling it with each thrust, pushing her balls-deep inside me.

She athletically leaned forward, holding my balls which f***ed my raging cock up in the air; then opening her mouth lowered her head down and sucked me deeply forcing herself down. Her tongue was slurping my cock as I pushed deeper inside her receptive throat, gagging a little but soon she was sliding her mouth all the way out of her throat with a pop and then gasping it hard inside her gagging deep mouth, strings of her saliva dribbling down my shaft..

I could feel her balls contract hard in my hand and twitch moments before the lava started shooting through my rectum up into my throat (ok well maybe not that far).

I felt the first jet of cum and it hit me like an electric bolt; I just grunted but right then she coughed all the way down on my cock and licked her tongue over my balls in one move .. well I just eXploded and spurted a monster first shot up her throat, hearing her muffled shout on my cock as she started freely cumming in jerky spasms deep inside my ass, with jet after jet of her hot jizzm.

I clamped down on her cumming hardon and started riding it hard while she coughed out my own cock with a burp, releasing a river of cream streaming down my cock which sprung upwards, sending the cum flying just as I felt another spurt gushing up my shaft.

I didn't mean to but I jumped involuntarily with that huge wave of cum and stood up a bit, releasing her cock with a plop as rivers of jizm hit our bodies.

For minutes we were just staring at our cocks, each stroking each other, screaming freely as wave after wave hit us and gushes of cum splashed on and dribbled off us.

Groaning and grunting like a****ls we shot cum at each other. She'd been aiming my shots at her mouth, but mostly her tits and her red hair were taking the loads and was matted with cum.

As I pulled her cock close to my face I got hit by her final jerky shot of jiz right in my mouth, which I kissed her with and we exchanged the wonderful tastes in our mouths.

Before I got soft I couldn't resist and after that last shot I pushed my cock inside her she-man pussy; cum had been oozing down and I easily slid inside her stroking and squeezing my last few drops of cum out deep inside her tight frictionless hole.

She grinned and sucked my nipples as I sighed, stroking inside her but feeling my hardon getting smaller as I watched hers shrinking also.

"Damn I have to fuck you properly new, you know." I said, regretting the refractory period.

"Fuck, boy, I love your tool so much. I think we should go out tonight as a couple."

She had a twisted expression on her face which I knew was trouble. "Out where?"

"Oh, just a club. With a dark-room full of random people, you'll fit right in..."

... We didn't even know each other's names ... until later ...

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10 months ago
amazing descriptions of you 2. been in Thailand and there are some really cute Katoes.
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great story
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Ohhh I luv making harDoNs
Thanks, all you horny readers!
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hot story i love thai ladyboy cock Aroy mak.
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Awesome story
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That is so fucking hot. Would have loved to lick your asses clean after.
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Loved your story, I'm hard and pre cumming!
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hot story
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Best ever,fantastic,thank you for that story.This thing of mine is still hard
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Good story.
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Hard, wet, wet and cumming ...

You guys are just the BEST readers ;)

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