First Time MFM Bi 3-way

I'd been feeling turned on by hard cumming cocks, watching porn vids, for years. It wasn't until my ex-wife watched one of my edited porn-vids before she asked "are you sure you're not Bi?". I suppose I was but was so young and dumb and full of cum that it wasn't until I was divorced (not for sexual reasons) that I decided to explore my bisexuality. So I got onto my favourite porn/chat site, snapped a lovely photo of my shinylubed dick and said I was Bi-Curious.

Within a week a couple was writing with me and damn if every email didn't just have me hard with anticipation. Firstly we were all totally shaved bald, that's always been a turn-on for me. Both of them were talking to me for days about what we were going to do, what positions we liked and of course all I knew about was I wanted to suck a cock while being fucked.

Their photo's came a few days before our meeting and I came all over them within 5 minutes of getting them! Mr was standing with her straddling a chair leaning backwards; he had about a 10" cut cock and beautiful balls, fully shaved bald, seriously it was a fucking gorgeous penis. In the photo Mrs was underneath his ass, pushing a vibe into his hairless ass and he was eating her pussy so hard it was blurry on that bit of the photo. Fucking amazing really because they said their ages were 45 and 42 but you'd swear they were early 30's from the photo. And with a hot scene like that to visit I wouldn't have cared if they both had typhoid, I just wanted to cum over the two of them like I just did over my laptop screen (and keys, damn yuck the keys too).

So the night came, all very normal and polite and after a glass or two Mr asked if we should mosey into the bedroom. Of course ! We immediately all undressed each other, kissing naturally amongst ourselves and feeling each others bodies, asses, hair, ohh it was pretty lusty.

Once we'd kicked away the clothing Mrs asked me to start eating her pussy, but on my back so they could suck my cock. I immediately obliged and sucked her clitty into my wet lips immediately, licking and running my tongue from her ass to her clit, pausing to slide it inside her really relly right pussy.

Meanwhile it was the best I could do not to scream as Mr and Mrs started the most incredible cock-tickle I guess is all I can call it. Just really gentle touches, not licks but sort of tongue touches, brushes, blowing; I mean seriously from where my earlier nervous tiny cock had come from I was now totally fully engorged and just throbbing for something to really touch my penis properly.

So I just concentrated on Mrs's bald pussy. I love sucking pussy and just getting the rythm right, sometimes her g-spot is the key, pushing a couple of fingers up Mrs was impossible, I got my middle finger in and was being crushed as I curled it up against her Gspot.. Side-note, to this day that finger gets sore when it's cold, yes, from that injury, but it was worth it.

All of a sudden Mr started licking my asshole, lightly but getting harder all the time; and she had started seriously stroking my iron hard rod. Can't remember really ever being that damn hard before, my rod just went like steel when Mr slid his tongue up my virgin ass. I remember being seriously embarrassed when I just sort of screamed a sigh of total ecxtasy.

Apparently no-one had been able to get Mrs off orally for a few years, it'd been a sort of thing we chatted about many times online 'cos I told them I guaranteed getting her off with my mouth and fingers. Well humdoggy didn't she start going off once I inhaled her clit! I sort of sucked it between my lips and while squeezing with my lips I licked it all around and across with my tongue while I finally managed to squeeze teo fingers in her pin-tight pussy. Well she just fucking howled! Apparently I kept going for 4 orgasms, of course I wasn't even thinking by then! By the time she was yelling louder than I was it sweating horniness both of them had my cock in their mouths; him working it up and down while she deep-throated me, moving down on my cock in rythm with my slamming her pussy with my sopping wet fingers.

Ohhh my horny God I was going to just shoot jizm all over them then and there but I'm a bit tantric by nature and just slowly eased myself up, she got it immediately, and I turned around to join her sucking on my first cock.

Mr was pretty limp all things considered when I first started stroking his penis, she smiled and turned around so she was leaning under his balls as he stood in front of us. She grabbed him and started licking his ass and squeezing his balls while I licked my lips and started licking my first cock.

Jeez it was like he could just squeeze it hard, a few contractions and an involuntary jerk and I had both hand around his monster cock, stroking it on my knees while I sucked the beautiful head of his cock into my mouth. Mmm salty. Fuck it was so horny just stroking him his cock was bigger and fatter than mine but I had to find out. So I kneeled closer to him and soon had both fat cocks in both my hands, then stroking us both in one hand I started squeezing Mrs and then Mr's nipples.

Fuck I never knew nipples could be such a fucking turn on! Mr just gently started squeezing both my nipples and rolling them gently around and I swear my cock just throbbed even harder each time! I was losing control again, finding that magical rythm that makes you just want to explode cum; I let go just in time but Mrs hard already anticipated how close we both were and pushed me back on the bed.

She doggied her way back and her pussy virtually sucked my raging hard cock inside her while she started deep throating Mr. I could see her sliding a finger up his ass while all her weight was either holding onto his monumental hardon or pushing her pussy up so hard my cock almost broke! I just couldn't get inside her. She was gushing wet, so was my cock just slimy and totally lubricated but her pussy was just so tight I had to pull out a few times; each time I got in even a few inches I felt that wave of cum starting and well actually I was even afraid that pulling out would make me cum even harder.

Yes we were all totally bareback before I go on. And I know how y'awl might feel about that and I even came with condoms of all flavours, but some things just fucking happen that way and seriously even pausing this magic for unwrapping wasn't going to happen. Mind you we'd all been with the same partners for years and it was a conscious decision except that it was subconscious. Anyway, to continue.

I found that if I just stretched her pussy lips a bit and slid in pretty hard and then just pulled out for a second, I could stop myself from cumming and eventually after many minutes of this I finally slid my full length balls deep inside Mrs, we both just shouted when I got in her, and I just stayed there for a minute or so, squeezing my cock really hard and big inside her as she groaned each time I moved even a millimetre.

It was so horny watching her sucking his 10" and gagging and choking each time, she was a sex machine honestly and eventually he and I spotted each other watching her with his cock burried inside her slobbering throat, smiled, and we kissed.

I've never kissed a guy like "that" before. Initially I felt sort of awkward, but as soon as he touched my body again I thrust my tongue in and we kissed and licked each others faces and throats in a frenzy. It was brilliantly exciting, he sucked my ear and stuck his tongue in, seriously my knees buckled with ecstasy; he groaned as I pinched his nipples, finally sliding my cock inside her as she started cumming again.

I've never had my cock f***ed out of a pussy before, but not only did she squeeze my cock out but gushed her quim all over me, I mean what's a boy to do but f***e my hard wet cock back inside her. The bed was saturated but then we were all sweating profusely by now. Mrs collapsed onto her stomach and my cock hit my stomach with a thwop.

She asked me to stand in front of her, which I immediately did and she reached up and let me fuck her mouth. I was watching her beautiful mouth swallowing me in deeper and playing with her tits when I felt Mr pushing a chunk of Vaseline up my ass, sliding his finger around inside me while his wife squeezed my balls and pulled my hardon further down her throat.

I was super nervous about my ass. It might all sound silly but I didn't want any nasties, you know, but once his long finger started sliding inside me it was just total insanity. What the hell is That!? I've never felt my own Gspot before but that has got to be it! Oh fuck I was just in sexual heaven and started groaning as I felt my balls squeezing; I hadn't cum in a few days and I was so fat with cum I knew this would be a gusher.

But again they knew. She pulled back and started kissing me, stroking my cock with her hand and gently squeezing, just managing to keep that throb going but not enough to pull the trigger.

Mr was stroking himself behind me, and I knew what was coming. With a girlish grin I poked my ass out and immediately felt the hot head of his dick pushing between my ass lips. Oooohhhhhh I must have screamed for minutes, as soon as he pushed his huge cock inside me I stopped seeing clearly.

I groaned inside Mrs mouth while he fucked my ass. Slowly and gently but he was so damn big each time he pushed inside me I felt the bl**d in my own cock throbbed with my heartbeat; and she now had both her hands just stroking me in time with his hard cock.

It was fucking incredible, my insides were hurting with pleasure, it was like his massive member had filled my whole body with cock while she stood up on her knees and straddled the bed over to me, obviously I was about to give and take, oh my God!

He pushed his monster deep inside me and pulled me back towards him, I could feel his cock's heartbeat inside me and although I was trying to relax I was also experimenting a bit and found each time I slid around a bit he groaned loudly in pleasure.

Mrs's ass was right on the edge of the bed when she pulled my dick down painfully and as he pushed me forward she screamed while my cock was f***ed inside her gushing vagina. She was holding me back a few inches by grasping the base of my cock, only allowing about 6" inside her, but as we got into a rythm her hand started stroking me with such an iron grip I started screaming and could feel the hot jiz starting to let go.

I was in a fuck sandwich and each time his cock pulled out a bit she'd slam me deeper inside her, but when he pushed in this last time he felt fucking massive. I was just starting to groan when he pulled my hips back hard and it felt like his cock was tearing my skinny ass apart; I couldn't speak and then I felt her pussy clentching my cock again, pulling me like a machine while her pussy seemed to be sucking my cock all by itself.

I felt his first gush of hot cum inside my ass while I felt her pussy squeeze wetly around my cock, she pushed my inside her to the hilt and I groaned loudly as I felt the lava start to pulse out of my cock impossibly deep inside her.

We all were cumming together and the neighbours must have all been awake by now. I starting jerking with streams of cum, mostly inside her but about half way through my dick flew out of her as she screamed and I spurted cum straight up onto my face, seriously my cock was cumming like crazy but she was squeezing so hard and he was sooo deep and hard inside me my cock just flew around, a different direction with each shot; but it was so sexy seeing her with cum dribbling down her tits as she rubbed it all over herself.

I have never cum like that before in my life. Not just the volume of cum, that was almost embarassing, but the duration of the orgasm. It must have been two orgasms if I'm honest about it, but who fucking cares, I was shooting hot jizz like a pornstar and it wouldn't stop .. of course feeling a massive cock still deep inside of me shooting it's huge load just kept me cumming and groaning in fuck heaven.

He grunted out a few last shots that I could feel hot inside my ass just as the last of my cum was flinching down do a dribble, I couldn't resist feeling back and squeezing his hard big hairless balls, while he reached around and stroked the last drops from me. Just playing with each other after sex was such a new feeling, and feeling a hard slippery cock in my ass just made me insanely sexy, I couldn't stop stroking it as he slowed down.

We kept squirming inside each other off and on for minutes, just freely cumming for the whole time, sighing and collapsing in sweat, smiling that exhausted smile and feeling totally amazing.

Then he pulled out of me and I felt a litre of cum pour down my legs, but she got under me and licked his cum from my dribbling ass, throbbing with delight I felt my cock twitch again and again.

He ate my cum out of her pussy while she sucked my ass and stroked my cock gently, sliding his finger up her ass with what looked like apparent ease, hmmm this could be interesting/ Then he leaned up and we kissed. I knew then and there it would soon be her turn as the meat in the fuck sandwich ... a dp, another first ?

But that's another story ...
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10 months ago
super story
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That was great! Very erotic
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Thanks for all the horny comments guyz ;)
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yup yup lust LIKE that!!
2 years ago
love being the middle in a sandwich
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great story
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Fantastic story,I would love to find a couple like that
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This is simply the HOTTEST MMF story I have ever read here. Lucky, Lucky Boy!!!
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oh soooo nice! good job!
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I wonder how long it took to write all that on account of all the breaks to stroke your cock that it would have taken ME to get through it. haha great story!
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Very hot! Love it!
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Oh my God is right!!!! I am hot and hard and jealous!
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wow.....simply wow