Interracial threesome in London

I decided to take a trip to London with my gf, Mina. We both love big black cock and it's a secret as we both have partners and they don't know that we both love to undress in front of each other and to kiss when we are out drinking. Sometimes we stay at a hotel when we should be out clubbing and watch porn on a laptop and drink and kiss and play with a dildo on each other. While in London in our hotel we log onto xhamster and one of your BBC friends on xhamster sends me a horny message. We both talked and laughed and sent dirty sexy messages. Mina said that she would love to suck his cock because it looks so big! She laughed and goes to take a shower after spending the day shopping eating and drinking way too much all day. Mina needed a shower and I carried on sending messages to our BBC, which made me feel more and more horny. I asked him if he was free tonight because we were in town and that he has to hurry to the hotel because I wanted to surprise my girlfriend who is in the shower.
I was wrapped in a towel and I take it off and dry Mina as her big round tits bounce as I wipe them. She gets of the bed and walks over to her bag where she pulls out a black cock dildo with a very pink hood and covered in plastic cock muscle. We both climb on the bed and kneel in front of each other, my gf rubbing the cock between my legs on my shaved pussy and I was rubbing my fingers between her pussy lips as we both of you played with each other’s tits as you kiss.
While Mina puts on the strap on dildo and I bend and wanked the plastic cock as I moan as if it was real. My gf moves her hips as if she was a black guy with a big black cock as she fucks my mouth. She says: “ I wish I had a black cock so I can fuck you. Baby we need a big black cock.” I look up at her and smile. She looks at me, not knowing what I have planned.
There is a knock on the door and I run naked to the door around the corner of the room. It’s Conor from xhamster and he looks just like his picture, I put my finger to my lips and tell him, take your clothes off; my gf is on the bed. He says: now? And I said: yes strip!! He takes off his shirt to reveal a strong chest, which is from a man who works out. My eyes are fixed to his trousers, as you want to see his cock! He takes off his trousers and his cock is already hard and his pants are pointed out as his cock fights his pants, one of his balls has fallen out his pants and it looks big and full of juicy cum. The look of his pants makes me damn horny and I can’t wait to get a look at this black cock. His black cock is warm in my hand and I can feel it get harder and the muscle move as his cock enjoys the feeling of my hand on it. My friend Mina, who is kneeling on the bed, says “Oh my god! We were just speaking to you on the computer! You must be Connor, I know that dick!”
We both climb on the bed. My gf Mina tells him: “ I just want you to fuck me; I am so damn horny”. Conor smiled and I tell him to fuck her in her ass. I take a black dildo and put it on and said that I wanna fuck her pussy while the real black dick fucks her white ass.
I kneel next to her ass and our black friend climb over here like a dog, which is fucking another dog and put his long fat black hard cock down into her ass with the help from me as I guide his cock into the tiny asshole.
She moans and says deeper! Her horny asshole looked so happy and I licked her fingers to wet her bum hole and Conor sticks his strong black cock again in her ass. His cock is wet and dripping which makes it easier to enter her ass. While he fucks her like a big horny dog, I get behind him and rub his black meaty ass and balls. I kiss his body and I feel his wet touch on his balls, which bounce against my gf's ass.
I try to catch his black balls in my mouth as he fucks my girlfriend. His cock is hard in her tight ass and she is moaning. He said: “I love feeling her tight her ass muscle around my cock”. He bangs her ass and his cock gets even harder from the way I lick his balls and stick my finger between his black bum cheeks. Coner moans: “This is so much fun, damn”
I slap my gf's ass as he fucks her. Then I get close behind and I stick my black strap on dildo in her pussy, which makes her moan louder. We both fuck her together with. Then Conor slaps my white ass and starts to lick it! I pull his hard cock from my gf’s ass and suck on that BBC, which made him moan and then I would stuff his cock back into her ass and we would continue to fuck her.
I get on my back and my friend lays on me with her back on my chest. Our black friend sticks his cock again in her ass. I get on top of her with my dildo and fuck her and we sandwich her between the both of us. I tell them that it is my turn now. My friends were laughing. They both got behind me and Mina licks my asshole. I grab Connor’s BBC and wiggle it around my asshole until my ass is ready to open up to take his dick. My slutty ass is tight too and he pushes my bum back on his cock. He said he wants to cum deep in my asshole. I could feel his balls bounce against me. My horny gf is next to me rubbing her own pussy and fingering her wide asshole now his black cock is out of it.
Connor hold my asshole open so he can get a good look of his black cock up you bum hole. My slutty ass is wet with dripping cum and his cock is wet with it too. “ Your ass feels good!” Mina gets behind Connor as he fuck me and she kisses him and they snog each other while his BBC still bangs me. While Connor fucks my ass, Mina gets close to my pussy as she came in front of me and begins to lick my clit. I groan with delight as my ass and pussy gets attention. Connor’s cock can't take the good feeling anymore and it shivers and shakes as his balls start to tighten. He jumps up out my ass and put his BBC in front of two slutty faces. I grab his fat BBC and telling him to cum all over my face so that we both can taste his sweet back cum.
His cum explodes all over our both your faces! It covers both of us but we don't want to waste his hot juicy cum. I put his BBC in my mouth as I suck up all his hot milky cum. I pass his cock to my horny gf and she sucks up the last cum from his cock.

We look at each other and start laughing and then start to kiss each other as we lick and kiss up all the cum on our faces. We turn to our black friend and said “ Connor, that was good cum, are we dirty sluts baby? He laughs and says: “ yes, baby you are both dirty little sluts!”

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1 year ago
Excellent Story! I would love to make all your fantasies come true
2 years ago
ça donne envie de venir faire un tour à londres
3 years ago
3 years ago
great do have a sequel?
3 years ago
Gotta give it up for this I like
3 years ago
mmmm would love to share a big black pole with u...
3 years ago
let's do it baby!