My First Time with Brian.

Heya there boys and girls! My name's Nicole and i'm a pre-op transexual from the UK, by chance I came across this website about a month ago and despite noticing that most of the user's seem to be madly perverted (lol) the rest seem civil enough to the point where I thought, "why not share my stories?" Who knows? You might just get a kick out of them. ; ) x

Back when I was 17 I had been cross dressing for just over a year, I was never tall (5'5 if you must know) and didn't have a masculine frame to boot (I guess I was always meant to be a girl - clearly haha) ANYWAYS one weekend when I was out drinking I met a guy called Brian, he seemed really sweet, polite, not overly buff or tall and didn't seem bothered by the fact that he was talking to a cross dresser, he left a good first impression, so good in fact that we wound up dating.

I remember the first time we did the dirty and holy shit was it something, we had been out for a meal (I love Italian food) and were at his drinking, chatting, the usual stuff and we wound up getting more and more tipsy until out of the blue he just wraps his lips around mine, I could've melted there and then, our tongues caressed one another, our hands searched each other and the moaning was well... Apparent. ;)

He took off his top and I got to see his smooth upper body, I ran my tongue from his belly button up to his mouth whilst I unbuckled his pants and plunged my hand down his boxers to feel his package and my god, was it a package. I pulled away from kissing him and my eyes wandered down as I attempted to release just whatever it was that was hiding down there, it sprang out, all 10 inches sprang out. Now, I had sucked cock before but never in my life had I seen anything THIS big, I looked up at him and even remember saying, "are you for real?" He laughed slightly before I got to work sucking on his meaty mammoth, it barely fit in my mouth but I could taste his pre-cum and smell his sweaty balls (it was the middle of Summer at the time), it all turned me on so much and I felt myself getting hard and my knees were starting to buck ever so slightly, Brian must've caught onto this because he told me to stop and lie down on the sofa.

With my sweet, peachy arse up in the air he began to work his spit-covered cock into me, I couldn't take it at first, I had tried fairly big butt-plugs and dildo's but never anything THIS big and embarrassingly enough, I started to cry, he was about to stop but I insisted he kept going but to be gentle if he could, it took a little while for Brian to break me in and what started as pain worked its way into pleasure... More pleasure than I thought possible to be honest.

I was really into the moment, asking for more and more whilst my own cock stiffened, I was in total ecstasy then I felt something, his balls slapping against my arse, all 10 inches of his cock was inside of me (i'm getting turned on just thinking about it lol). In and out, in and out it drove me wild until I let out what was probably my most feminine scream to date as my balls unloaded onto his sofa cushions, I came and came and came, I think there was about 9 spurts in total, it was thick, it was creamy and it everywhere and I think Brian liked the sight of it all because his breathing got heavier and I started to feel his cock bulge a bit. In between groans I heard him vaguely say, "i'm going to cum" I turned and yelled, "not in my ass Brian!!" The prick bust his nut deep inside of me, it was a weird (and admittedly nice) feeling having cum fill my ass but I didn't want to be cream-pied, at least not straight away since I was and still am pretty anal (ha) about sexually transmitted diseases. He flopped over me, I was pretty pissed off but at the same time was in such a bewildered state that I couldn't do much about it except breathe heavily, Brian kissed my neck and said, "look, i'm so sorry... But... That was honestly the best orgasm i've ever had", I couldn't help but smile and get a bit of a buzz from it all, he pulled out and I remember the incredibly sloppy noise that followed as his cum spurt out of my ass.

Me and Brian had a fair few sexual adventures after that and I might just tell them all later on down the line. ;)

Hope you enjoyed my little first-time story.

Nicole. xx
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6 months ago
Great story, cant wait to read more about you and Brian
6 months ago
out of the ballpark great story! well written and very erotic! can't wait to see more. thanks so much for posting! (And yeah, we may be pervs, but overall, we are KIND pervs, even the BDSM set on here, so welCUM to Xhamster.)~Bri