My Riri's Massage

My lovely wife Riry runs her own business as a massage ther****t.
One of the big differences between her and most of her colleagues is
that she was formerly a physical ther****t at a large hospital. Due
to her training as a P.T. she has an intimate knowledge of the human
body. She is a complete professional and is very dedicated to her
clients, always going that extra mile to help them with their
physical needs.

Also lucky for me she is a gorgeous woman. At 38 years of age she
is still very firm due to her dedication to aerobics and good diet.
She has chesnut brown hair which she keeps in a sexy short style so
that it doesn't bother her when she is working out. Riry has a very
classy face with green eyes and a cute little nose. Her body is
very tight, actually looking better than a lot of 20 year old k**s.
At 5'9" tall she has legs that go all the way from her ass to the
floor as the saying goes. And wow, what an ass! Because of her
exercise regimen her butt is very firm and round. Her tits are
fairly small, but firm and sexy, with nice big pink nipples. She
always wears exercise clothes such as bike shorts, crop tops and so
forth and I love the way she looks in them.

She came to me one day with a look of concern on her face and asked
if we could talk about one of her clients. Knowing what a complete
professional she was I told her of course we could.

"Well Frank", she said, "I'm very concerned about Jack Rollins, the
quarterback for the local college team. He is a lovely young man who
suffers from muscle cramps because of stress and tension. I really
think I could help him more than I have but it would require intense
stess reduction techniques. If he could just relax I think his
condition would improve immensely."

Knowing Riry's intense dedication to her work I told her I was all
for anything that she needed to do to help the young man. "The
thing is Dear, Riry responded, "Some of the techniques required to
help this patient may be considered radical and that is why I need
your permission to do whatever it takes to help him. I may need to
physically manipulate his sexual organs in order to release him from
the tension he is under. I would need for you to understand that I
would be receiving no gratification from this except the joy of
knowing I had helped ease his suffering."

I was shocked and said, "You mean you want to have sex with this guy
and you want me to say it's allright?" Laughing, she responded,
"Don't be silly Frank, I only have sex with you dear. This would
only be genital manipulation therapy to release his pent up stress
and anxiety. Everything I will do is for the health and well being
of the patient."

When she put it that way I felt I had to agree. What I didn't tell
Riry was that for several months I had been reading stories on the
"Dark Wanderer" web site and had been dreaming about seeing my
gorgeous wife have sex with another man. Knowing that she would
never consent to such a thing I had never mentioned it, but since
this was her idea I was thrilled with the thought that my wife would
be running her hands all over this young stud and maybe she would
even jack him off. Later that night after Riry had gone to work out,
I installed 3 tiny video cameras so I would be able to see and hear
everything that went on in the massage room.

The day of Jack's appointment came and Riry had him shower and then
soak in the hot tub to get his muscles loosened up. Then he came
into the massage room and stretched out on the table. He must have
been of Swedish stock since he was tall and very blonde with a body
that made me jealous as hell. At least 6'2", he was built like a
Greek God with muscles that only come with hours in the gym.

Riry came in wearing pink silk shorts and a tiny pink crop top,
obviously without a bra. Her flat stomach looked great and her nice
firm tits jiggled under the top. When she bent over to get some
strawberry scented massage oil I saw Jack peek at the cheeks of her
ass which looked very inviting in her little pink shorts.

"We are going to do something special today Jack", she said. "You
just quiet and no matter what I do, keep your eyes closed and focus
on relaxing and enjoying the experience. You are to make no effort
at all, this is for your enjoyment only, O.K.? Today you get to be
the baby."

Then she put on some relaxing New Age music and pulled the sheet off
of his body. He was laying on his back and all he had on was his
bikini underwear and a peaceful smile. Riry started his massage with
gentle attention to his neck and face. Then she poured some oil on
his muscular chest and started to rub his pectorals and abdomen. She
worked on down his legs and to his feet all the while rubbing and
relaxing him thoroughly.

Next she lifted his arm and started to massage his biceps, but where
she would normally put his hand under her arm to hold it, this time
she put his hand under her short top and directly on her firm
breast. "MMMMMMMMMM", he moaned and started to stir but she said,
"SSHHH Jack, just relax and lay there, everything is for you
remember?" As she continued her massage of his arm he began to
squeeze and fondle my wife's pretty tit, gently pinching the nipple
as he drifted in a foggy haze of pleasure. She then changed to the
other arm and he proceeded to play with her other tit as well until
she said, "O.K. now baby, it's time to roll over for Mamma."

As he rolled over it was obvious he had a huge hard on. His
underwear did nothing to conceal the size of his cock which appeared
to be around 8" long. Riry began to massage his back muscles and then
worked her way down his body to his thighs. She poured more and
more oil on his muscular body and ran her strong hands up and down
his legs.

"Raise up honey," she said, "These are in the way of your getting a
full massage." Then my wife slipped his underwear down his legs and
hung them carefully over the back of a chair. She proceeded to put
a generous amount of oil on his naked ass saying, "You know the
buttocks are muscles too and they are often ignored during a
massage. Now you just put yourself in my hands and trust me. No
matter what I do it will be for your well being, so just relax."

Then she poured even more oil on his ass and began to rub it on his
butt in a circular motion. He moaned in pleasure and Riry said,
"SSHHH baby, Mamma knows what you need." Then she rubbed the oil
down into the crack of his ass and spread his butt cheeks. She then
slowly inserted her finger in his asshole and lowered her head and
began kissing and licking his buttcheeks.

My wife gently reached between his legs and started to massage his
balls with her oily hand while with her other hand she spread his
buttcheeks and bent her face down over him. "Quiet Baby, just enjoy
what Mamma is doing for you," she cooed, and then she started to
lick up and down his ass crack, finally concentrating on reaming his
asshole with her soft pink tongue. He was squirming and moaning in
pleasure and she was still gently massaging his balls. "Now turn
over for Mamma" she said quietly.

By this time my own cock was swelled to it's full length and I
pulled it out and started to stroke it. I couldn't imagine what Riry
would do next but I couldn't wait to find out.

When Jack turned over his 8" cock was standing straight up. Riry
poured some oil on it, wrapped her hands around it and said, "Oh
dear, Mamma's little boy must be so uncomfortable. Maybe I had
better kiss it and make it better."

Her full red lips slid down over his cock and she licked it and
sucked as if it was the last cock on earth. Then she stopped for a
moment and pulled off her crop top, baring her firm tits. After
coating his cock with strawberry flavored oil she began to rub her
breasts up and down the length of his shaft. "Does Mamma's little
baby like the way that feels?", she cooed to him. "Don't bother to
answer, just enjoy yourself and feel my tits on your cock Baby", she
said softly. Then she started to lick the big mushroom shaped head
and run her tongue down his rod to his balls, taking them in her
mouth one at a time and rolling them around with her tongue.

Jack moaned with delight and Riry asked him softly, "Does Mamma's boy
like it when I do this?" Her oily fingers gently penetrated his
asshole and started moving in and out while she continued to suck
his cock, taking it deep into her throat. Before long Jack started
to groan and his cock started shooting cum into my wife's mouth.
Riry tried to swallow every drop of his load but some of it ran down
his cock and she used her tongue to lick it off till he was clean.
"Did that feel good to cum in Mamma's mouth Baby?", she asked. He
was so spent all he could do was nod his head as she resumed his
massage and rubbed his shoulders, erasing the last traces of tension
from his muscular young body.

When I saw my wife lick the cum off of his young cock I shot my own
wad into the tissue I was holding. I couldn't beleive how complete a
job she had done on this young stud but little did I know that she
wasn't done yet!

As Riry massaged him she noticed that his young cock was still hard
and twitching against his belly. "Oh my", she said, "Is my baby's
soldier still standing at attention? We can't have you going home
without getting complete relief from stress, now can we?" Next my
wife peeled off her pink shorts to reveal that she wasn't wearing
any panties and was now completely nude. She climbed up on the
table and straddled Jack's big cock and said, "Just lie still dear,
Mamma will do all the work," and then lowered her tight cunt down
over his dick. Riry was doing all the fucking and as she moved up
and down on his shaft she reached behind her ass and started to rub
his balls, gently massaging them with her oily fingers. Riry began
to whimper softly like she always does when she cums and I could
tell she was loving his cock in her cunt. "Oh yes, you are such a
good boy aren't you, you are making me cum you sweet boy," she said
softly, and then she shuddered and her eyes closed as her orgasm
overtook her.

"Oh you were so good to Mamma, weren't you Baby?" she whispered.
"You still need to get off again don't you? Mamma forgot that you
are used to those sweet, tight little pussys that the college girls
have." Now I know how damn tight my wife's pussy is, so I wondered
what she was up to and it gave me a huge hard on when I heard what
my wife said next.

"Don't you worry Baby, Mamma has a hole that is even tighter and
warmer than those college girls, and Mamma will make sure you get
relief tonight." Then my sweet wife raised up and slowly pulled
his dick out of her cunt and held it back against her asshole as she
gently sat down on it. "Oh yes that is a big one, but it does feel
good in my ass Baby", she moaned. After she got all that big cock
stuffed in her asshole she proceeded to move her ass up and down on
it while she reached down and fingerfucked herself to a second
orgasm. She played with his balls again until finally he grunted
and began to spurt his hot cum into my wife's ass. "There now", she
said, "Doesn't that feel much better? SSSHHHH Baby, Mamma is still

She gently raised herself and removed his big cock from her ass.
Then she stood beside the massage table and licked his cock clean
until he drifted off to sl**p.

Riry came into the hallway and I met her there. She hugged me and
gave me a little kiss on the cheek. "Thank you so much for being
such a good husband", she said. "You wouldn't believe how tense the
poor young man was and I couldn't feel right about sending him home
until he was totally relaxed. Could I Darling?"

Like I told you, my wife is a complete professional.
94% (34/2)
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i want a message
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Best story yet!!
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Sign me up
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Nice man
4 years ago
wow what a story wish i could find a phys. therp. like her thanks
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Thats a big DREAM ;-)
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Can I help next time we can make it a foursome great story loved it
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greetings,,,i thoroughly enjoyed your story,hope it was true!i think a story can be more sensual than a vid,,depending on ones imagination i suppose once again thanxalot peter kisssssssssss
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great story and have had a few massages where the lady massage my asshole before giving the happy ending to the session
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wow loved the story would have loved to be that football player haha
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Riry, great great made me hard too....and I am very tense now....can you cum over and relieve my stress??? Hugs and Spankings, Daddy