My s****r and I. ( True story0

Nickerlover; My s****r and I

My younger s****r and I only 13 months apart in age,I was the elder.right from a very early age we would play in those days what we called mothers and fathers and would bath together our parents didn't ever notice that we would play with each others sexy parts and at that early age we new nothing at all about sex. but as we both got a bit older in our later teens we got to play with each other and feelings were starting to become better when we were touching each other. my cock would get hard more often and she wanted to suck on it, I can remember the very first time I actually cum, SHE HAD BEEN SUCKING MY COCK and it was feeling good and when she stopped and I TOOK IT IN MY HAND I think nature took over and I started to stroke it, the feeling was still great and that made me stroke it even harder not knowing that I WOULD EVEN HAVE A ORGASM AND CUM, Then it happened and cum spurted every where all over my s****r we both wondered what had happened all I SAID TO HER DON'T TELL ANYONE but that felt so good. the next time we played we I got her to suck me again but this time she let me stay in her mouth and cum but she didn't like the taste and spat it out very quickly. AS time went on we experimented with different things till one day when we were home alone playing with each other I got on top of her by this time we both new what sex was all about from other k**s and wanted to try a few or things, She opened her legs as wide as she could I had fingered her pussy before and I new that it would be hard to get my cock far into her but she wanted to try as did I, SHE WAS WET DOWN THERE BY THIS TIME AS WE HAD BEEN PLAYING WITH EACH OTHER but ah had never had a orgasm we were to learn more about that later on as we discovered more about our bodies. I hot my cock in between her pussy lips and worked it back and forth for a while and it was starting to feel great and was giving me the urge to push harder and faster so I did and then it was getting uncontrollable and I DIDN'T CARE AT THIS POINT IF I HURT MY s****r, so I grabbed her by the shoulders and gave one ungodly shove and I FELT HER HYMEN RIP AND MY COCK GO DEEP UP HER LITTLE PUSSY, SHE GAVE OUT A YELL AND TRIED TO PUSH ME OFF but it was feeling so good by this time and I was at the point of no return so I kept hammering in and out of her hot tight pussy, she was crying and begging me to stop but i just couldn't after I CUM I just stayed on top of her and she stopped crying and my cock went slack inside of her. Wen I got off FUCK THE MESS WE HAD TO CLEAN UP. luckily we were not in one of our beds, she had bled and there was a mixture of my cum and her bl**d on a old bed cover that we could throw in the trash where nobody would see it. A few days later she was back for more and it wasn't long after that, that she had her first orgasm and from that day on there was no stopping us from fucking each other and it continued for many years after that her and I still talk about those days when we are alone together and I have even spoke about if we had the chance fuck each other again. even though we are both in our sixties

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3 months ago
ooooh so nice and exciting
2 years ago
mmmmmmmmm we are alike i did the same thing to my ynger sister took her hymen and did not stopptill i cum in her and we made love alot after
2 years ago
I can relate to every single word. Cheers. Thx.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great story - rings true!
2 years ago
Very nice