Me my first wife and her younger s****r

When I started to court my wife she was nineteen and I was twenty one I got really friendly with her younger s****r who was only fifteen and very very sexy.There parents had a big farm and they would ask me to help feed the sheep and cattle the younger s****r would say to her older s****r if you want you can stay here and I will go with James and help him. My girlfriend then was not a lover of the farm so she would always say yes you go. Well the younger s****r being so hot and sexy would be all over me and when we got into the barn she would have her clothes off and ready to fuck we would fuck for 15 minutes or so and I would not cum she would get her clothes on all but her panties she would put them into my pocket so that I could finger her as we went between paddock.stopping for a few minutes at every gate that we had to open on the way so she could give my cock a suck and i could tickle her aroused clitoris and finally we would get each other off finish the feeding and go back home.When we got married she would come and stay with us some weekends and one weekend there was a bad thunderstorm and she hated thunder so her s****r said to come and sl**p with us in our king size bed well that was a big mistake as my wife got horny and started to play with my cock then she got on top of me with her s****r on the other side of me still wide awake and making out she was asl**p I knew she was awake because I had just taken my finger out of her wet pussy. Then the shock came my wife said to her s****r do you want a turn she new that her s****r was always so horny and that was the start of some great threesomes and that was when i found out my wife was bisexual and so was her s****r
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2 years ago
That is a great story and it has the ring of truth to it.
3 years ago
Lovely and mine is very simular in that the girl that I married also lived on a farm. Her mother and father tried for a boy but gave up after fifteen girls. Mine was the middle daughter and I started dating her when she was twelve and I was sixteen with her parents premission. I worked at their farm which had several hundred milking cows and a beef herd. She was a frisky young girl and several time I caught her sucking one of her sister. She really ate all of them out and always had hair stuck in her teeth and when I kissed her her lips her face was always slippery form the cum she received from one of her sisters or mother cunts. The first one that I got to fuck was her mother. At the time I had just started working there when I walked into the kitchen and found my girlfried eating out her mother and her mother saying just do not stand there stick your cock into my cunt and let feel you cum shooting into me. I must of fucked her three times before I wilted. From that moment on I just knew that I was going to enjoy working there. I was going have three holes from sixteen women to fill which I did for the next twenty-five years. My wife and I never had a son and alot of her sister never produced one either.
3 years ago
no its not stupid.. its fun
3 years ago
very intersting indeed..hope it is true and hope for some more stories..