One Day

Following our hotel meet, it's likely one day I'll get to play out another fantasy, but for now I'll have to just tell you all about it X.

It's a Saturday evening, it's been a hot summers day, I've spent most of the day in the garden tanning my naked self, all to help look my best for tonight ofcourse. Jim and I are going to our swingers club tonight, and I'm part of the female welcome party for the single men attending the group night. I want to look my best so I get into my black leather basque, crotchless black suspender tights, and thigh length black 5" high heel boots. I decide to keep my knickers off because I've gone to the trouble of waxing my pussy and ass hole, I want them looking their best!. Jim helps get me dressed, and I see I must look good because his cock grows at the sight of me, I help tuck his gorgeous prick inside his sexy white 'calvins'. I slip on my red rain coat over my outfit, and Jim puts on his black tux, we're ready.

As we enter the front door, we're greeted by Alex and Sue, they run the club. Sue is a busty blonde ( 44"+ ), aged in her 40's with shoulder length hair, 5'2", and curvy build, tonight she's wearing a black and red basque with black suspenders, and black heels. Alex is slightly younger than Sue, he's 6'4" slim build, with dark hair that he slicks back, he's standing bollock naked, which isn't out of the ordinary!. Alex has a nice cock it's about 4" on the soft but turns into an 8" fuck rod when hard, believe me I know. I kiss Sue and Alex and tell them how much I'm looking forward to tonight. "You're in the stocks with Brenda tonight aren't you?" asks Alex, "Yes I am, you going to pay me a visit" I reply, "Of course, you can warm Jim and I up at the same time".

The stocks are just as they sound, it consists of a wooden structure which you put your head and wrists through,they are then locked in place. Sue and Alex have adapted this theme so that you have to crawl midway through a curtained hole to get locked in place on the other side of the wall about 3' off the floor, here you look out into the main room, the fuck room. Your lower half remains in the hallway your hips supported by a large sponge wedge which raises your ass and pussy in the air with your legs straddled either side, about 4' off the floor. There are two stocks arranged in this way, next to each other, positioned directly outside of the changing room in the hallway.

I quickly enter the changing room with Jim, when we enter there are 3 male and female couples we know along with 7 males of various ages and sizes, I quickly ditch my raincoat when Sue walks in " Come on!, Brenda's in, we can't start until you're locked up!" she says with a little giggle. I kiss Jim, who is in the process of flopping out his semi through his open zip, he likes to start in his tux and tonight will be no different. I walk into the hallway and see Brenda's bubble ass sticking up at me, she is a ginger haired woman, mid twenties, pale skin with big swinging tits that look huge given that she is very petite, she has sexy green eyes, but I can't see them right now, just her pink shaved pussy and puckered asshole starring up at me, together with black hold ups and 5" heels. I can't resist, I drop on my knees and start to tongue her asshole, I hear Bren moan loudly from the other side of the wall, I move down sucking on her clit before darting my tongue in and out of her pussy, just as she starts to buck back on my face I stop, I crawl through the curtain and position my ass high in the air, as I look in the main room Alex is at the other side ready to lock me into place. "Was that you, you bitch?" says Brenda, I look to my left and see Bren locked in place, her sexy green eyes glazed looking at me, I laugh, "Yes couldn't help myself" I reply, " I was just starting to tingle Gina.... oooooo, mmmmmmm! doesn't matter someone else in on my case now", obviously at the other side Brens ass is pleasing to the eye, and she is getting serviced in some way. Alex locks me in place, as he does I see that two of the couples I saw earlier are on the centre round sofa and are starting to fondle each other, the men are sporting erections, just as one of the females moves towards sucking one of the men, Alex stands in front of me and slaps me in the face with his flacid cock. "Suck me slave" I open my mouth licking at his bell end and balls, before he directs his shaft into my mouth slowly fucking my mouth, as he grows hard I feel a hand on my mound and a tounge rimming my ass, a finger pokes my pussy before pulling out and rubbing my clit. Alex grows hard in my mouth before pulling out and moving towards the couples in the middle of the room. I see that one couple are in the 69 position with the female on top, the other couple are fucking next to them with the female facing away from me bouncing on top. Alex moves behind the female in the 69 before entering her doggy style, she look back licking her top lip, "Get me ready" says Jim as he blocks my view with his gorgeous prick, I smile at him, "I'm getting my ass licked out" I tell him, "I know, there's a queue behind you and Bren" he replies. I suck on Jim getting his veins full, before he pulls out and sticks his hard cock into Brens mouth next to me, she is moving back and forward now, clearly someone is fucking her from the other side, mmmmmmm, a cock enters my pussy it's fully erect and slowly gliding in and out of me, a finger pumps in and out of my ass, "Lick me", Sue is standing in front of me spreading her pussy lips apart, I lick at her clit, licking the full length of her cunt before tounging her hole. Jim who is still fucking a now frantic Brenda, looks at Sue, he pulls out of Brenda's mouth, before picking Sue up right in front of me, she straddles his forearms before sitting on his cock, I try to lick his balls as he fucks her inches from my face but I am just too far away, the cock behind me stops and another bigger, thicker one stretches me to the maximum. I look to my left Brenda has stopped bucking, "You've got him now" she says with a little laugh. Jim with Sue still in his arms and still with his cock inside her moves over to the centre sofa which is now a mass with fucking bodies. "You have a great pussy slave" comes a voice as a young male in his 20's stands in front of me, I'm being fucked hard by a monster cock and the stocks are banging off my shoulders as I swallow his rod, I take it all the way down my throat as he fucks my head, I feel the balls of the cock behind me slap on my clit and I come hard, as I do I try not to bite the cock in my mouth when it shoots come down my throat, I grip the cock behind me with my pussy longing for it to erupt, but it doesn't pulling out at my last shudder. The young man in my mouth is still hard and he enters Brens mouth erect next to me, she is moving again clearly happy to be a spit roast again. "Hi, I liked making you come slave" says a voice, I look up and immediately recognize Jim's Uncle, Steve, he is the monster cock!, "Gina!" "Oh shit" he says " Steve it's okay, I'm a slut, let me suck you" I say, Steve looks over his right shoulder catching Jim's eye, he's now DP'ing Sue with Alex and she is screaming "fuck me harder" as Jim waves at Steve, smiling as he fucks Sue's asshole. Steve pushes his thick veiny cock into my mouth, as I hear Brenda moaning to orgasm next to me I feel a tongue on my clit behind me as a cock inches into my ass. Steve notices the movement behind me and pulls out of my mouth as I gasp with delight as a cock grinds ball deep into me, Steve doubles up in Brendas mouth next to me as another cock juts out at me, it's a black mamba, long and thick, owned by a middle aged man with a bit of a beer belly, " Well hello slave I haven't fucked you yet but maybe later, now suck me" he orders, I lick at his bell end which makes him twitch lifting his cock into the air skimming my nose, back down again and into my mouth, he fucks my mouth pulling on my hair, whilst I feel fingers enter my pussy, the cock in my ass rhythmically pounds me, I come again thinking of how I've just fucked Jim's Uncle!, I tighten around the cock in my ass and feel it come inside me, the fingers in my pussy move out onto my clit and I come hard again, the black cock pulls out of my mouth and sprays come all over my face, before plunging back into my mouth to drink it clean.

I look out dazed at the utter orgy in the main room, I'll be unlocked soon, I think, Alex approaches with the key his semi on slapping from side to side as he walks, Steve and Mamba DP here I come, I wonder if Jim will approve, I think, I look over to my left, Brenda is out of her stocks already sitting on Jims cock whilst she sucks an older mans cock, and Steve is starting to cram his hammer of a prick into her ass, both of my men look at me with lust in their eyes, sure he will I say to myself, Alex then puts his key into my lock, my hands are free I take hold of his cock and at the same time stand and hold Mamba next to me "You two first, I want both of you to fuck me and I want centre stage!", I walk them to the centre sofa by their dicks I start to wank them hard, "Come on then who wants my ass?" I say as I bend over in front of them lifting my pussy high for them to see before turning my head over my right shoulder, Alex whilst wanking himself stands over me before gliding into my twitching ring, Mamba stands behind us, as Alex places both his hands by my head, his feet up by my waist and his cock pumping in and out of my ass. "Come on stud fuck my pussy!" I shout, Mamba's cock is long enough for him to fuck me standing behind us, oh my god it's good, I look over my shoulder and see Jim sucking on Brenda's long pink nipples as he shudders under her coming up her pussy, the old man has replaced Steve up her ass, and he's slowly grinding away,... Steve is walking towards me with a thick 9" heading my way, I wink at him and without saying anything he shoves his glorious cock in my mouth. All three men fucked me for what seemed like ages, swapping positions and coming on my face and tits, before being replaced by some of the younger talent in the room. I ended my night in a 69 with Sue whilst all the men took it in turns to fuck us in every hole, what a fantastic night, one day it'll happen, one day.

XXX Much love to you all Gina XXX

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3 years ago
very erotic story
3 years ago
Love it! Would love to attend a party like this.