Air tight

Hi, I'm Gina and my husband is called Jim, thought I would share a fantastic night we had last night, mainly because it is the fisrt time I've been full of cock, and it's fair to say I loved it!.

I arrived home from work on Friday night at 6pm to find that Jim was home early, not expected, but nice to see him as he had been sending filthy texts all day, and I had been getting wet at my desk just thinking about him fucking me when he got in. Unfortunately Jim wasn't playing, and told me to get bathed and changed as we were hitting the town. I got changed into a little black number, g-string, and my favourite black heels. I find with my dark hair and big tits this get up always results in heads turning. Jim had arranged a taxi so we could both have a drink, and we left home at around 9pm. To my surprise Jim told the taxi driver to head to the MalMason, it's a hotel on Newcastle's quayside. "What's going on?!" I said, "You'll see, it's what we've been talking about". My God, I thought, we'd been texting gangbang filth all day to each other, my heart raced, "Jim what are you talking about?" I said, he started to laugh, he was on edge now, "You know what, I've arranged for some friends to meet us in the town, trust me". "No,Jim I'm not happy..." he kissed me and grabbed my crotch, he kissed my neck before quietly talking in my ear "You're going to be air tight tonight, your going to be fucked by four men all night, if you say no we'll turn around, kiss me and we'll go into town" My heart was beating in my head now, I was turned on, but could I do this?, I wanted to, but I was frightened, Jim looked at me, his gorgeous blue eyes looked deep at me, I loved him so much,... I also wanted lots of cock, I've thought about nothing else for a long time now, I kissed him, his tongue wrapped around mine, I was going to get filled with cock.

We arrived at the front entrance to the hotel, we walked in and checked in at the desk, the receptionist, a 20 something blond girl looked me up and down, this I am used to as Jim is a sexy mid thirties man, who often catches the younger womens eye, and if i'm in tow they often throw me dirty looks. I giggled to myself, then started to panic again, maybe she knows!, this is stupid I thought, my heart racing again, I need a drink!. Jim put his arm around my waist and we headed to the bar. We sat in the bar which had a few guests in, two couples and a lone female, where were they? I thought, I had a couple of drinks, quickly drinking a bottle of wine before Jim suddenly got up, "Come on then lets go upstairs", "Ha ha good one Jim, you've had me terrified we were meeting men here, you're shocking!", " We are they're upstairs already" he said. "Fucking hell!" I said, we both laughed, I grabbed his cock, "You're first and last Jim okay?", "Sure" he said. He pressed the lift button and the doors opened, I was glad nobody got in with us because as the door closed to take us upstairs I dropped to my knees, I unzipped his trousers and pulled out his nice thick 7"+ cock, i quickly sucked on it until we hit our floor, the doors opened to an empty coridor, I pressed the hold doors open button, and bent over in front of Jim. I reached behind with my right hand and stuck my middle finger in my wet pussy. Jim was standing with his erect cock throbbing up and down, I pulled my g-string to one side and he slid his veiny pole into me, gliding it all the way until I could feel his balls slap off my clit, I gasped, he thrusted 5 or 6 times before pulling out suddenly, just as I was about to lose myself, "Let's go, I want to save myself" he said. I was ready for anything now, the nerves had gone, and the slut was in.
I stood outside the door with Jim, the key card in and out, and the door unlocked. I walked in ahead of Jim, the bedside lights were on and the ensuite door was shut, the room was done out in a purple scheme, there were big white flowers on a table, it was lovely. "Take your clothes off, but leave your heals on" Jim said. I didn't need to be told twice I quickly undressed. "Get on all fours on the bed and face away from me" he said, I did it straight away, let them out of the bathroom I thought, I heard the ensuite door open and movement towards me, I couldn't resist anymore, I looked over my shoulder, there were three naked men sporting Zoro type masks, walking towards me, in the background Jim was hurridly taking his clothes off, it looked funny, and I gave out a little laugh. The first man to approach me was maybe in his forties, white, with dark crew cut hair, he was slim, tall 6'+, with broad shoulders, his flaccid cock must have been 6" on the soft slapping from side to side as he approched. "Hi Gina I'm Ben" he said, I detected a Scottish accent but before I could say anything his cock was in my mouth. I then could feel hands cupping my tits I pulled Ben's cock out of my mouth and saw a young 20 something man, black, bald head, with jet black eyes, he was built like a doorman, not normally my type, but fuck it, I've never fucked a black man I thought, "Show me your cock" i said, he stood next to Ben, who was now erect 8" easy, but not as thick as my Jim's, "It's like a coke can!" i said "Hi I'm Marcus" said the Mr coke can!. I started to suck both Ben and Marcus wanking the other as I took it in turns to take them in my mouth. Marcus got hard and to my surprise didn't grow much bigger, maybe an inch longer, just as well I thought!. Suddenly I could feel a bell end nudging at my pussy, I looked round and saw a grey haired man, maybe in his fifties, he had a mass of grey hair on his chest, and huge arms, he smiled, "I'm Henry pleased to meet you", "Hi Henry, go right ahead fuck me!" I said. I hadn't seen Henry's cock as it was in me before I knew it, I could feel him enter me semi hard, and could feel him growing with every stroke inside me, "Oh God!" I shouted as Henry hit the top of my cunt, "Sorry" he said, he pulled out and slapped his cock on my ass, it must have been about 10", he could only get two thirds into my pussy, " Let me suck that monster" I said. Ben then went behind me and started to fuck me with his right foot up on the bed, I arched my back and bucked back against him, Marcus was reaching underneath me rubbing my clit, I had his cock in my right hand, and Henry was leaning over my face fucking my mouth. It wasn't long before I came hard, sending out a red flush above my tits, I cried out "FUCK ME", "OH GOD I'M COMING!", I gripped round Ben's cock with my pussy lips and could feel him coming inside me, it was too much for Henry who came down my throat, and I mean down my throat, he was frantic in the way he fucked my mouth, I loved it, and drank him down. I then could feel Ben going limp and pulling out of me, Henry moved away and I sat up, "Marcus get on your back" I said, as Marcus lay on his back, Jim stood behind me cupping my tits, I turned and kissed him before crawling over Marcus, squating over his thick cock and sliding onto it, Christ it felt like a fist!, he sucked on my nipples as I leaned over him grinding on him, suddenly Jim was behind me again, I knew what was coming, his finger, lubbed up, poked into my ass hole, "YES, YES TREAT ME LIKE A SLUT!" I screamed at him. Jim paused behind me slowly inching his cock into my ass, I remained stil ontop of Marcus lightly scratching his pecs, then he was fully in, and both men started to fuck me in time, Marcus in, Jim out, Jim in, Marcus out, oooooh, it was fantastic, lovely cock filling me, I was lost, my eyes shut, I came again, my ass tightly gripped Jims cock, "Gina" came a voice, it was Ben, he was sanding crouching on the bed in front of me, his cock hard again, I grabbed him and sucked on his long dick, pulling him out before coming again, I shoved Bens cock back in my mouth holding his nuts, I was having a multiple, and I wanted to be air tight! ha ha, it felt great, three men fucking me at the same time, could it get better?, well... yes it could, Henry started to stroke my back ( something i love ), I shuddered to an exhausted end just as Jim and Marcus started to fill me full of come, I could feel Ben's and Marcus' come drip out of me, and down the side of Marcus' cock, Jim pulled out of my ass and to my delight Henry entered me, I could take his massive tool up my ass!. Marcus slid out from under me and as Henry squated over my ass, which I was offering up to him, Ben lay under me frantically rubbing his bell end on my pussy lips. I changed my angle and sat on him, Henry's cock hurt but I was beyond it now, and he slapped against Bens cock with his balls as he fully pounded me, he didn't last long and he doubled the load in my ass, I then lifted off Ben and sucked him off taking his second load in my mouth. The men stood round the bed as I lay on my back leaking come everywhere, I spat Ben's come onto my fingers and started to rub my clit infront of them, they were all slowly wanking themselves as I came, when I did it almost knocked me u*********s!. I drifted away, all the men were on the bed with me their hands all over me, fingers going in and out of my pussy and my ass, at one point whilst Marcus poked my pussy with two of his fingers, Henry kneeled next to him, I was totally turned on again when Marcus started to suck Henry's cock, whilst this was happening Ben and Jim were next to my head and I toyed with them licking their bell ends and sucking on their balls. I then sucked Ben whilst Jim held my legs apart and slowly fucked me, I kept rubbing my clit, and I concentrated on gripping Jims cock. As I got slowly screwed I caught a look to my left and saw Henry and Marcus were in a 69 next to me, the sight caused my clit to explode, and I had a mini orgasm which tingled all the way down around my arsehole. I shuffled onto my side, facing Jim who was still in my pussy I told Ben to fuck my ass, he pushed easily into my gaping hole and both rocked me back and forth, I took it in turn kissing them as they groped my buttocks and tits. Ben then lay on his back and I quickly straddled his cock putting it straight back up my brown in a cowgirl position, Jim stood up, Henry and Marcus had sucked eack other hard and they stood in a queue infront of me watching me bounce on Ben. "Come on boys lets be having you" I said, I wanted Jim last up my cunt so I pointed at Marcus, " I want your thick cock in me first" I said, Marcus opened my lips and thrust into me, Ben was holding my thighs and was bouncing off the bed into my ass, I reached round and pushed Marcus into me, gripping his fine buttocks, his cock stretched my lips wide, forcing my clit onto him as he pushed up to the hilt into me, "Don't come in me, I want it on my face!" I said, and Marcus pulled out before he came and stood next to the bed. Henry was next, he made me suck him first, before slowly pushing all his meat into my pussy, wow I got it all in!, oooooh it was good, he was thick as well as long with a big bell end, a total pussy ripper. Henry was gentle now slowly fucking me, he then pulled out and started to wank his huge cock next to me, I couldn't help suck on him as Jim entered me, air tight again!. "Get over here" I said to Marcus and he stood at my head and I alternated sucking him and Henry, I rubbed their bell ends together, they liked that, and I tried to fit both in my mouth as Jim and Ben grunted away, this went on until I sreamed with delight coming hard for the last time.
The night ended shortly after with all the men coming on my face and tits at about the same time. Marcus and Henry left together first, I don't blame Marcus for wanting Henry's super cock up his ass!, Ben stayed for a drink with Jim and I, we'll be seeing him again soon. After a nice bath together Jim and I had a great nights sl**p, in the morning we headed home after some breakfast. This was my first time with more than one cock at one time, you could say I went all out and that I should have started slow with a threesome, but I wouldn't change a thing, the experience was great, not something I would do on a weekly basis ( as I wouldn't be able to walk ), but for Birthdays maybe? ;)

XXXX lots of love to you all Gina XXXX.

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10 months ago
yea nice one,good work.
2 years ago
A perfect story!! Love the attitude of both hubby and wife. I love happy endings!! Cheers!!
3 years ago
OMG!! This story has got me soooo hard!! Where do i sign up for next time?!! ;)
3 years ago
thanks for sharing
one nice story to read =)
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
3 years ago
HOT. Want my number for the next time? Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
wow this is so hot !
3 years ago
That's a fabulous story Gina. Thanks for sharing it ;)
3 years ago
What a randy way to start your experience with multiples, cannot wait to hear about your next adventure!
3 years ago
I would like to be there for your next Birthday! :^}