When Curiosity Pays Off.

I work in the fashion indstry so a lot of my mates are homosexual, I've been told by my homosexual friends guys do it better, deepthroat, hand jobs and general fucking. So me not being one to judge before hand, I started browsing Craigslist and found a candidate who's a bottom, after brief discussion, I went to his apartment, to which was as stated in his ad, the door wasn't closed only ajar, I walked in, a few meters from the computer was a blanket covered person with a hole for my dick to travel through to the mouth.

Me figuring this is it, unzipped and plunged my dick into his mouth, making him gag, while a Kianna Dior video video was playing. Kianna Dior is sexy as fuck and I could fuck her anyday, so it wasn't long before I felt I needed to cum, staving off the urge to, I asked for a moment and came in a tissue, by the computer before going back to getting deepthroated so as to not go soft.

Rather than finish up only with oral, I slipped on a condom and went to work on the tightest ass I've ever been able to fuck, me thinking it was a guy, there was no question how simple it'd be. I pulled down the jeans so as I wouldn't see a cock, pushed my self in, and then he fell forward spasming and crying in pain with a rather girly voice for a guy, so I ripped off the sheet to find it was a rather ordinary chick who was a little butch, as some girls are, with a moment she was back under the sheet apologizing to which I didn't care, I was fucking a chick without any obligation aside from having to use a condom while fucking. She ordinary, I say that because most peole woul, she was about 5 feet 6 inches tall, probably 60-70 kilos, dark red hair that went to the mid of her back and green eyes, as a brief description.

Rather than wasting her pain for only a moments joy, I slowly started to get back to work on her ass. I couldn't believe what she'd started to do, but she was contracting her ass muscles the more and more I fucked her.

Being something of a traditionalist, I asked if she had a bed we could use, so we went into another room, I told her it was ok and she didn't have to use the sheet to hide herself, so after she'd taken it off, I started to play with and suck on her tits, (BB 18 cups as best), all the while fingering her pussy and making out with her, as she rubbed my cock in her grip. As I slipped on another condom, she got on top of me and rode me for a good five minutes or so before she started to orgasm. I leaned up and hugged her as she wa scumming, and after she'd finished, still being hugged, I rolled us over so I was on top. I once again went for her ass, and as I started to fuck her again I fingered her pussy, which I could tell she was enjoying despite her ass still "stinging a bit," before long again I was nearing cumming so I got her to sit on my dick again, for about three minutes, she was riding cowgirl while I licked her tits and kissed her, when I came it was awesome, she hopped off, and went to work cleaning the cum off my dick with a tissue.

She asked me to hang around so I did, played Halo for a bit before I asked if I could eat her pussy. On the couch she held my head so hard it only felt great when she came, her juices were fucking delightful. By now I'd been there for 2 hours or so, I started getting ready to leave, when we I was dressed we spoke for another half hour before we decided to make it a casual thing. I asked her if she was busy for the rest of the day to whic hse wasn't se I took her out to the cinemas, after that dropped by a liquer store, got some vodka and some pissweak UDL beer, not my choice I fuckin' swear, came back to my place, got fuck d***k, passed out, when I woke up, she was on top of me asl**p, all I could smell was her fucking dried up pussy juice, but I didn't mind that much.

When she woke up, we showered together washing eachother, I took her out for a midday breakfast, then back to her place.

Since about August she's been my "best friend with benefits" which is fuckin' brilliant, all from wanting my dick sucked by a guy to see if they do it better.
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awesome ;)