Another Night In The Strip Club, by Nepal's f

"A Night In The Strip Club" by Bindu Pariyar. ( A sexy true short story about Nepal's only naked stripper in Dallas USA)

It's Saturday night in America, my BIG money night as a "stripper" (naked bar dancer) in Dallas, Texas. I arrive at
Baby Dolls strip club by 8;00pm, check in, and go to the dancers dressing room. Its already busy on the main floor, maybe
200 guys and 50 strippers. I touch-up my slutty make-up, check my hair and belly and puti piercing jewelrys. I'm ready!
I hear the DJ call out, ""Sonali" (my stripper name) will be next dancer on main stage guys!" So I walk up onto the
stage, wearing only my tiny "G-string" thong panties and high stripper heel shoes. All can see my hot Nepalese ass and my
perfect fake boobs. Everyone cheers and claps as I begin to slowly dance to the loud western rock music. Three men stand
up at the edge to give me tips. I go to the first guy and slowly untie my panties and remove them. Then I lie back and
my legs open for him. My new pussy piercing jewelry glows in the clubs "black lights" and all love it. He hands me a $5
dollar bill and asks, "Can I lick it?" I reply, "Sure honey!", and pull his face between my legs. Everyone cheers at my
sex show as he licks me. The next guy also gives me a $5, but for him I squat down and rub my puti then insert two fingers
inside me. I'm already so wet! I let him suck the juices off them. The third man comes up with only 2 dollars, so for him
I only put his face between my tits for a second. Then a beautiful blonde girl comes up. Surely she is bi-sexuallike I am.
I tell her to lay back on the stage face up. Then I sit on her hot face and let her lick and suck my ass and puti. I'm so
horny now I almost come on her face. But then my 3 songs are finished, my stage set is over. I walk off the stage, and
begin to chat with the men, asking each if they want a sexy "Lap Dance" for $20 a song.

Most, of course say, "Yes!", since I am Bindu, the Clubs hottest entertainer. I am still totally naked, and will stay
naked all night long. The bosses don't mind, and its easier for the men to touch and play with my body like this. I love
to be naked always. The customers sit back in the big chairs and I slowly gring my body all over them, kissing their
necks and ears, and massaging their dicks through their pants until hard. Three or four guys each night actually "come"
in their pants when I dance like this! Every man I let touch my boobs and ass if they want. But if they want more I say,
"Lets go into the V.I.P. room, there you can do anything you want with my body!" But most guys don't have my $300 dollars
an hour rate.
Finally, a few hours later, one guy is so horny for me he agrees to pay for a VIP hour. I lead him by the hand there.
Inside two other girls have customers. I see the guys are fucking my dancer friends. The girls just smile and wink at me.
We have done this so many times each night, fucking as others watch is no problem for us strippers. I dance a few songs
for my new boy, then I tell him its OK to take out his dick. I know its hard for me now, but I say, "OMG!" when I see it!
Its ten inches long and fat! I can't wait to try it inside me. He doesn't have a condom, but I don't care. I hate my boys
to use stupid condoms in me. I like the real feel of lado's. But first I slide down between his legs and suck him. Its so
nice and big. No way I can fit it all in my mouth. After some time I climb back up on his lap and slowly begin to put it
inside me. Its so big it takes me five minutes to finally get it all in me. Then I ride him like a horse to the beat of
loud music. Bam, bam, I sink it all the way up me with each pump. Then I "come" (orgasm) juice all over his pants. I am
in heaven. God, I love my job, and I really love dicks!
Too soon he is ready to come. I pound up and down on him faster, and massage his balls with my hand. He fills my
puti with a nice big load of warm come. His time is finished. He pays me, and gives me $40 extra, saying I am such a good
whore. We kiss, and he pulls up his pants and leaves.
I go back out onto the main floor, still all naked. His come is dripping down my legs, but I don't mind. I see a cute
younger guy staring at me. He asks me what he gets in VIP with me. I smile and open my legs and say, "This hot Nepali
puti!" He says he only has $200 dollars. But he's so handsome I decide to give him a sale price in me. He he! We go to
VIP. I begin another round of dancing with sex.
My pussy is "warmed-up"now, and his dick goes all the way in me easily. He fucks me so nice I have two more orgasms on
him. After about 30 minutes fucking I know he is ready to come so I quickly jump off him and put his dick in my mouth.
I'm hungry and I need some sperm vitamins! I love my customers to come in my mouth. He shoots a good load and I swallow
it all like a good whore. He's happy, and me also.
Back on the main floor now, for endless more twenty dollar lap dances. I have made over one thousand dollars tonight!
But its almost closing time. Hu, hu! Then a group of four guys come ask me if I can be the entertainment at their party
after hours tonight in their hotel. I say, "Sure, but I am expensive!" They know who I am and don't care the price. I'm
famous and in high demand in Dallas, Texas. I'm so exited. I love group sex parties for money! I tell them, "I'll come at
2;30, OK?"
When I arrive a their hotel room I've got clothes on! He he, but I quickly begin a strip tease dance and take them all
off again. These young boys are so excited because I am their first prostitute to ever buy they say. I lay on the bed and
let them all massage me and play with my hair, ass, tits, and pussy. Then one guy is fingering my ass as I begin sucking
his friends dick. Then they trade off, turn by turn. When they are ready to fuck I let one fuck me while another sticks
his dick down my throat. They do it brutally to me and I love it hard like that. The others are watching and filming my
show on their mobiles. I don't mind being on camera. I'm famous Bindu The Randi, remember? As they are ready to come, one
fills my pussy as another fills my mouth. Then the other two do the same. I've got come all over me. Its so fun! After-
wards we all drink more whisky and chat. They can't believe I fucked four guys same time. I tell them that I do this every
week. Tonight I fucked six strangers who I never knew their names!
Just another sexy night at work, with Bindu Pariyar (a.k.a. Bindy Sunam/Sonali/ Malika/ HottyBindu) from Pokhara,
Nepal's first and only pornstar/ prostitute/ stripper, in America!
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