s****r in laws panties

The house was quiet as everyone gathered outside for the barbeque. James scurried up the stairs and peeked through his s****r-in-law's bedroom door to make sure no one was in the room. After checking to see that the hall was empty and no one would see him, he slipped inside. Her navy suitcase sat on the floor beside the large chest of drawers. He picked up the case and heaved it onto the bed.

Unzipping it, he let the top fall open and carefully rummaged through her clothing. The objects of his stealthy adventure were buried at the bottom underneath all her other clothing. Panties. Several pair of lacy and satiny panties. His cock twitched as he ran his fingers over the soft material. It would be difficult to chose just one, but he couldn't use them all.

Better hurry, he thought.

Lifting the articles of clothing that were lying on top of the underwear, James looked over the panties and chose the most feminine appearing pair. Pink lace made up the majority of the panty, with only a small amount of satin fabric that would cover her mound and part of her shapely ass cheeks. Once he'd chosen a pair, he replaced the clothing, making sure everything was as it had been and zipped up the suitcase, placing it back on the floor where it had sat previously.

Peering around the door jamb, he didn't see anyone, so he exited the room and closed the door behind him. Hurriedly, he moved down the hall, his footsteps soft on the carpet as he headed to his own room. Locking the door behind him, he strode across the floor and lay upon his bed. He ran the panties over his face and inhaled the sweet smelling scent of her laundry detergent. He could just imagine how they would smell once she'd worn them against her pussy, the musky smell of her arousal as her juices leaked onto the cotton of the lined crotch.

Pulling his cock out of his pants, he took the panties and wrapped them around his shaft. The soft material felt delicious against his hot, throbbing flesh. He slid them up and down his cock, reveling in the sensations the panties were eliciting in his body. Closing his eyes, he imagined his s****r-in-law in the panties, her mound clearly visible beneath the thin material of the panties.

He could see his fingers pulling her panties to the side and him sliding his finger into her pussy while the soft material rubbed the side of his digit as he plunged into her. His fingers grasped the panties and his strokes grew faster as the fantasy played out in his mind. Her pussy was hot and wet around his finger, and he bit his bottom lip to quiet the moan spilling out.

In his mind, he pulled his glistening finger from her pussy and brought it to his face to inhale its fragrance. The juices tasted marvelous on his tongue as he licked them from his finger. Pushing the silky panties to the side once more, James impaled her on his cock, sliding the thick shaft into her pussy as the pink fabric rubbed enticingly against him. His fingers dug into her panty clad ass, sinking into the soft material as he plunged into her juicy pussy.

Envisioning his cock sawing in and out of her pussy while her panties slid up and down his shaft, James thrust his hips upwards, pushing his cock into the soft material of the pink panties. His other fist curled into the sheet as pleasure rushed through his body. A low moan tore from his throat as cum churned in his balls, and he feverishly rocked his hips as heat rushed up his cock.

Before the milky liquid spurted from the tip, James held the panties so his cum would splash onto the cotton lined crotch on the inside of her panties. He groaned as he shot onto her panties, covering the white fabric with his release. After the last spasms subsided, James tucked his softening cock back inside his pants and carefully folded his s****r-in-law's panties so they were right side in and the cum was hid from sight. If he was lucky, it would dry before she decided to wear them.

Sneaking back into her room, he put the panties at the bottom of the underwear pile. As he walked out of the bedroom, he smiled as he imagined her wearing the panties with the cum stained crotch rubbing against her pussy
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1 year ago
Have done that to my daughter in law's silky nylon bikini panties!!
2 years ago
yes that was fun !
3 years ago
I do that all the time. whores
3 years ago
Very sexy. That IS alot of fun!