The Check Up

I was sitting in a chair waiting for my name to be called. I've been sitting here for quite some time now. The waiting room was half full with many type of people. Most of them were flipping threw old magazines. I was planning on getting in and out of here after work but the wait was unexpected. Finally a woman in scrubs called me up.

I got up and I walked behind a door shutting it behind me. The woman who called me was a short young nurse just out of med-school. She was wearing blue scrubs and had her short black hair tied in a pony tail. This was my first visit to your office. I did not really know who my new doctor was. When I called to make the appointment, the call was full of static and I could only get the date and time. The young nurse asked me to step on a scale in the hallway.

"You weigh in at 165 pounds and stand at six feet zero inches," she said, "Follow me to the exam room."

I followed her down the hall to the last room on the left. The room was a solid white with medical supplies stacked on shelves with an exam table against the wall. The room had a cold feeling to it. The nurse had me sit up on to the exam table and she began to ask me questions.

"You are twenty-one years old and you live on your own," she asked, "is this correct?"
"Yes," I replied.
"Are you currently sexually active?" she asked.
"Not for the last month or so," I replied.

She bombarded me with several questions about my past health for five minutes. She finally left saying my doctor will be in here in a few minutes. I sat in the cold room slightly nervous. Fifteen minutes later, the door opened. A short sexy lady came into the room and locked the door. She was wearing scrubs covered by a lab coat. She was a couple inches shorter than me. Like the nurse before her, she looked fresh out of med-school as well. You introduced yourself as did I. I became even more nervous now that I had a female doctor. I was not so sure on the comfort level I was with a female doctor.

You checked my vital signs like my ears, eyes, and mouth. You examined my arms and checked my reflexes. I was very tense. Then you took out your stethoscope and slid it under my shirt on my back. It was cold and I flinched. You had me breathe deeply a few times. And then removed the stethoscope.

"I will need you to strip down to your underwear please," you commanded stepping back. I hesitated slightly but then hopped down from the table. I pulled off my shirt and set it in a corner. I kicked off my socks and shoes and put them with my shirt. I then kicked off my jeans into the corner. I sat back down on the table in nothing besides my boxers. You laid me on my back on the table. You began to feel my chest and abdominal area, slowly moving lower and lower. I then felt a small tug on my boxers. You slightly slid them down exposing a my shaved exterior.

"I'm now going to slide off your boxer to make sure everything is all right," you giggled, "Down there."

I felt your cold hands on the waistband of my boxers. I then felt them tugged down my legs. My dick could feel how cold it was in the room. I slightly shivered. I glanced at you who had a wide grin on your face. I then lowered my head to see a good amount of cleavage flashed from your scrubs. You tossed my boxers aside and moved your hands towards my flaccid cock. As soon as I felt you grab the shaft, I could feel myself harden. I then heard something fall off one of the shelves and so you stopped to go pick it up. As you turned around, I still began to harden. By the time you came back, I was fully erect. You came back, looked down, and gasped at my erect dick. You had a surprised look on your face, but that look quickly change to a serious tone.

"There is only one way to get rid of an erection," you stated.

You pulled off your gloves and tossed them into the trashcan. You removed your lab coat and dropped it on the floor. You grabbed my thighs and moved them apart. Then you took my dick in your hand and began to stroke it. I bit my lip trying not to make a sound. I grabbed the ends of the table to hold myself down. You then began to pick up the pace; beginning to sweat as was I. You suddenly ceased the hand job and removed your top scrub. You had no bra on. Your two large breasts with two hard brown nipples jiggled while my cock was throbbing in front of you. Instead of using your hands you began to suck on my nine inch pole trying to get as much down your throat as possible. 

I was enjoying not having to do any of the work, but I was showing no signs of cumming. Realizing that this was not enough for me, you stood up and pulled off your pants and pulled down your panties exposing a shaved pussy. You then climbed up on the table and motioned your pussy in my face while shoving my dick down your mouth. You moaned and screamed each time my tongue went deeper into your pussy. This was still not doing it for me.
So you got off my face and slid your wet slit on my erect cock; grinding on it, and as it went inside your pussy creamed continuously all over my throbbing penis.
I couldn't take you doing all the work so I rested you on the examination table. I lifted both of your legs above your head and told you to brace them. Slowly I entered your wet and hot hole, thrusting my cock in and out, and with my hand I flicked your clit till you shouted "I'm cumming" and you came all over my dick n balls. Being further aroused at the sight of you cumming all over my dick, I could feel a hot batch of cum ready to explode out my dick. So I quickly took off the condom and shot a huge load of cum inside your mouth and on your face.
Afterwards you stated I was in great health but not before saying that you had to run another physical examination (here we go again...)
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3 years ago
very good & i do have a woman doc, but nothing yet