Eagerly Waiting (My Dream)

Waiting for you to get home from work to fulfill my sexual desires.
I patiently waited for your arrival. I knew you had a long, tiring day at work, and I was already prepared to seduce you.? I was wearing one of my long sleeve button down shirts and blue boxers.
I kept pacing waiting, and watching out the window of my home around the time you usually arrive. Twelve minutes had passed, and finally I saw your car pull up.? I went over and opened the front door to greet you. You could not resist me and did not say anything but just put ur hands on my hands and started to passionately kiss me in the doorway. Then I pushed forward so you took a few steps back so we could get inside the house. I shut the door while kissing you and picked you up while you wrapped your legs around me, while our lips and tongue remained in contact. I carried you to our bed and put you on your back where I climbed on top of you and moved from kissing your lips to the side of your neck then gently licking your sensitive neck to send that sensual chill down your spine.
You stripped down to nothing and at this point your panties were very moist and I started to thrust to show my interest. I went on caressing your naked breasts with my hands and then sucking on your hard nipples. Those nipples being sucked on is a real turn on for you and I spent a good amount of time focusing on this area with my warm lips. I then moved further down your midsection with the kisses continuing and put my tongue in your belly button which also gave you a sensual shiver.
I then pressed my lips against your pussy through your panties and tasted your wet panties. And then put both hands on the sides of your panties and pulled them down. You pulled your legs together, bent your knees and slowly spread your legs apart to reveal that beautiful, juicy pussy that was in need of my tongue. Then I introduced my tongue and you felt that warm softness of me and reached down to grab my head...
After a few minutes of sucking gently on your pussy, you could not resist the temptation of my cock penetrating you any longer.  I climbed on top of you and aligned my cock to your hole and pushed until you felt me slide all the way in you. I had you so worked up from sucking on your clit that as soon as you felt me inside you wanted to orgasm, but held it back. I kept thrusting my solid dick in and out of you. You started to thrust at the same pace as me and I started to feel the beginning of your climax. Your breathing was heavier, your mind was completely unfocused to anything else in the world, your pussy tightened as you moved on my cock and you let out a moan of pleasure that you wanted to experience again and again.
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3 years ago
good but short