A Quiet Night, As Usual

It was a quiet night, as usual. Therese had gone to her boyfriends for the evening for their weekly Wednesday night sl**pover; Annaleze was out working late. I settled onto the couch with my grandmothers hand crotched blanket and turned on the television. There wasn’t a lot on, again as usual. MTV was the closest thing to sanity, and even that was far gone – Jersey Shore, The Real World Las Vegas, Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant; anything to separate my mind from the world. My mind must not have been content with the droning television, as I dozed off.

What happens next is more of just a blur. The first thing I remember is a loud bang, followed by another. The banging was followed by screaming and loud deep noises rushing into the living room of the house. Who could it be, and what was going on. My hands were bound behind my back, my mouth gagged, and my eyes blindfolded. My senses one by one were taken from me, leaving me to depend upon the sounds that filled the contained space. I could tell by the deep voices around me that the room was filled with men. There was more than one, but numbering them was difficult. I could hear three, four, maybe more men. They threw out cat calls, and demands:

“Look at this sweet bitch we have here. Oooooweeee.”

“She’s a whore just like the rest. You wanna be fucked bitch?”

“Get down on your knees baby. I’ll show you what you’re good for.”

One by one the men called on me; little by little my dignity ripped from me. One man grabbed me by my hair and threw me onto the ground. I felt hands all over my body, groping and feeling every inch of my being. Tears streamed down my face as I knew that this was just the beginning. I tried to mutter stop, but nothing could be heard. My silent protest was soon put to an end as I was pushed up against the wall by two men. My tank top was ripped from my body, leaving my stomach bare. The comments of the men continued as now they were able to see more of what they had before them.

“God damn look at those titties. They are huge! Cut that fucken bra off this bitch. I want those things in my mouth!”

“Fuck yeah. My dick is getting hard just staring at her. Holy shit I’m gonna cum all over her.”

“Mmm yeah. Her skin is so fucken sweet.”

With that, I felt the touch of a tongue on my neck. It moved from the base and worked its way up to my ear. Being blindfolded I was very aware of every touch, of every movement around me. I winched at the wet tongue on my skin. The breath of the man grazed across my skin. It tingled and my heart beat faster. My bra was pulled from my skin, and I felt a cold sensation. A knife blade I imagined. My senses did not deceive me, as my bra was cut from my body. As my bra was pulled away from me, my breasts were bare, open for these men to take advantage of. It did not take long for one after the other to take one or the other in their hands and mouths. My nipples were hard as they were continually licked and sucked. They were tweaked and pulled. As much as I tried to hate these men that were ravishing my body, I could feel myself get wet. I kicked slowly as the men pulled my pants from my body. I didn’t want this, I told myself. These men were cruel and wreck less. As I continued to try and convince myself of this, my pants were already gone. The fight that I put up was not enough. My legs were bare. Hands grazed up my leg and onto my underwear.

“Awe damn. Look at these underwear. They’re fucken hot. I think she was expecting us.” One of the men said. I was wearing a black thong that was laced around the edge. They were my favourite pair – the ones that made me feel sexy.

“Take them off,” another man said “This fucken foreplay is too much. I just want that fucken sweet pussy on my dick.”

“Fuck off. First I want her to suck my dick. That mouth looks god damn sexy.”

Both were able to get their way, as my underwear was taken off of me, and the gag was removed. “Please” is all I could say. The men laughed, and all said I was begging for it; that I wanted it. My pussy was wet, and welcomed one of the men’s fingers. I moaned as the fingers penetrated my body. “Please” I repeated, and questioned myself as to what I meant by it. Did I want this?

My body convulsed as one my one the men touched and ravished me. One touched my breasts, another licked them. One continued to finger me, and another pushed me onto my knees and shoved his cock in my mouth. I licked and sucked as the dick went further and further into my mouth. The man pulsated in and out of my mouth. I could hear him groan with pleasure. I loved sucking dick, and this was no exception. By now I had to try harder to convince myself that this was for their pleasure and not mine. I thought about biting down, yet instead took the dick deeper down my throat. I hummed and the man groaned even louder.

“Fuck off buddy, my turn. That fucken chick looks like she loves this.”

One after another, the men lined up for me to suck their dicks. They were all large. Their cocks felt so good in my mouth. I wanted to see these men; touch them as they were touching me.

My hands were released and I was pushed onto the coffee table. My back onto the table, my legs were opened and I could feel a thick shaft entering inside me. I moaned even louder than before and grabbed my own breasts. Another man grabbed my breasts for me and continued to lick and suck on my nipples. It felt so fucken good I didn’t even care that this was wrong. The man on top of me fucked me harder and harder.

“You like it hard, don’t you bitch. Don’t you!?”

“Yes” is all I could scream. “Please, Yes.” My clit was so wet I wanted to feel it and touch it so I reached down. I took my fingers and rubbed my clit. As I rubbed it I could feel myself tighten around his cock. I touched myself harder and faster. As I moaned I could feel my body harden and pull at his cock. He pulled out just as I came, and he came all over my body. I instinctively got up and felt my way over to the couch. As I bent over, another of the men grabbed at my sides and entered into my cunt. He pulled at my sides and pulsated harder. It felt so good that I screamed for more. He pulled out and let another of the men take me from behind. The man that had just pulled out came to my mouth and shoved himself inside me. I could taste myself, and I loved it. I licked and sucked his dick, as I couldn’t get enough of my taste. It tasted so pure and creamy. As I licked, he pulled out and came on my face. I moaned, as I felt the man behind me cum on my back at the same time. The men groaned in unison as their cum covered my body. I stood up and moaned. I touched the cum that was all over my body, and rubbed it against my skin.

One of the men grabbed my hand and led me to the floor. He laid down and brought me on top of him. As I mounted him, another of the men mounted me from behind. I heard him spit and felt the moisture on my ass. He moistened his fingers and entered my ass with them. I moaned deeper and moved up and down on the one man’s penis, while pushing myself into the others fingers. I had never felt so much at once. The ecstasy engulfed my body. I was being penetrated by both sides, and had had no idea that this felt so good. Both men moved me back and forth, and up and down. I could not believe the rush of feeling. I could feel them get harder against each other inside me and penetrate me deeper and deeper. I moaned louder and louder. The man that was behind me took his penis out and ejaculated onto my back, covering the existing cum.

Layers of sex on top of me I sat up on top of the cock that was inside me and bounced up and down. I had already came once, but this was more than worth it to come again. I grabbed my breast and pinched my nipple in between my fingers. It was just me and the dick now. As I caressed my breast, I put my hand to my clit. I massaged it with two fingers vigorously as I bounced up and down. The man beneath me groaned with delight and I could tell he was getting close. I was going to take myself to the finish as well, whatever it took. I took my hand from my breast and moved it to my ass. My fingers penetrated my ass and felt his penis from both ends. I moved my finger deeper into my ass and rubbed myself harder. My moans were louder and louder as the rush of excitement flowed through my body. It was too much. I could not imagine this pleasure being any more. I felt myself cum on top of his penis. My pussy pulsated on his dick, pulling him inside me deeper with every pulsation, when finally I felt him cum inside me. A rush of ecstasy was the last thing I remember.

I awoke on the couch, with the television blaring. My clothes were intact and I was left pleasured, yet confused. Did it happen? As I reached my hand to my pussy, the wetness was no surprise.

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