My friend wanted a baby...

I was surprised to read the latest chat line that had appeared,
“Hey do you want to come down here for lunch?”
Obviously seems very innocent to all of you out there in xHam land but being a late Friday morning and my friend working from home, it was wholly unexpected to me. Of course, sure, “come over and have lunch” very innocuous. But her tight little Taiwanese body would make anyone dream of having their way with her. And also, invite a guy over during the day while your husband won’t be home for a number of hours… Maybe I was reading to far into it.

Sure, can I pick something up on the way down?

“Nope, just come over. How soon can you arrive?”

I will hop on my bike and zoom down there. Give me 25 minutes.

“Can’t wait to see you!”

Really? Am I connecting dots that are not there? She could just be bored and want some company. Did not matter, I grabbed my helmet and jacket. Mumbled something to my boss about needing to go but might be back later…

Thankfully we have lane splitting here in California. My hard cock was about to split my pants, so being able to weave through traffic was a godsend. Fifteen minutes later I was knocking at her door.

She laughed: “You must be hungry. That was fast!”

Less traffic than I had anticipated, I smile.

She had a wonderful summer dress on, her small breasts obviously unencumbered by a bra, tone legs looking so sexy.

“What would you like to have for lunch?” She smiled, looking down at herself.

WOW, I need to pull myself together. Can my friend of so many years be so sexually aggressive today? It must just be my own horniness. Her brown eyes looked up into mine, “Nobody has to ever know.”

Alright, so we both are on the same page. My only hope was that, our first kiss, would be the type that makes her leg ‘pop’. One thing she always said about the previous guys she was with is that the chemistry for the first kiss has to be just right. Something so hot that made her leg kick up. No pressure right?

I pulled her body tight against mine, one hand on her lower back, the other slide higher up and rested just below her neck. Our lips locked, my hand cradled her head, and as I gripped her hair I heard a nice moan coming from her. A tongue pressed against my lips and I eagerly sucked it into my mouth.

The kiss broke and we took a moment to absorb what had just happened. She was the first to smile. Her left leg kicked up playfully. This brought a huge smile across my lips. I leaned down to kiss her again and then the realization that my wet dream was about to come true hit me.

So maybe I can get some of this riding gear off and get more comfortable?

Her giggle was such a turn-on. She started helping me strip of my bulky motorcycle gear. And then more, my shirt was the next thing off and then my pants. All just discarded there in the foyer. I stood a bit awkwardly, exposed more then ever in front of her. The obvious bulge pushing against my boxers. A stain from my precum prominently on display.

She licked her lips at the sight of that.
“Justin has had a problem getting erect lately. I see you don’t have the same issue.”

A girl as gorgeous as you deserves the hardest of cocks my dear…

She grabbed my hand and led me to the stairs leading to their bedroom. I followed obediently. Her soft hand the only thing reminding me that this was not a dream. Damn, it better not be a dream. Going to be messy in my pajamas if it is…

Our lips met again at the top of the stairs. She using the two step advantage to adjust for our 10 inch height difference. Her ass felt so good, muscular, gripped with both of my hands. I could not wait to feel how tight her other sexy bits would be. My hands had slide under her dress to feel no panties. I expected to find at least a thong. Barring no barriers, my fingers moved to find the moist folds of her, whoa, hairy cunt. It felt natural, not even trimmed. Such a surprise! Couldn’t wait to dip my tongue in that and see it with my own eyes.

We moved further into the bedroom and she finally pulled the scant cloth she had been wearing over her head, her whole body now on display. I dropped my boxers and gripped my cock, stroking a good load of precum out of the tip of my cock.

She licked her lips and leaned over to clean all the sticky clear liquid off of me. Then her mouth fully engulfed my white cockhead.

My eyes rolled back and when they opened I was at eyelevel with their wedding photo montage. HA, poor Justin, good guy, but damn, I could get used to this kind of service. Maybe he will be down with being an obedient cuck?

I felt my testis start to twitch. I reluctantly pulled out of her sexy Asian mouth and gently laid her down on her their shared bed. Our mouths once again intertwined. I could not imagine any person I would rather call my lover.

My tongue worked further south. Kissing and caressing her breasts, then her abs (maybe a four pack but taught for a female) and finally that wonderful Asian bush. Even now, in retrospect, I am amazed that a woman in her 30’s would rock a natural bush. Especially if she is inviting a guy over to fuck her. I thought for sure she would be shaved down to prepubescent nothingness. Happily proven wrong.

My tongue worked her clit, dipped in and out of that juicy honeypot and happily lapped up all the juices she gave to me. By the second orgasm she was begging to get fucked.

Now came the sticky wicket. I have not had much sex lately. Envision the virgin guy and his endurance. Not that I don’t have a significant other, it is just she wants to get preggo and I am not so enamored on this plan. So my balls are heavy and I have not been getting enough release.

After two cummings on my face she was begging to get boned. I looked down and as I slide my cock across her enlarged clit, “protection?” The only word I could get out in my stupefied state.

“I want to have your baby!” And with that her gorgeous runner legs wrapped around me and thrust my cock deep into her underappreciated pussy. Her grunts and moans triggered the deep seated need for my eruption. I was sadly happy with my more than 360 second staying power.

Flashes of impossible life scenarios passed before my eyes as I climaxed deep in her cunt. I collapsed on top of her body as the last of my semen entered her womb and slowly my cock flopped out onto her sheets.

We collected ourselves, wiping and covering personal bits. Then she wrapped her arms around me. Looking in my eyes, “I would have no other be my secret lover. You are trustworthy. Have excellent genetics and I knew I could count on you to give me at least three orgasms!”

I left happy, but feeling kind of used…

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