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Posted by Nazru 2 years ago  |  15

Basic essentials = Persona

Basic communication for a  person is simple, it can be from 
1) eye contact (guy checking out a girl at a bus stand)
2) body language (girl shrugging off the look the guy is giving her)
3) verbal (guy giving girl a comment about how she look)
4) physical (girl slapping the guy and pouring coffee down his pants)

But in the internet, contact usually comes in two forms
1) text
2) cams
It is more complex than it seems. One side would have no idea if the other person is as real as her "persona" if it is by text or word profile.
Example: John tries to chat to a girl by the name of "SexyCa... Continue»
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Basic essentials = Behind the mask

I write this blog, only as a form to educate others, and promote awareness of cyber bullying and frauds. It was never my intention to make others to be unsatisfied by being too personal and too close to the truth.

The words i write here are all not my ideas, but from collective opinions of an organization that i am a part of. This blog deals with the tamest of bullying, but it is information that people should be aware of, especially
. People new to social networking
. Young adults
. Casual users

Here is my proof of my organisation:

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Basic essentials = Elitist and Divas

In a few websites, there are groups of people that have been in them
Longer than others. These are pioneers (in their mind and beliefs)
Many have been trying to be social, to speak or befriend them, as
Normal humans do in real life, but have been ignored, rebuffed or
Worse, belittled by them. They seem to think that others are beneath
Their status or even worthy to be in the same site as them.
This causes most to leave a site, since there is no point to stay in a
Place that is'nt welcoming to them. Common sense.

Friends, meet the Elitists and Divas. The "superstars" of a site.
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Basic essentials = Spammers

Probably the most harmless, but the most problematic individuals,
Spammers like to post endless text messages, on a person's
Profile page, and in their private messages. It could be for
1) another site or product advertising
2) disturbance
3) trolling (trolls do almost all the bad things)
4) purposefully to get their links wiped after a warning
From administrators

Currently the new admins permanently ban a spammer after a report
They are a short life account. But very inconvient to suffer from.
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Basic essentials = fakes

Very touchy subject, and very complex,
The purpose of the most to be in the internet is to get away from
Reality. When they are in the network, they can be anyone that they
Wished they were, an ideal form of being they find appealing.
This is called a "Persona"

With this persona, they feel more comfortable interacting with others,
They have confidence, and feel better than their awkward selves.
It is a moral dillema, some dont mind talking to the person provided
That no deception is involved. This is called "Role Play".
Others feel it is lying, and dishonest.

There are many bound... Continue»
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Basic essentials = dealing with flytraps

There is no definate way to handle flytraps, since the conn game
Have been going on from the dawn of time, (adam eating the apple)
It's the matter of profiling. Flytraps are excellent at profiling a person
And knows each and every leverage to use on different people.
Flexibility is their speciality.

The most susceptable and typical persons are single, lonely and desperate men
Who are ready for a relationship, or think having an internet girlfriend appealing
It is better to find and have a strong real relationship from real life,
Or have stable emotional comfort from f****y and frie... Continue»
Posted by Nazru 2 years ago

Basic essentials = the flytrap

Flytraps are deliberately made profiles, that are meant to attract men
While not necessarily fake, they usually are :
1) posting beautiful sexy females pictures
2) posting beautiful women having sex videos
3) telling men to check out their other accounts on other networks
4) other networks that uses cash or credit for membership
5) making men buy for them things that they already own in the first place
in their "wishlist" , which involves men sending credit to a online credit transfer,
Then they would just pretend to wait for 2-3 days (item delivery assumption)
Then when they recieve... Continue»
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Basic essentials = treatment of women, by Vicky

Beside porn in this netwok, women are the main drawing factor for people here. They are precious. Just like bars or nightclubs on a saturday night, women makes or breaks the scene. But because of a few idiots that think all women are pornstars and treat them as such, or by printing and posting around their contributions without their consent, women leave. This is an amateur sex network firstly, for normal everyday people to come and celebrate one of the main joys of being an adult, sex. Treat women the way you want others to treat you. Respect is key
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Basic essentials = dealing with trolls

The best way to deal with a troll is to do nothing, go on with your life, have fun, make friends, enjoy your time in here.
He doesnt matter, you and your friends are the only thing that is important. Trolls are ants or lesser than that humble cooperating insect. The more you have fun, the more wretched he feels. Remember their caustic nature. The snake devours himself. Evil turns on itself. Simple and proven. Have fun friends.
Posted by Nazru 2 years ago  |  4

Basic essentials = identifying trolls

A simple way to know Trolls as who they are is that
1) they dont have friends, or just other trolls, their caustic nature naturally make others know something is not right
2) they mostly talk to themselves, since their lies are not marginally credible to others
3) they believe their own hype that they made.
4) they seem to think their words should be treated as golden wisdom or their fake opinions should matter
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Basic essentials = Trolls

From what i know is that Trolls are people with no real social life, they lich on others in internet sites, posting negative remarks, unproven info or just malicious actions on others such as spamming, or report that you spammed them.
They do this first and foremost because
1) you seem to be their perfect person that THEY wish they could be
2) they can NEVER be you
3) the more socially acceptable you are in a site they troll, the more insanely jealous they are of you
4) they find little mistakes you make to others, such as misspelt words or posting to the wrong person as their GREAT vict... Continue»
Posted by Nazru 2 years ago  |  6