He makes me feel so GIRLY

My friend that you all see fucking me and me sucking his big cock in my pics and videos. We will just call him Mister. Well he came over this morning for some Sunday fun. He is so good to me he really knows how to make me feel like his girlfriend. Today was so yummy I am still sexually excited just thinking about it.
I was dressed and ready for him when he arrived. I was wearing my sexy white lace halter top and black thigh high stockings, with the cutest little white G String with a sexy little flower in the back. Topped off with my silver jewelry and 6 inch black heels. I was so excited to see him I opened the door as he walked up when he saw me his eyes just lite up and he showed me his sexy smile. MR. is so hot and when he smiles he is so sexy. He came in and showered me with flattery getting me all turned on for his touch. Then he threw his arms around me and pulled me close holding me in his arms and kissing me. His lounge was darting all over my mouth I was slightly sucking on it as we kissed his hands where caressing all over my body as he held me in his arms and kissed me. OMG he is such a good kisser. I reached down and began the caress the growing bulge in his jeans he was getting so excited. Showering me with flattery and kissing me I got so turned on. I grab him by his bulge and lead him into the bedroom.
This is the G String
When we got there we stood and kissed some more, at the foot of the bed. Holding me in his arms and pulling my hips back and forth against his bulging cock. I was so turned on I couldn’t stand it anymore I wanted to feel his naked cock. I laid down on the bed and watched him take his clothes of I love to watch a big huge cock pop out of MR. Pants. He laid down on the bed and I crawled up on top him we began kissing while I rub my crotch on his big hard cock. My clitty was still tucked back it felt so nice rubbing up against his hard cock. I started to move my kisses south down toward that yummy cock as he moaned with excitement. I started to take his big cock in my mouth just the head at first running my tongue all over it as I took it in my mouth. A little deeper in my mouth each time taking it out of my mouth and running the shaft up and down with my lips and tongue. Getting it nice and wet all the way down so I can get it in the back of my throat. Mmmmmmmmm it was so yummy and so hard for me. I then turned around so he could lick my clitty while I took his whole cock into my mouth and throat. Every time I would get the whole thing down my throat he would bury his face in my ass it was so hot.
He reached for his condom so I got on all fours and buried my head in the bed, arched my back and waited for him to fuck me with that huge cock. Mr.’s cock is so big and my ass is so tight that he always lets me take the first few strokes with his cock so that he puts it in at a safe feel good speed then once I am stretched out for his big cock he likes to take over and fuck me. He felt so good fucking me holding my hips and driving balls deep into me. I had one tiny little anal orgasm my ass/pussy throbbing and squeezing around his big cock in me. My heart was racing with pleasure my body tingling with sexual excitement. He laid me down on my side and tucked my clitty back and began to caress my clitty as we laid on you sides and fucked. Mr. was softly kissing the back of my neck and shoulders really turning me on while he was shoving his big cock up into me. It felt so good that I thought I was going to cum from my clitty when all of a sudden I had this massive anal orgasm. My body just shuddered and quivered all over his cock. Omg my brain was swimming with pleasure.
He was still softly kissing the back of my neck and fucking me when the second massive orgasm hit me body. When he exclaim he was going to cum too. I began to work my hips to get him as deep as I could in me as he came. He pulled out and began to kiss my back all up and down making me feel so satisfied and GIRLY. OMG he is the best lover I love Sundays….lol

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2 years ago
great story, got me hard and i came, thanks.
2 years ago
hot story
2 years ago
Nice good post. more..
2 years ago
nice-you'd be a sweet fuck xxxx Jim
3 years ago
Very exciting and sexy...I wish every day was Sunday!! Great kissing makes me so hard and ready!
3 years ago
hot very hot... you are lucky... lol or just damn good
3 years ago
wow my firest cum of the day thanks Candi
3 years ago