Aunt in heat Part 2

We were watching to each other, no one dindn't know what to say.

¨I'm sorry¨ I said. ¨I didn't want to spy you and uncle, I've just heard arguing you both so wanted to you to be more quiet. ¨

Aunt was standing at the table holding her clothes and trying to cover her pussy and tits, but still was staring at my cock. She was amazed by that size I think.

¨Did you like it? I mean me and uncle in sex. I see I made you a boner.¨ She said and smiled to me a little. She was blushing and me as well but hell, yeah I liked it!!!

¨Well, you are still pretty lady, to be honest of course I liked it! I know I shouldn't spy you and look at you like that, but I can't help to myself.¨

¨You don't need to be sorry, it's a normal thing at guy in your age¨ Said aunt and came to me closer. ¨Would you mind to cum while watching me masturbate?¨ She whispered to my ear and slide her hand into my pants.
I was shocked but pleased, but still cannot say yes.

She told me to go into living room where we will have more privacy so I went there and wait for her.
Aunt came back a few minutes later naked and with a dildo in her hand.
¨Your useless uncle is passed out, so don't worry, he will not catch us.¨ said and laid to the couch and spread her legs.
¨Don't be shy! Sat to that chair and enjoy my show for you. And if you want you can jerk off as well.¨
So I did what she said, put all my clothes down and take my hard cock to hand and slovly wank.

Aunt was playing with her clit and sliding her dildo into her wet pussy while watching my hard cock.
She was absolutley hungry for my meat!
Suddenly she came to me on all four and asked me ¨May I touch your cock a little? I didn't see so huge cock for years!¨ She didn't wait for my answe and took my penis.

God she really know how to wank of a guy! It was amazing. And when she started to suck me, I thought I'will die. Her tongue was so lovely on my tip, she was sliding all my cock, sucking my balls and pulling my nipples.

I was moaning and begging her to not stop, but she stopped and said ¨Do you wanna fuck me? Please! Tell me you wan't fuck your dirty auntie. I need your cock ...¨

¨Yes I want fuck you aunt. Please let me fuck your lovely pussy, let me cum all over your big tits¨
She made me so crazy that I damned wanted to fuck that filthy slut!

She laid on the floor on her back and spread her legs up.
I kneeled to her and licked her pussy a little bit. She tasted great but she told me that she wanna my cock, not my tongue, so I took my cock right into her and slam.

She made a surprised noise like Uuuugh! and croseed her legs behind my ass.
I was fucking her fast and enjoy every curve of her fat body.

She was moaning and scramble my back by her sharp nails. It hurt but it makes me more horny so I was fucking her like there's no tommorow.

¨Shit you have so big cock! More bigger than you asshole uncle. Yes, give it to me, harder! Harder, I want you cum right into me¨ She was begging me even by her eyes. I've seen deep inside them how much she loves it so I didn't want to dissapoint her.

When I was close to cum I started to moan and hard breathing. ¨I'm cumming honey! Fuck I'm cumming!!!¨I had so great orgasm, I was lying on aunts big tits and taking a break, I was absolutley exhausted.

¨Jesus, that was fantasting. What a huge load you have. YOu are amazing lover, thank you, thank you very much¨ Said aunt and had tears in her eyes. ¨No problem, it was my pleasure¨ I smiled to her.

After that we went both to the shower, clean our bodies and went to sl**p.
She promised me this was not the last time I've fucked her.

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