Dirty parents

Same night, after their sex in bathroom.
Mum jumped to her bed and rubbed herself while waiting to dad.
I was waiting in my bedroom to start their show.
When dad finally came to my mom, she immediately started sucking him fast and hard. I heard sloppy noises even in my bedroom so I went out to enjoy it.
I was lucky, dad forgot to close the door so I had a quite good view to them.
Mum was sitting on the edge of the bed with dads cock in her mouth. Dad was standing at her and moving her head up and down when sometimes he grabbed her tits or gave her a little slap.
Mom laid on her bed and spread her legs. God she has so lovely tight pussy. Not all shaved, just left there a little bush upon her clit.
Dad didn't hesitate and slide his cock into mom fast and rough.
¨Uuuugh! Slowly you bull. You are too big!¨ said mom but dad didn't care.
He took her hands and take them behind her head so she can't do anything, just recieve his hard thrusts.
They were moaning and heavy breathing for a few minutes. Moms pussy used to dads size and I've heard her wet pussy slopping. Bed was shaking and crushing to the wall but they didn't care. Dad took his cock out and moved it lower, just to moms ass and slowly pushed.
¨What the hell are you doing?¨ Yelled mom and tried to push dad away.
¨Just wanna try something, let me do that please, I swear you will love it.¨ Replied dad and pushed his cock to her anus again but mum was against it. Pushed dad from the bed by her legs and went to take a clothes. She was angry and disgusted. ¨No anal you freak.I told you so many times this hole is not for your cock!¨
Dad apologized to mum but she was still so angry. Standing at the mirror with her clothes in hands, covering her tits.
Dad came to her from behind and bend her over, so much over that she dad to left clothes and touch the floor to not fall to her head. Now she had her ass so high in the air.
¨No anal I promise honey¨said dad and took his hard cock back to mum pussy.
This position makes her really wild. She was moaning and screaming to more and more soon.
When dad started to moan as well mum realised he's close to cum.
¨Don't cum inside, I wanna give you a titjob ok?¨
Dad gave her just few minutes of hard thrusts and pushed his cock out
¨Come baby, show me what you can do with your big tits.¨
Mom turned around and stuff his cock beween her big tits and start to jerking off.
She spitted a few times to her tits and cock to slide it better. Dad was begging to not stop. I bet her tits were so amazing that he couldn't hold it on longer.
He cummed all over her tits and she smeared his cum over her hard nipples.
¨This is not all honey, give me a sec.¨ Said mum stand up and came to dad as close as possible with his cock between her legs. She took him and push his cock back to her pussy.
Dad was yelling and screaming, that was too much for him but mum started to move her hips and in a few secs his body started to shaking. Dad was almost crying, grabbing her ass and biting her arm.
When he cummed again, this time into her pussy he laid to floor and breath deeply.
¨Jesus, my love...you are fantastic...that was so fucking awesome...¨ Dad didn't know what else to say.
Mum kneeled to him and took his cock into her mouth to clean it.
In fact, I was cumming for the second time as well. When she finished her job she went to bathroom so I had to hide quickly into my room.
After this show I couldn't sl**p for a hours. I've still saw my parents at this awesome fuck...
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5 months ago
Good story!