Fishing Trip part 1

Jesse was on just another fishing trip at the f****y cabin or at least that was what he thought on first impressions going with his friend Billy, “Uncle” Jack and his rather feminine friend he called Jasmine. He and Jasmine had often been romantically involved but she had most recently been dating his friend Billy and they were becoming very serious so he had no plans on changing that situation during this trip, which left him feeling the way he did.

On the drive to the cabin, they stopped several times for rest stops of peeing, crapping and eating as they had done dozens of times before. Only there was one point on the drive he suddenly had feelings this trip might be the greatest in his memory since his c***dhood with his Grandpa. The moment when he was standing in the bathroom at the rest area at three am with Uncle Jack while Billy and Jasmine were passed out in the back of the motorhome.

They were standing at the urinals and no one else was there when he noticed Jack was taking the liberty of staring with his tongue licking his lips at Jesse’s small but rather stiffening cock. Jesse’s face turned a bit red since he never even thought of Jack in that way after all he had grown up around him and always referred to him as more of a big b*****r or uncle rather than the single bachelor neighbor he had always been. Before Jesse could even say, anything Jack was on his knees and had him in his warm, wet mouth sucking every inch of that small five-inch cock into his mouth.

Just when Jesse thought for sure he was taking all he could stand sexually from the “uncle” who was sucking him dry as if he had never eaten anything before with such voracity he was, about to burst Jack slid his fingers between the ass cheeks inserting his forefinger deep into Jesse’s tight ass. Both of them let out a moan of delight with each touch, moment and passionate touch before long they were back in the motorhome on the front bed with Jack pounding Jesse’s ass so hard he would bite his lip with each thrust.

They could hear Billy and Jasmine in the back moaning themselves who were woke up by the sexual passion-taking place in the front of the motorhome. Jack just got more excited and his already throbbing member was now pushing harder on that tight ass of Jesse as he thrust every inch of his thick six inches deeper into him. “Fuck me Daddy” he kept hearing Jesse call out to him which seemed to excite him more till he burst his load deep into Jesse’s ass scratching his fingernails down both ass cheeks with the final thrust of his load.

Jesse was worn out but he turned over and swallowed and cleaned off each and every inch of Jack’s shrinking cock moaning with each lick as if he was licking clean the beaters of his Mom’s cake making adventures. Jack laid back and let him go to work, “that’s a good boy clean Daddy off.” As Jesse finished his cleaning they could hear Billy moaning his load into Jasmine’s tight ass.

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great start for the cocklovers