Sally the seducer...

I had been chatting online with her for about a month and she finally
asks me to stop by. My butterflies are churning in my stomach, as I have
no real idea what to expect I have only seen tease pictures. You know
the kind, no face barely a body part in the picture.

I pulled up to the address she gave me and knocked on the door. I did
not think she was going to answer and this man answered the door.
"Hi, come on in. "I will be ready in a minute." I was
shocked the woman on the phone sounded female so sultry making me long
to touch her. He disappeared into the bedroom chatting with me while he
did god knows what.

"Come in here, John." He invited me in. I walked into the
bedroom and there he stood putting his stockings on, the long silky legs
sliding into his red nylons. I was beginning to be aroused, so I tried
to act as if it did not bother me, "Nice place you have here
Sally." "Thanks, John it isn't much but I like it."
Sally responded in her feminine voice with only her nylons on at this

She went into the French doors to the master bath and began to remove
her man panties and put on the silk French cut panties all lacy and
matching to the nylons. I was now excited she had a very round bottom
with a pear shape and I was rubbing my crotch as I watched her dress.
"Slow down John." She said when she saw me in the mirror.
"Come over here and help me, I will give you something to do with
your hands." She asked politely and yet demanding.

I walked over to her and she put her long brown hair on and straightened
it on her head. "Brush my hair while I put on my make up John."
She ordered. I was happy to oblige as playing with her hair for me is
such a turn on. I brushed it gently as her silken locks ran over the
brush. I pushed my face closer to touch and take in her perfume. She
rubbed against me seeing me in the mirror.

"Slow baby, slow there is no rush we have all night." She said
trying to calm me down. I wanted to take her right there over the sink
but I backed up and continued to brush her hair. She thanked me and
asked me to go sit on the bed. I sat down and she put in a movie for me
to watch as she finished dressing with the French doors closed. I wanted
to see her and she wanted to tease me.

Sally walked out in three-inch heels a long velvet red dress and her
brown hair on her shoulders down her bosoms. She looked at me
seductively with her eyes her head tilted down slightly and to the
right. "John, I want to make love to you, May I?" She asked in a
sultry fem voice. "Yes, but I am a little nervous." I replied.
My hands were shaking I was a little nervous, would I be able to satisfy

She slid up onto the bed next to me, put her hand over my mouth, and
kissed me slowly moving her hand from my lips. I could feel her tongue
pushing to enter my mouth and I began to suck on it to please her. She
moaned and began to undress me while we kissed. She kissed my neck; my
shoulders took my nipple in her wet mouth after swirling her tongue
around it. I writhed on the bed trying to contain my excitement.

She undid my pants and slid them off pushing my shoes and socks off as
my pants hit the floor. She slid up my legs licking my entire leg on the
way up to my thighs. She sucked on my thigh leaving a big hicky on my
right thigh. She slid her tongue up my thigh, across my pelvis and over
my belly down to my pulsing, swollen shaft. It pulsed harder as she
began to kiss it from the belly to the tip.

She moaned with delight as she asked me, "Do you want to be inside
my mouth? Would you like to take my face?" I took a breath and said,
"Yes please." I wanted her so bad I had forgotten about being
nervous now. She took me inside her mouth and began to pulsate up and
down my shaft moaning with each taste of my manhood. She kept this going
for about a half hour and then she asked if I would like her to get on
me. I nodded unsure of how she was going to get on me.

She slid up my body and kissed me deeply then sat up and pulled my shaft
straight up and began to sit on my manhood. I moaned as I felt her tight
hole slide onto my hard shaft. She strode up and down her heels digging
into the mattress as she strode up and down. Her long legs moved in a
passionate dance until I could no longer hold back. "Yes, John give
it to me." She exclaimed feeling me begin to pulse inside of her. I
released every ounce I had been holding.

She slowly leaned forward into me sliding off my shaft and laying on me
rubbing her body on me. The velvet dress around her hips it felt so
smooth against my very naked body. She began kissing me again and
stroking my shaft.

I pushed her onto her back, slid down her body under the dress, and
began kissing her kitty through her silky, lacy panties. Her kitty
immediately responded to my soft touch pushing against the silk begging
to be released from their silky cage. I pushed the dress up and off her
body and slid back down her body kissing her soft skin as I went along.

I took her into my mouth sliding her kitty out of her panties and
straight into my mouth. I took her deep into my throat and she moaned
stroking my shaved head with her long fingers. I wanted to please her so
much to take her to a place she had taken me too, heaven on earth.

I made love to her kitty for almost an hour and she finally could no
longer take the tender touch. "John, I want to make love to
you." She said. "I am a virgin, I am not sure." I replied.
"Relax "She said as she placed a finger over my lips and kissed
me. Flipping me onto the bed in front of her, she rubbed some lube on my
hole and lifted my legs above her shoulders entering me.

It hurt at first then I was so enthralled at this beautiful woman inside
me I forgot all about the pain. She stroked my shaft as she pumped my
hole deeper leaning into kiss me gently as she continued. Her hair
touching my skin making me even more crazy. She looked so beautiful over
me like an angel from heaven releasing my body from my pain and strife.

She continued until her kitty released its contents inside me as she
struggled to stay up on my body. Her whole body quaked and pulsated from
the raw release of energy. I stroked her legs as she gave her love to
me. "Thank you baby, you felt so good in me." I said, grateful
for her love and attentiveness to me. "Your welcome, John." she

We made love and cuddled all night long into the next morning. I have
never been so fulfilled and loved in my life. We all strive for love and
intimacy and maybe, just maybe someday we shall get it.
93% (11/1)
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2 years ago
Wow you got so hot that I came all over myself thanks for a great story
2 years ago
Wow that was so sexy and erotic
2 years ago
Well that was fantastic hope you write many more thanks