I was at a customers' house doing some yard work as they had paid me
in advance for just minor clean up, pulling weeds, mowing, trimming the
hedges. I was finishing trimming the hedges in between the neighbors and
their house and as I finished up the neighbors' wife came out or so
I thought.

She politely smiled and waved to me and I nodded trying hard to act as
if I was not noticing her in a skintight bikini with a lacey French cut
bottoms. She could tell and began to tease me by dropping her towel and
turning her back to me showing her pear shaped bottom with the long legs
leading down the red high heels.

I finished the hedges trying hard to not watch her while watching her
the whole time although I was sure she could tell I was, I cleaned up
the shavings from the hedge. She began applying tanning oil to her body,
first her arms then her shoulders and gently sliding her long supple
fingers down to her bosoms rubbing the oil in deep and slowly sliding
her fingertips into her top enraging her nipples. I was getting very
turned on by this and acting poorly as if I was not looking in the first

I picked up my tools and began to walk out the gate opposite the
neighbors yard and stopped at the truck and muttered to myself; "You
moron, if you like her go and talk to her she was obviously into
you." "Yeah, shut up." I responded aloud like a moron. I
laughed when I noticed there she was now at the front window of her
house peeking out at me watching me.

I slowly walked back into the backyard and began removing my shirt and
washing with the hose, when I hear; "Would you like to use my pool?
I mean if you don't have somewhere better to go." She said
looking at me across the now lowered hedge. Now I knew why the customer
wanted his hedge lowered, his neighbor was incredibly beautiful and very
sexy. "Yes, thanks I would but I don't have a suit." I said
hoping to tease her a little bit. "I do, or you can go without one
no one else is home around here anyway. Everyone else works during the
day in the neighborhood." She said licking her lips.

"What about your husband, I saw a truck in the drive way won't
he mind if I am naked in your pool?" I asked wondering if I was in
for an ass kicking. "I am not married the truck is mine. Come on
over here cut over the fence." I jumped the fence and almost landed
gracefully on my face as she giggled catching me before I landed on my
head. "There, that's better isn't it?" She inquired
still touching my bare chest except for my stray hairs and my man boobs.
She gently ran her fingers over my stiffening nipples her nimble fingers
teasing me into goose bumps.

"That feels nice where is the suit you wanted me to put on?" I
inquired; I did not really want it but wanted to act as I did since I
did not want to appear too easy. I do not just get naked for any woman I
meet not anymore. "I don't really have one unless you want to
wear a pair of my French cut panties like these." She responded
smiling and running her fingers over the silken lacey panties she was

I noticed her kitty was getting excited and now I just wanted to get my
pants off. I untied my boots and she helped me remove them staring at my
hard crotch pushing against my tight jean shorts. I slid my feet out and
just grazed her face with my pants teasing her wanting to see how far
she wanted to go with this. Wanting to see if she was really into me or
if she was teasing her husband who might be hiding inside the house
waiting to watch or stop me before I start.

She smiled and leaned in kissing my crotch and my pulsing shaft
stiffened at the touch of her lips applied to my jeans. She unbuckled my
belt, slid open the button on my jeans and pulled them open forcing the
zipper down and letting out my hard shaft. I pulled away, slid my shorts
off, jumped into the pool, and swam away from her.

She did not hesitate to jump into the pool behind me, her strawberry
blonde locks flying in the air, her curls flipping in the air until she
hit the water. She swam under water toward me, coming up on me by
sliding against my body underwater as I leaned and held onto the side of
the pool. She kissed me and climbed out of the pool on the ladder I was
touching her legs as she left the warm water of the heavenly pool.

I climbed behind her and she turned quickly removing her panties enough
to release her hard pulsing kitty. I took her into my mouth kissing the
tip as she entered me, licking and moaning as I took her deep into my
mouth. She was so sweet and salty, just a hint of the chlorinated water
which I ignored as I made love to her full-length female kitty. She
gently stroked my face and head as I kissed and stroked her with my
mouth, lips and tongue.

She pulled out of me, went to the nearest lawn chair in the shade, and
sat down it was big enough for two and I sat next to her, kissing her
lips the rose colored full lips of a wanted whole woman. I ran my
fingers through her now wet, wavy hair as my tongue explored her mouth
leading down her back to her silky pear shaped bottom.

I slid my fingers into her panties exploring her slit. "I love what
you're doing; you make me feel so beautiful and sexy. I haven't
felt this way in quite a long time, not since my ex left two years
ago." She was starting to cry a tear running down her cheek. I wiped
it away and kissed her harder closing my eyes getting lost in her. I was
in a trance she was so heavenly soft and sexy I longed to near her more,
touching her, love her, being inside her.

She took my hand, led me into the downstairs bedroom, slid her panties
off, and released her now hard nipples from the bikini top she was
wearing barely covering her breasts. I was rubbing my hands all over her
body, her silky skin enticing me to take her and hold her closer to me.
It had been so long since I had felt a woman making love to me, how to
refuse my need and her wanting me. Was I to ignore the feeling?

She pulled me to the bed and slid my body onto hers, her soft skin felt
like velvet against my hard sun beaten skin. My nipples touching her
breasts the hard nipples entering my mouth, she moaned with excitement
arching her back against my stomach. I held her closer to keep from
falling off the top of her body. I licked, suckled and loved those
nipples as if they were my lifebl**d, the first taste of life I have
taken as a newborn babe.

I slid one hand to her thigh and ran my fingers over her tight
muscularly thigh sliding up to her kitty. I slid my body off her with
the left nipple still in my mouth, my tongue twisting around and
suckling on it. My fingers embraced her kitty; it pulsed in my hand as
she again arched her back my fingertips slowly gliding the length of it,
working softly teasing her to wanting me more.

I moved my right hand down her length to the kitty nubs rubbing them in
my fingers all the while still suckling like a virgin on prom night. I
did not want to let it go, what if she decided she no longer wanted me.
I had to please her; I was so excited such a sexual, beautiful woman
wanting someone like me. I kept playing with her kitty and the nubs as I
moved my tongue up to her lips entering her willing mouth she took it
into her lips.

She slid off my tongue working her way to the right ear and began
nibbling on my earlobe this makes me harder and wanting badly to take
her. She whispers in my ear; "take me please, I want to feel you
inside me, please." I slid on top of her taking her long luscious
legs over my shoulders her supple skin touching my face, I slid my
pulsing member into her causing her back to arch, and she moaned louder.
"Yes, baby, yes."

I stroked her kitty and spit on it to keep it lubed up as I stroked deep
into her riding her harder and harder. She looked into my eyes and
licked her lips, her fingers playing with her strawberry blonde hair
twisting her wavy curls in her fingertips. I pulsed and pumped and
stiffened she reached out to me and pulled me closer wrapping her long
legs around my hips. She pulled my body on top of her as I came inside
her, releasing my manhood juices inside her tight body engulfing me as I
touched her body, that heavenly body. "Yes, baby that feels so
good." she cooed.

I slid out of her as she moaned and stroked my chest hairs with her
fingertips still rubbing her legs against mine. She moved to her stomach
kissing my thighs and pushing me back on the bed as she crawled on top
of my shivering body. "Relax baby, I won't hurt you, I don't
bite, unless you want me too." She said with a comforting smile, she
could tell I was so afraid she was going to enter me, as I was still a

She leaned over to the nightstand, pulled out of the drawer a tube of
something, and rubbed some on her finger then on my virgin bottom.
Suddenly, my bottom felt relaxed and I could fell her softly sliding
into me, I tried to relax to let her in. I so wanted to feel her take
me. She pulled out and turned me over gently rubbing me softly all over
my body as she guided me to where she wanted me. She entered me again
this time it hurt less it felt as if she had applied some lube to my
virgin hole.

She rubbed my thighs and soft round bottom as she stroked deeper into
me, I was starting to get excited again, my pulsing member began to
harden and hang down lower. She took me into her hand as she rode me
gently trying hard not to hurt me with her hard stiff kitty, I could
feel her kitty nubs rubbing against my bottom. She pulsed and stiffened
pulling out and I could feel her warm love juices on my bottom as she
rubbed them into my bottom with her fingertips, her tongue licking them
off me. I came hard all over the bed.

She helped dress me and got dressed leading me to the front door my legs
were still wobbly and I kept following her like a lost puppy home alone
with the new owner for the first time. She kissed me again, her
passionate lips making me feel soft and weak knees again as she opened
the front door pushing me out. "Goodbye, you were very nice and my
name is Ally." the door closed and I stood staring at the closed
door. "John, my name is John. I had a very nice time." I said as
I walked away a tear in my eye slowly running down my cheek.

I went back several times and I never saw her again, I do not know if
she actually lived there or not, but I never found her again to this day
I miss her.

----- Amazingly real for fiction isn't it? John.
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you got me convenced i came in my panties
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straight into my favorites:)~
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Now were talking that was so hot had to jackoff three time and nowi still want more thanks
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that was fuckin hot
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nice tale