I walked into the bookstore paid my way and went into the peeps; I
usually avoid the theatres since there is not any privacy for
playing. I guided my way in the dark letting my eyes adjust in the
dark. I walked to the back where the stalls with the gloryholes are
and found an open booth.

I sat down and pushed to find one of three channels I liked and there
it was the shemale channel, with a sexy shoulder length blonde and
redhead with deep dark red lying on her shoulders. They were kissing
and touching and boy was I getting aroused, so much, so that I did
not notice the booth next to me someone entered.

Suddenly this long finger nailed hand covered in golden rings was
touching my shaft as I quivered from her delicate touch. She was as
gentle as she rubbed and stroked me I leaned back so hard; I banged
my head on the stall wall. She let go and asked to come over into my
stall and I said without hesitation; "Yes, please."

I heard her open her stall and as she pulled on the door of mine I
opened it what I saw when I opened was an angel. The soft glow of
the TV made her seem angelic, her rose lips and jade green eyes with
the long, auburn locks with curls to the tips. She walked in and
latched the lock. As she did my hands touched, her silky dress made
of red. She turned with a smile and began kissing me her tongue
entering my mouth as her lips persuaded me to pull her closer to me.

This went on for about 5 minutes as my hands became adventurous and
were all over her body, I touched her soft silky bottom, felt her
luscious breasts and gently ran my fingers up her thighs and touched
her kitty. She was so hot and stiff as my hand searched all over her
kitty and touched her nubs. To my surprise there were no panties
under the short silky skirt, I was really into her at this point.

I slid down her body and began kissing her long, hard kitty as she
stroked the back of my head lovingly. It was so sweet and tasted
like honeydew I was sure she had taken a bath in honeydew the taste
was so real. I slid my mouth up and down her kitty, kissing her
gently and running my tongue along the length stopping at her kitty
nubs sucking them into my mouth. "Baby, that feels so good to me, I
want you to not ever stop." She moaned.

I continued for what seemed like hours and she pulled me up to her
lips kissing me hard and deep her long fingernails touching my skin
softly as to not hurt me. I returned her kiss holding her hips
pressing her into me, I could feel her hard kitty against my leg and
I was so hard by now I was ready to explode.

She stopped kissing me, took my hand with one hand, and pulled down
her skirt over her kitty to cover it as she led me out of the stall
and through the bookstore. We walked out of the bookstore and down
the block. "Where are we going baby?" I asked wondering where she
was taking me. "We are going to my place; I live around the corner
ok?" "Yes, that sounds good to me." How could I possibly deny her
what I truly longed for?

We walked up the building steps and she unlocked the door with one
hand still holding my hand softly, stroking my hand with her nails.
We entered the building and she shut the door and closed the blinds,
we were in this big beautiful loft and in the middle of the floor was
a bed. She had silky red sheets on the bed hanging down the floor.

She led me to the bed and sat down with me in front of her, she
slowly began to undress me loosening the buttons on my shirt, sliding
it off. She unbuckled my pants, loosened my button, and took down
the zipper as she slid my skintight jeans to the floor removing them
and my shoes at the same time. There I stood with my near naked body
in front of this slender angel, my chubby body embarrassed to be
there in front of her. She touched and kissed my belly making me
feel all calm and relaxed inside.

I leaned down to kiss her as her lips met mine she reached out and
stroked my tight briefs, sliding her fingers over my hard stiff,
pulsing shaft. I was so surprise and excited I shoved my tongue in
her mouth, she took it and began suckling on it as if it was my hard
shaft. I began moaning with delight while she stroked my shaft and
sucked on my tongue.

I reached out to undo her blouse and slide it off her shoulders
leaving her sitting in her tight skirt and silky red bra. I pulled
my tongue out of her heavenly mouth and slid my tongue down her body
and began kissing her breasts and suckling her nipples stroking her
thighs as I continued. "I want to feel you inside me," she said
realizing she did not know my name acting a little ashamed. "John,
its John." I said to make her feel more at ease as I kissed her
gently on the lips.

"Glory, it is very nice to meet you John." "Yes, I would have to
agree Glory; it is very nice meeting you too." I kept kissing her,
touching her body she writhed under my fingertips sliding over her
soft, supple skin. "Take me John; please I want to feel you inside
me." She said pleading with me to make love to her. I stood up to
take off my briefs, she slid them off and took my pulsing manhood in
her soft, wet mouth as I grew harder which I didn't think was

She pulled off my pulsing shaft and turned around presenting her
night pussy to me. I put some lube on her crack as I stroked my
shaft along the crack, Glory moaning as this feeling my hard
member. "Please John, let me feel you inside me now, I need you so
bad." She begged.

I entered her pussy; she was very tight and pushed hard against me as
I began pushing harder into her. I grabbed her hips feeling her soft
skin in my fingertips pulling her deeper onto my hard shaft. She
screamed and moaned with pleasure, louder and flipped her hair back
onto her shoulder and back. I stiffened at this and she moaned
louder feeling me pulse inside her body.

"Cum for me John, please cum in me." She moaned pleading for me to
fill her body with my manhood juices. She flipped her head back
again and to the left and as the auburn curls landed on her back and
shoulder I pulsed hard and rammed my hard cock deep into her
relieving my manhood of its juices deep inside her
pussy. "AAAAAAAhhhhhh, Glory." I screamed as she yelled; "Yes, yes
harder baby."

I slid out of her and lay on the bed next to her as she kissed me and
slid down my body touching my semi hard cock. I pulsed and shook as
it felt good and yet, surprising to me. She started sucking on my
nipples and my semi hard shaft began pulsing back to life. "Oh my
how special. Do you get this hard all the time?" she
inquired. "Yes, when I am really turned on." I replied trying to
hold back my excitement.

She sat on top of my hard cock and turned around letting me see her
hair down her back all those curls turning me on and making my cock
pulse. "Oh, you like my hair John?" "Yes, it is very sexy." I was
unable to lie since I was growing at the sight of it down her sexy
back as she rode me. She pumped up and down on my shaft harder and
harder until I could no longer contain my pleasure. I came hard into
her again as she writhed with pleasure on top of my body. She fell
off and on top of me; I could feel her silky hair against my skin.

I reached around her and played with her nipples, as she lies on top
of me stroking her kitty it was still getting so hard. I pushed her
off me and presented my mouth to her and she slid her hard kitty into
my face, sliding deep into me. I gagged and she hesitated trying
hard not to hurt me, I pushed my face back onto her kitty as deep as
I could go. She stroked the back of my head as I made love to her
kitty. Suddenly, she pulsed and moaned loud and leaning back she
gave me her kitty juices, which tasted very sweet and I licked her

We spent the rest of the night making love and cuddling, touching and
holding each other gently. I was so happy to have found her when I
did this was truly one of the best experiences of my life, and for
that, I was eternally grateful to her, My Glory. My Angel.
100% (14/0)
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3 years ago
Very nice story...Thanks for sharing..
3 years ago
Thgis was too much thanks for a fine story i jacked off twice thanks
3 years ago
totally hot
3 years ago
I love how your mind works:)~