Rob asked me to house sit and I didn't hesitate since he lives in a
beautiful big house on the end of a Cul de Sac. There is only one
house next to his and no one can see his backyard except the house
next to his.

His neighbor Bryan is a local college professor at the community
college and doesn't seem to mind when we skinny dip in the middle of
a Saturday afternoon. He seems cool so I thought this was going to
be a great two weeks. I had no idea what was going to happen during
these two weeks.

It was the first Saturday of my two week stay and I was sitting in
the back yard enjoying the sun and the pool. As usual I was not
dressed the breeze felt so good blowing on my undressed sun soaked
body. I have of course this chubby male form that most would rather
have clothed but, none the less I am undressed.

Bryan walks out of his patio door and just looks over and waves. I
returned the gesture trying to act like I am not embarrassed. Just
because he didn't seem to mind didn't mean I wasn't embarrassed by
being naked in front of him. I reach for a towel and cover up. "You
don't have to cover up, John. I don't mind, Rob does it all the
time." Bryan says leaning over the fence staring toward my package.
So I obliged and let him see how excited I was that someone wanted to
see my privates.

We chatted for a while and I then Bryan invited me over for dinner
and good conversation. I thanked him and said I would be honored.
He smiled and looked very pleased at my response. I had no idea what
was going to take place at dinner. I got ready and walked through
the gate between backyards of the attached fence.

I knocked at the patio door and there was no answer, the lights were
off and it appeared no one was home. I knocked several more times
feeling disappointed that I may not have a chance to see just how
interested he was in my package. Then suddenly down the stairs came
this Auburn haired, with long wavy curls, long legs and a sexy red
dress made of red velvet material. She sauntered to the door and
slid it open.

"Hello, I am Bryan's s****r Brianna. Bryan had to leave and asked me
to come over and take over for him tonight." I just smiled. "Ok, I'm
John and it is a pleasure to meet you Brianna, what a beautiful
name." "Thank you very much." She replied with a bright smile. I
watched her every move as she took me by the hand leading me into the
living room. We sat on the couch and she slid one of those long legs
under her letting me see the long heels she was wearing attached to
the silky covered legs she had.

"So, is Bryan coming home anytime soon?" I inquired hoping for a
negative. "No, he had to leave town suddenly and called me to house
sit for him." Brianna replied licking her lips slowly. I was
getting very warm by now my privates bursting at the seams of my
shorts. I thought this was a simple dinner with a guy who showed
interest in me. I had no plan of a well dressed woman meeting me at
the door.

"Let's go eat dinner; I only made sausage and potatoes. I hope you
don't mind I didn't have a lot of time when I got here." Brianna says
with a hesitant look on her face. I stare into her eyes, "I don't
care if we just ate hamburgers. I planned on it being a casual
dinner." I replied with a longing look in my eye. She smiled and
sat down at the table having placed the plates down.

Sitting next to me the breeze from the patio blew in and she smelled
like lavender garden bringing me peace in my mind. I took a deep
dose and she smiled noticing I was inhaling her fragrance. "You
smell much better than your b*****r." I said teasing her. "Thanks, I
am glad you liked it." She blushed. We ate and the whole time I
tried hard not to watch her take the whole pieces of sausage in her
mouth. Those lips were intriguing me; I longed to feel them kissing
me, touching my skin.

After dinner I helped her clean up and do the dishes, which took five
minutes. I love dishwashers they are so handy, lol. We walked into
the TV room where there was a big television and stereo
system. "What would you like to watch?" Brianna asked. "I don't
care, you pick. " I replied hoping for something that would make her
want to pull closer to me. "When Harry Met Sally, ok?" she
inquired. "That's good." I responded admiring her searching through
the titles. She put the movie in the player and sat down next to
me. I could feel her silky leg against mine.

Brianna was looking at me out of the corner of her eye. I couldn't
help but notice as she kept trying hard to not let me catch her. She
kept fidgeting, so I pulled her close and put her head on my
shoulder. "Sit still silly, I don't bite. " "Why not." She
retorted. "Because I don't do requests." I responded with a
giggle. "I don't make requests sir, I take what I want." She said
sitting up looking me in the eye.

I was lost in those brown eyes leaning into her without thinking; I
kissed her on the lips. Those rose covered luscious lips were
kissing me back. I felt her reach up and put her hands against my
cheeks pulling me into her. I returned the favor by placing my left
arm over her pulling her nearer by the hips. Rubbing her back
feeling that sexy dress covering her body as we kissed. She pulled
back suddenly and looked into my eyes. I saw a tear on her cheek.

Wiping the tear away from her cheek I said: "Why are you crying? I
will stop when you tell me to stop. I like you enough to know when
no means no." She cried harder. "It's not that, I need to tell you
something. I thought by now you would notice but, you haven't said a
thing." "Ok, tell me are you married?" "No." "Engaged?" "No, just
let me tell you already." she roared. I sat stunned.

"I am not who you think I Am." she paused. "I am Bryan." she said
leaning away waiting to be hit. "No, your not." I replied looking at
her. She nodded. "I am too, John. Look at me." I looked deeper and
realized it was him. I had to think. "I don't care I think you look
great. If you don't mind, I don't." I said. She just smiled at me
leaning into me kissing me harder. Reaching over me pulling me
tightly against her as she leaned back. I could feel my privates
pushing into her thigh. Brianna moaned.

Brianna kept kissing me deeply; I could feel her long sexy curls
rubbing my face. I was entranced by everything the kiss, the dress,
the hair, those lips. "I would like to tell you something." I
said. "Ok, tell me." Brianna said. "I would like to take off your
clothes and make love to you." I said staring into her eyes. "I am
very shy, John. I would rather just make out on the couch while we
watch the movie, ok?" She said with a sad look on her face. "Fine,
we can always do more when and if you're ready." I said with out
hesitation. She smiled and pulled me back into her.

We spent the rest of the night kissing and cuddling on that couch.
We spent the rest of the two weeks together as much as we could.
Dinner every night her dressed in sexy outfits, me in my shorts. She
liked me that way. She played constantly with my nipples. My man
boobs hadn't ever seen this much attention. I liked it; she didn't
seem to mind my chubby body. I surely enjoyed her sexy luscious firm

We dated after Rob came home for several months and finally Brianna
had to move away. A better job offer for Bryan made it hard for him
and his "s****r" to stay here. I still wonder if she misses me as
much as I miss her.
100% (9/0)
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