Friday night...

So its another Friday night and I was just driving around looking
for something to do. I had already stopped by the local bookstore
and didn't see anything I was really interested in so I kept
driving. I saw a small bar down the street from the bookstore it
looked quiet and not too busy for a Friday night so I stopped in for
a Coke. I don't drink so I just sit at the bar and soak up the

I was sitting at the bar for about an hour nursing the Coke, thinking
about leaving and then she sat down. A beautiful, tall woman with
shoulder length auburn hair and the sexiest eyes I have ever seen, so
blue I thought I was looking at the sky. Ok, I know its corny but
they were to die for. She was wearing this sexy long red dress
which is of course is my favorite color. The heels she had on made
her look like her legs never ended.

And finally she spoke, "Do you have a light?" " Yes, just a minute."
I replied. Fumbling in my pocket praying I had remembered to bring
the damn thing. I pulled it out and flick it was lit, she grabbed my
hands pulling them into her cigarette. I had goose bumps her hands
were so soft I wanted to feel her holding me closer to her. But, I
did nothing.

Several guys came over and tried to chat her up and she politely
declined their advances, " No thanks." She would say when they
offered to just by a drink and sit and chat. I was sweating sure she
could smell my body odor like I was on a farm cleaning the stalls.
All I could smell was her perfume so floral it reminded me of a safe
place I used to play as a c***d in the garden of my grandparents. So
safe and yet, so enticing to find something to get into trouble.

I ordered another Coke and she leans over and say's "Can I have one
of those too?" I was stunned. "Sure, if you want." I told the
bartender to bring two. He nodded and went to the fountain to serve
the cheap drinks in his bar grumbling under his breath. "Cheap
Bastard." We ignored him as we kept staring into the mirror over the
back of the bar watching each other.

I kept admiring that sexy face, the way her hair flowed in wavy curls
down her cheeks, as she reached up and tucked one side behind her
ear. I could hardly contain the excitement as this really turned me
on. She looked even sexier. " My name is John." I stammered
figuring I bought her a drink it entitled me to at the very least a
name. "Casey, it is a pleasure to meet you John." she answered in a
low dusky tone. I was entranced not only was she speaking to me it
sounded like heaven to hear my name roll of her tongue.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Casey. So, why are you hanging out in
this little old bar?" I asked. "I like it here, its quiet and most
nights I don't get bothered." "I'm sorry would you like me too
move." I inquire afraid she was now talking about me. "No, I want to
chat with you. You seem nice and those other guys always hit on me."
I was relieved and even more excited, leaving me fighting the need to
pull closer to her. Then she leaned into me and touched my arm. " I
think we should dance, don't you?" She asked. "Sure, I'm not much
of a dancer but, I will try." She was so tall at least two inches
taller with those sexy heels on.

She reached down and took off her heels smiling looking me straight
in the eyes now. I let out a sigh of relief as she giggled. "There
isn't that better?" "Yes." She walked me over to the dance floor
stopping at the jukebox and picking a slow song. I was really
sweating now as I was so afraid to place this heavenly body against
my stocky body. She just led me out to the floor and pulled me
closer putting both hands behind my neck. I tried to keep my
distance as by this time I was very excited since I had been looking
for action earlier in the evening.

She felt my body against her and then leaned into me whispering into
my ear "My your very happy to be near me aren't you?" I blushed in
the darkness of the lowly lit bar and she kissed my cheek. I could
feel the warm touch of her soft lips and those hands pulling me into
her more as she embraced me on the dance floor. I started to forget
anyone else was there as our lips met.

Someone coughed and I awoke with her still in my arms on the floor
dancing. "Let's go sit back down or we will have to leave." I stated
a little embarrassed. "Ok, let's go then." she replied without
missing a beat. She took me to the bar picked up her purse as I left
money on the bar that was more than my tab could have ever been. We
walked out the door with everyone staring at us like we were on fire
or something.

We walked out into the brisk cool air and she said, " Come on let's
go to my place it isn't that far from here." I was very nervous this
was not the kind of woman I wanted to use and run off on after the
first meeting. "Why don't we go down by the pier and chat over
coffee at the coffee house first." I answered with the excitement
still showing on me. She nodded and we walked down to the coffee
house, ordered some drinks and sat out on the deck with the cool
night air showing on her bosoms. I gave her my jacket to prevent my
wantonly staring at them. "Thanks." she said taking it without

We sat there for hours talking and learning about each other. It was
so nice to have a woman who didn't seem to mind how I looked at all.
She was truly into me and I into her. Finally after holding hands
over the table she says, "Listen come back to my place and we can
watch a movie or something since it is getting late." I conceded
knowing it was going to be hard to fight the urges of being in the
mood for sex.

We strolled hand in hand bumping into each other once in a while not
seeming to mind as we almost knock each other over. Giggling we just
kept on walking. She stops at this really ritzy apartment building
and I pause, thinking she was definitely way out of my league. She
senses my hesitation and pulls me into the security door. We walk
through the lobby and onto the elevator, she pushed the
penthouse. "I live on the top is that ok, your not afraid of heights
are you?" She asks politely. " I am but , we aren't going out on the
roof are we?" I reply. She giggles.

We arrive to the top floor and the elevator opens into her apartment,
it was quite manly and strangely yet quite feminine. I was a little
surprised. She led me into the living room with a giant TV which is
of course, such a turn on for guys. "Pick a movie, while I change
John." "Ok, what would you like to see Casey ?" making sure to show
her I had not forgotten her name. She smiled and shrugged her
shoulders then left the room.

I really wanted to have a chance to cuddle while trying to not move
too fast so I picked "St. Elmo's Fire" and put it in. Just then
she came out in the sexiest long red camisole with her hair pulled
back into a barrette, curls running down her back and over her
shoulders. I was excited again and the couch made it hard to
conceal. "John, I want to tell you something, ok?" she asked. "Yes."

"Would you mind if I was a different kind of woman?" she inquired
waiting for a negative response with her head looking at the
ground. " What do you mean you look like a beautiful woman to me." I
replied trying to reassure her. " She sat down and kissed me deeply
placing her tongue in my mouth making me really excited. She took my
hand and led me to her thigh pulling up her camisole. Still kissing
me and holding my face in one hand leading my hand to her privates.
I pulled my hand free from hers gently stroking her thigh up to her
silky French cut panties. " MMMMM." I moaned as I felt a big
surprise in her panties. She started to cry as I could feel the
tears run down her cheek while we were still kissing. "What's the
matter baby?" I asked. " I thought you would be mad, I wasn't sure
you realized what I was at the bar." she replied.

"I only notice you're a beautiful woman who chose to ignore my looks
and see my true me. For that, I can forgive anything." I whispered
in her ear. She pulled me close and we stayed in an embrace cuddling
on the couch for hours till the sun came up.
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2 years ago
Great story should rwrite the next chapter what happened to that lovely relationshipe
3 years ago
very nice
3 years ago
all man that was fly i dream of romantic shit like that than what happen.....dont leave me hanging