One night I went to a different club to check things out. By now, I
knew what I was looking for and where to find it. I was cruising the
area with several bars for people with my kind of preferences you
know women with more to offer a man.

I parked out in the lot and began to walk in as I did I noticed this
beautiful brunette with long legs. I was very interested in
following her into the bar. I rushed to open the door for her as she
just politely blushed and smiled at me. I tipped my head to her in
respect trying hard not to blush too. She smelled very beautiful,
the sweet smell of roses flowing from her as she passed by me.

I followed close behind her to see where in the bar she sat, she
joined her friends at a corner table. I sat at the bar nearest to
her as I could possibly get and keep in her in my eyesight. I sat
there nursing my Coke watching her dance and chat with her friends
trying to desperately avoid her eyes when she looked my way.

Suddenly, she was staring right back at me our eyes met and the
connection seemed to be instant. I just smiled, blushed and turned
my back embarrassed by my idiotic c***dish behavior. "Hello, my name
is Tonia." she said touching my arm to get me to turn and look at
her. "John" blushing profusely by now. "Your blushing, John. Are
you embarrassed to talk to me?" she inquired. " No, just embarrassed
by my c***dish behavior." I replied trying to contain my excitement.

"It's ok John, I understand some guys are embarrassed by liking women
like me. You flatter my by the attention." She said smiling at me
with her lovely red lips. "I am more embarrassed by my behavior. I
know I like women like yourself, beautiful and very sexy. I just
wish I wasn't so scared to approach you." I said with a hint of
trying to not be desperate. Desperately hiding my longing to hold
her close, to kiss her, touch her, feel her body next to mine.

"Would you like to dance John?" she asked as a slow song began to
play. "Yes." blushing still. She took my hand and led me through
the crowd to the dance floor. Slowly turning into me, our bodies
embracing close. I was truly thrilled and surprised at her pushing
into me. I could smell her perfume entrancing me taking me deep
inside as I felt her face touch my neck. She put her head on my
shoulder her face into my neck. It was like no one was there but us.

I pushed my face closer to hers embracing her closer to me. She
didn't fight me just moved in I could feel her bosoms pressed against
my body. I longed to see her without the restraints of clothing. I
tried to cover my desire when she began kissing my neck. Slow gentle
nibbles on my skin. It felt like little angels touching my skin. I
just kept dancing holding her close never wanting the song to end.

The song ended and we kept dancing as if it were still playing
everyone was watching and giggling. We were both blushing realizing
we were the only one's dancing. We walked off the dance floor hand
in hand holding each other tightly as she led me to her table to sit
with her friends. We sat down and she introduced me to her friends.
Through all the pleasantries of the evening she never let go of my
hand. I could feel it holding onto me as if she would fall if I let
go, I felt the same way.

Last call came and we had one more drink and one more slow dance
before we left the club. I walked her out to her car trying hard to
contain my disappointed in the end of the evening. She acted the
same but, I was afraid to say anything. "John, would you like to
stop by my friends house we usually hang out there and party some
more?" She asked looking and hoping for a positive response. "Yes,
if you would like me too. I don't want to push myself on your
friends." I replied trying to contain my excitement. They all nodded
it was ok.

I followed in my car as she drove she was in the other car I could
just feel her eyes looking in the mirror afraid I would disappear at
some point, not a chance of that happening. I stayed close to them I
didn't want to loose her. We arrived in a very upscale neighborhood
and pulled into an underground garage with a private door entrance.
I was very impressed and very terrified at the same time. Had I
found someone whom I could never keep happy? Was she out of my reach?

We parked and immediately she was at my car door. "John, I am glad
you came with us I would like to get to know you better. Don't worry
your safe in my arms here." She said giggling noticing my nervousness
at this point. "Ok, I just feel a little out of place in this area
of town." I told her hoping for her to calm my nerves. She turned
into me and embraced me kissing me deeply. I moaned unsure how to
respond, she felt so good against me and her lips like heaven.

The others were upstairs already one floor up in the ground apartment
which looked more like a giant open room. There was a dance floor
and lighting, a DJ and a bar. I was very impressed as we walked into
the apartment. Tonia led me into the apartment and right out onto
the dance floor, we started slow dancing despite the rhythmic beats
being played. She looked into my eyes and kissed me, pushing her
lips into me. My heart was on fire, I never wanted this night to end.

We sat down in the corner listening to the music and holding hands
her head on my shoulder. "Tonia" I paused. "Yes" she answered
coyly. "Can I see you again?" "I would like that very much, John."
She leaned and kissed me pulling me closer to her with her hand on
my cheek her body pressing against mine.
I was enthralled as her lips warmed my soul, our bodies feeling the
warmth, the love, the intimacy of each other for the very first
time. I have not felt this warm and loved in some time I was falling
hard. She seemed to feel the same way. She had to excuse herself to
go the ladies room. I nodded and sat quietly.

I couldn't wait for her I went to see her again. I knocked she
didn't answer so I went in. Tonia was standing at the sink brushing
her hair and checking her make up. I walked up behind her pulling
her into me. She looked surprised to see me but, leaned back and
reached around pulling on my the back of my neck. I kissed her neck,
nibbling on her earlobes for what seemed an eternity. Someone
knocked on the door and we left embarrassed as we past them in the
doorway. "Excuse us." I said turning three shades of red.

We danced the night away until daybreak and she sent me home. I
kissed her one final time with a deep long kiss. Our bodies
embracing in a hold so tight we were almost one. I didn't want to
let go, but we had to say goodnight. I knew if I wanted to see her
again I would have to go. "Tonia, here is my number call me." I
handed her the number. She took it embracing hands as she grabbed
it. Putting it into her purse and looking at me. " I will call you
later, I promise." She said looking at me with eyes entrancing me,
calling me. "Bye, baby. You better go now." she said as she walked
back into the elevator as I drove out.
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3 years ago
it wasn't a real tale..all fiction based upon a friend I know.
3 years ago
did she call?