Daddy's big loaded cock

I was sitting in the theater watching the big screen as the shemale was swallowing the man’s huge stiff cock deep into her throat when “Daddy” walked in through the curtain from the front of the porn shop. He was about 70 or so, grey hair on top a little stubble on his face with a slight belly hiding under his dark blue shirt. He walked into the side that shows the gay movies and sat down for a while.

When the other man who was sitting on my side finally unloaded and left and I was sitting, all alone he got up and headed my way. I had no idea what to expect when I heard him get up but I was anxious to see if he wanted me to play with him or not.
He came around the office petition wall separating the sides and I was truly thrilled with what I saw not only did he appear interested he appeared with his big hard cock in his hand staring at me.

Suddenly I was fully erect myself as I stared my tongue instinctively licking my lips staring at his cock wanting to taste it really badly now. He was at first watching the TV when he noticed I was licking my lips and he came to me. His hard cock was in my mouth before I knew it and it tasted so sweet as my mouth moved up and down on him my passion getting the better of me in a hurry.

For what seemed like five minutes I was lost in the pleasure of having “Daddy’s” cock in my mouth he asked me if I liked his cock and I stopped quickly to reply, “I love it tastes so good and its’ so big Daddy.” This must have really excited him because he started pushing in and out of my face fucking me harder making me want to swallow every drop of his load and I didn’t have to wait long to get it.

“Daddy” began to pulsate and his hips threw into me harder as he began to unload down my throat, which surprised me at first, and I choked a bit. I had not expected that much of a load as most of my “Daddy’s” do not have such big loads but I was thrilled to get it all down my throat. He pulsated, moaned and gave me every drop he attempted to pull his cock out of my mouth as I grabbed his hips holding him in deeper in my mouth to drain every drop and clean him off moaning with pleasure the entire time.

“Daddy” pulled away as I finally released his softening cock from my lips and warm mouth as he politely said, “Thanks.”

“No thank you Daddy.” I replied as I hoped he would return the favor but he walked into the bathroom to clean up and then he left.
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2 years ago
Sometimes you need a Daddy i have gto go change my panties thanks for thestory
3 years ago
mmm he sounds like my kind of daddy! great story thanks for posting