Little Denmark:Four loads down my throat...the nex

It had been a rather dull afternoon sitting watching porn in the theater I was reluctant to make myself cum since I was certainly hoping for a blowjob at least. By the time I left that evening I was not orally satisfied but several others left with big smiles upon their faces thanks to me. This is the short story about how this went from my point of view.
After about 3 hours of sitting alone finally there was an older daddy type guy sitting nearby who appeared to show interest in me. He appeared to be moving closer and showing me his stiff hard cock all the while if someone else came in or walked by he hid it. This was turning me on and suddenly I realized I was actually in the mood for sucking on some cock and swallowing a load or two or three. We finally got more alone and he was letting me get a good look so I moved closer and put my lips on his hard shaft as Daddy moaned when my lips touched his hard long shaft. He was so big must have been seven or eight inches and three inches wide he was so big I asked him, “are you about ready to cum?” He said no so I told him to come see me when he was closer.
A few minutes later he finally got ready and stood in front of me as I drew his stiff cock into my mouth he was slowly pumping his hips back and forth for a good three or four minutes I was moaning and struggling to keep from gagging he was so big. I could feel him pulse as he gently and began to get more excited as he thrusted deeper into my throat I began to gag as he pulsed hard and I barely got a taste of his sweet cum before he pulled out and turned away from me leaving me very disappointed because if I am going to suck on it I want the load down my throat it’s just polite etiquette. He wiped off, zipped up and walked away with a big smile on his face.
A little while later another Daddy was wandering around and sat down a ways from me but appeared to not have any interest or so I thought. He had gone to the other side to watch the other TV and I wasn’t really paying attention until out of the corner of my eye he appeared. He was standing in near the partial wall that separates the two sides his cock out in his hand and suddenly my half hard cock was standing fully erect as Daddy looked at me wanting me to suck him clean. I could hardly refuse once my cock stiffened he clearly could tell I wanted his cock in my mouth and I got exactly what I wanted. He walked over and offered me his stiff hard six inches which was just drooling his pre-cum which tasted sweet and made me moan loud as I engulfed his cock with my moist, warm wet mouth sucking him passionately twisting and turning up and down each move made him moan too. He asked me if I liked his cock and I could barely move my mouth off to ask as I wanted his cock deep in my mouth and his cum down my throat. Daddy began to pulsate and his juice ran down my throat I cleaned him off as he began to pull away I grabbed his cock to keep him there till I got every drop and he began to soften in my mouth.
The next load was right after Daddy walked away he could hardly wait to offer up his cock as he sat down next to me his shirt opened and his pants around his knees. His stiff five incher was just begging for a good sucking and I could hardly say no to such a hot sexy Daddy who wanted me. His cock pulsed almost as soon as I started to take him into my mouth but he pulled back and managed to keep from unloading into my mouth which made me moan and swallow his stiff cock faster I wanted what he was trying to keep from me. My face pushed down to his balls and he moaned and I could feel him tense and before long he was thrusting his load into my mouth and down my throat so sweet it tasted like pineapple juice which I loved.
The last guy was later in the evening when I was about ready to call it a night since up to this point I swallowed three loads and didn’t get one blowjob but still I sat longer. I had been sucking on this Latin guy until another white male walked in and suddenly he pulled his stiff cock out of my mouth and walked over to the other side of the room. I got up to see what was going on and when I looked over the wall he was sitting on the couch and the white male was swallowing every inch of his cock. I sat back down and waited to see what was going to happen next finally the Latin guy left leaving the white guy on the other side by himself. Suddenly the white guy was sitting on my side next to me with his cock in his hand and looking over at mine. I offered mine to him but he said he wasn’t interested in sucking on me or having me sucking on him but after a few touches of my hand he was standing next to me offering up his load. I took him in and began sliding in and out on his hard shaft begging for his load down my throat and he sped up his pumping to give me what I wanted releasing his load down my throat. Upon me cleaning up his cock he zipped up I told him to not go too far away as I wanted another load from him it was sweet and tasted good so he sat down on the couch and began to chit chat with me about the latin male whom he said was supposed to meet him there and he was late arriving. He asked me if I liked his cock and I replied I thought it was tasty and asked him if he would relieve me and he said he only takes that guys load so I got pissed off, jacked off quick and released my load watching the gay flick while he just sat there watching my cock. After that I left in a hurry instead of getting another load from his delicious cock I hope he got the message.

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Wow some guys can be so damed fucked up