In the Navy

It was a hot Summer day, walking around the town with my daughter and her new husband. He was interested in joining the military, so we had spent the day visiting different branches of military recruitment offices. We were on our last stop, a Naval office. The sun had been beating down upon us, sweat trickling down between my breasts. I was more than happy to step into the air conditioned office to cool off.

From the back of the office a very tall young man,strode confidently towards us. He shook hands with my son-in-law, offered us a cool beverage, then led us to his office in the back. They discussed many things, and he put my daughters' fears to rest. I sat quietly by the door, but I kept feeling someone starring at me. I looked up and his vibrant blue eyes were locked on mine. He wasn't paying attention to the conversation. His eyes lit up with a perfect smile, just for me. I blushed and smiled back, putting my head back down, lowering my eyes to the floor. I looked back up seconds later, he was still starring at me. It took me a moment to realize why though. I was sitting directly under the A/C vent, the cool air blowing my hair about my shoulders, and making my nipples harden against the thin fabric of my strapless sundress.

The conversation ended and my daughter and her husband walked back up front to exit the building. I stayed behind to talk with the recruiter. He stood up from the desk, his 6'4" frame towering over me. It was quite evident that he had been starring at my hard nipples pushing against my sundress. He made no move to hide the growing bulge in his dress slacks.

I was feeling bold,so I stepped closer to him. Putting one hand on his chest, the other against the bulge in his pants. He looked down at me and smiled, asking"What do you think you're doing"? I rubbed his cock through his slacks, and I replied," Giving you a chance to take care of this monster in your pants. I know you want me, why else would your cock be hard while you were starring at my tits?"

I undid his zipper and pulled his thick cock free from the confines of his dress slacks. He was already weeping with pre-cum. I swirled a finger in his silky fluid, and brought my finger to my lips, tasting him, feeling the silkyness on my lips and tongue. His blue eyes went dark and stormy, watching me taste him. He grabbed a handful of my very long dark hair, and pulled me against his hard young body for a deep,hot kiss.

I melted against his young athletic body. His hands in my hair, and my arms around his neck. His tongue danced with mine. It had been a while since I'd been kissed like this. Deep, thoroughly and with passion. He pulled down the halter portion of my sundress, my tatted and tanned breasts falling into his waiting hands.

His large hands cupped my 44F breasts. Kneading them and tweeking my large dark nipples. I began stroking his cock, hard and slow. Relishing the feel of his thickness in my small hand. He sat down in the chair at his desk, my full breasts now level with his mouth. He pulled me to him, and he latched on to my breast. Sucking at the nipple like a hungry infant. I moaned and held him to me. Not wanting him to stop these delightful ministrations against my wanton body.

He bunched up my dress in his large hands, exposing my ass. He grabbed and rubbed my ass, pulling my thong tight against my pussy. He reached between my thighs to gain access to my pussy, my panties already moist with excitement. He slipped two fingers under my panties, parting my swollen pussy lips, ready to pleasure me. He found my clit, and his eyes lit up once he realized it was pierced. "I've got to see this"! he said excitedly. He gently laid me back on the desk, pulling my panties to the side.

His already dark blue eyes became even more intense when he saw my blue bejeweled clit. He reached out to gently touch it, and I let him. Loving the feel of his hands on my most sensitive part. He gently rubbed in circles, and I came hard and fast. He slipped his middle finger past my lips, delving deep into my creamy hot pussy. He stroked me soft and slow, letting another orgasm build.

I reached out for his cock, and he stepped up to the desk, giving me access to his engorged cock. He was so hard, the head purple and engorged with bl**d. Waiting to be released. I gripped him firmly and stroked from base to head,nice and slow. Letting him take his time to build for a powerful release. I slid off the desk and down to my knees in front of him. Pulling his crisp white slacks down his long muscular thighs. I grasped his freshly shaved balls in my hand and gave him a gentle squeeze. Looking up into his sexy blue eyes before I devoured his cock into my hungry mouth. He moaned and threw his head back,eyes closed.

He grabbed two handfuls of my hair, thrusting into my mouth. I took him balls deep, letting him slide down my throat. I coaxed him down as far as he would go. Massaging his length with my throat muscles. He was pretty breathless when he managed to speak. "I'm going to bust a nut down your beautiful throat if you don't stop." I looked up at him, raked my nails down his soft hairy chest, and sucked him harder and faster. I pulled him out just as his cock grew thicker. I knew he was soo close. I stroked him hard and fast, aiming for my exposed tits. In moments, he shot his thick hot load all over my tits. I looked up at him and smiled, rubbing his cum all over both my nipples.

I took his swollen cock back in my mouth. Not giving him a chance to go soft. He didn't disappoint either. He stayed hard. I got up from my knees, and laid back on the desk, pulling him to me. He needed no direction as he took his cock in hand and guided himself into my wet pussy. He was in for a treat. He slid his cock in and out of my tight pussy. I kept clenching my PC muscles, making it harder for him to push his cock into me, creating friction. He looked down at me and smiled, enjoying the extra tightness.

His thrusts picked up in tempo, and I began to feel the orgasm build. My breath came in short bursts as the orgasm hit me full f***e. I squeezed him hard with my pussy muscles, squirting my warm pussy juices all over his tummy, hips and cock and balls. His young face lit up with surprise. He'd never been with a woman that squirted before. Being that I was 15 years his senior, I'd been around the block a time or two and knew how to control it. He begged me to do it again. I just told him to fuck me harder with his young studly cock. He complied and with in moments the flood gates opened once more, drenching us both and his desk. After soaking him with my pussy juice, he grabbed my hips roughly, pulling me to the edge of the desk. He thrust hard and as deep as he could go. I moaned my pleasure against his broad shoulder, sinking my teeth into his flesh. His thrusts became quicker and more purposeful, he was on the verge of his own powerful climax.

I urged him on, talking dirty to him, playing with my breasts, and squeezing his cock with my pussy muscles. I felt him grow harder and longer as he was burried deep inside me. He let out a mighty roar and released himself deep inside, his cock throbbing and pumping his load into me. I milked his cock from within, making sure to receive every last drop of his cum. I stood up and righted my clothing, smoothing it in place. His thick creamy load,leaking from me to run down the inside of my thighs. I walked out of his office into the bright sun shine with a brilliantly pleased smile upon my face and a throbbing sensation between my legs.

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2 years ago
This was for you Ethan! Hope ya enjoyed it. Part 2 to cum soon!
2 years ago
i fuckn love it
2 years ago
Very hot,,dam,,I never got a chance to be a recruiter,,,,,thanks
2 years ago
Great Story, Reminds me of some HOT days when I was an Army recruiter
2 years ago
mmmm so fucking hot