S&M with a twist,PART II

They reached her loft, which just happened to be located above a sex shop. One of the many spread througout New Orleans. This greatly amused him.She unlocked her door and invited him in. Her home was spacious and very clean. Decorated with a modern flare to it. She offered him a drink and to make himself comfortable while she went to freshen up. He heard some sultr blues notes coming from the speakers in the ceiling. He closed his eyes, enjoyi8ng the mood it was putting him in. He then heard the water begin to run. He was hard instantly, knowing she was completely naked now. He followed the sounds of the running water to her bedroom, finding quite an interesting surprise. This little minx was deeply hard core involved in the BDSM lifestyle.

Her bed was covered in black satin sheets. Tame,but what piqued his interest were the shackles on the wall. As well as the queening chair in the corner. She had a hanging display of whips, crops, collars, gags and shains. Arranged upon her night stand were multiple toys. Bullets, small vibes, larger vibes, double ended dildos...My God this woman was a complete freak!He planned on taking full advantage of that knowledge. He effortlessly shed his clothing, letting it fall silently to the floor. His bare feet padded across the hard wood floor, to the cool tile of the bathroom. He stood outside the fogged up shower doors. Watching Abbey caress herself underneath the hot water. Her hands cupping her breasts,gliding across her n ipples. and sliding down her stomache and resting between her legs.

His cock immediately sprang to life. Abbey felt his hungry eyes upon her body. She looked up from her self ministrations and sure enough, he was standing outside the shower. Naked and ready for her. She crooked her finger at him. Silently inviting him to join her in the shower. He opened the door and stepped in behind her.He wrapped a thickly corded arm about her waist.Pulling her to him, wantin ghe to feel his desire for her. He pushed aside her wet hair, exposing the curve of her neck. He licked along the curve, sending chills down her spine. She reached overhead, grabbing a handful of his hair, forcing his mouth upon her her flesh.If the minx kept these actions up myuch longer, he'd lose all physical restraint. He wanted her , and he wanted her now. He reached for the liquid soap.Pouring a fair amount into the palm of his hand. He soaped her from head to toe. Teasing her sensitive nipples and pussy, he made sure she was squeaky clean. She wrapped her arms about him. Pressing her full, aching soapy breasts against his chest. Gliding back and forth, sharing her suds with him. Sh4e gathered some suds from ber body, and reached down for his hard cock.Lathering him up from the balls, his shaft, to the swollen head of his cock. She kept gliding her hand along his thick cock.Gripping tighter,stroking faster.

Abbey felt his cock twitch, growing harder from her stroking it.She pulled him under thw water with her rinsing them off completely. She opened the shower door, steam rolling out into the room like thick fog. She didn't bother toweling off, but grabbed Marco's hand and led him into the bedroom. She instructed him to place the queening chair in the center of the room upon the bl**d red area rug. With a devilish grin, he complied.

She took Marco by the hand and pulled him to his knees. She placed a hand on each of his shoulders, and leaned in to kiss him. He responded greedi8ly, suck in her toungue into his mouth, grazing it with one of his fangs."So you like it rough"? She asked him. Laughing as she reawche dfor one of his hands, and cuffing him to9 the queening chair. He seemed amused by her actions, she she cuffed his other hand to the chair as well.Hu must've seen the chair in use before, because he slid his head and shoulders underneath the chair. Abbey stood up, and slowly settled her naked body over the leather studded pads of the chair. Hovering just out of reach of Marco's mouth.Marco tried to grasp Abbey's thighs to pull her down to him, but the shackles were too short. He pretended to struggle, making Abbey squeal with delight.

She lowered herself upon the queening chair and to Marco's hungry m outh. In this position, her beautiful pink pussy was completely open to him. Her luscious pussy glistening above him. He gave her one long llick of his tongue, from entrance to clit. Abbey let out a deep moan and pressed her pussy into his face. All Marco could do was oblidge her with licks and flicks of his tongue. Sucking on her pussy lips, pulling them into his mouth and gently biting down. "Harder"!,she begged him breathlessly.He happily complied, tasting n ot only her womanly essence, but also the sweet metallic of her bl**d as he punctured a labia.He hadnt even gotten to the good part of eating her pussy yet. But apparently, she liked havig it bitten, it seemed to heighten her pleasure. His saliva coagulated the puncture he'd made. He then turned his attention to her swollen clit, beckoning from it's hood, begging to be licked, sucked and rubbed.

Marco flicked his tongue past her clit over and over.Making her moan and throw her head back in pleasure, prewssing her pussy harder against his mouth. Grinding against his tongue It wasn't long before he felt a rush of warm fluid upon his tongue and down his throat.Abbey sat motionless for a moment. Regaining her composure. It had been quite some time since she'd orgasmed from oral sex. The things he did to her with his mouth were simply amazing. Pure heaven.She wanted to retur the favor, and so she released him from his restraints. Marco jumped up, grabbed her abouth the waist, and thrust two fingers deep in her pussy. She spread her legs and bent over for him, giving him better access.He plunged his fingers in an dout of her body, then brought them to her lips.She opened her mouth , letting him slide his cream soaked fingers into her mouth. Suckling her juices from his fingers.He returned to finger fuck her. Every few minutes, slliding another finger in her pussy. It wasn't long till each finger was squishing in and out of her pussy and soo9n after he was wrist deep inside of her, fisting her.He could feel multiple mini orgasms. Each time her pussy muscles clamping down on his hand. He began rubbing her clit with the other hand.Within moments she had and intense mind blowing orgasim. Star bursts exploded behind her eyes and her body felt like it shattered in a million pieces, then remade itself.. Glowing, whole and on fire.

She swiftly turned and sank to her knees. Cupping Marco's nkuts in one hand and grasping his shaft with the other. She lifted his nuts to her mouth to suck and lick them. Sucking a nut in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, all the whle stroking his cock. She licke dup his shaft, wetting it with her saliva. Abbey grasped her ample brewast, and placed Marco's slickened cock between them.She milked his cock with her breast, occassionally stopping to lavish the engorged head. Marco's cockbegan weeping pre-cum. The silky sweet fluid that drove ABbey totallly insane.She wrapped her lips around the sensitive head of his cock. Eager to suck as much of the silky fluid as she cold. She eased Marco's cock into her mouth inch by inch. Adjusting for his girth, letting her throat. relax. Sh4e finally had him ini her mough. Her teeth grazed his cock, sending lightning coursing through his veins. Her tongue carressed his throbbing cock, and when sh bit down on him, it was all he cmould do not to explode down the back of her throat.He wanted to enjoy the sensation a few moments longer. When he did cumhe pulled out, shooting his hot creamy load upon her breasts. She ooked up at him and with a delicate finger, rani t acros the cum, then stuck her fingers in her mouth, suck in g it clean. The rest of it, she scooped in her hand and bdgan massaging her pussy with it before it grew cold.

Marco grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her to the wall where the wrist restraints were hanging. He turbned her abruptly to face the wall. Placing her wrists into the shabouts above her head. He stepped up behind her, rubbing his cock from cheek to cheek, teasing her.Abbey stuck out her ass further for him,enticing him furrther.He smacked her ass, and soothed the sting with a lick, then blew upon it to cease the fire.Abbey purred with delight. Marco shook his head and smiled. He reached over to the display and grabbed the cat'nine tails. He laid it across her shoulders iwth a loud biting crack. He then placed the leather acro9ses her shoulder and let it glide down her back. Listening to her giggle uncontrollably.Whispering, she begged him for more, He drew back his arm and struck her harder. Abright red welt apeared instantly. Marco carressed the offending welt with his lips. Brushing it with butterflyt kisses.
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