Waters Edge

On a plane.., destined for the sunny heats of Spain. Hours pass and i arrive at my hotel, i`m shown to my room, by a cute Spanish maid! I tip her, and she leaves. I walk out on my balcony, and see a fantastic view of the beach. Sunkissed women everywhere, scantilly clad in their two piece and one piece bikini`s, tanned to the max.I fix myself a neat tipple of vodka, and go back out onto the balcony, and look down at the swimming pool belonging to the hotel. And i notice a woman in a purple two piece, but with the top half off, laying on her stomach. It seems to be there is no one with her. So i decide to make my way down there. As i walk towards a spare deckchair, i see her watching me walking towards it. Although it is about 30 feet from where she is, i am still in her scope.

I can see her well enough with a view of admiration/perving of what a nice body she has. As time passes, a waiter comes over to my chair, and tells me that the woman in purple has bought me this, and he puts down a bottle of vodka and a shot glass, all the while explaining to me that her father owns the hotel! I feel the need to accept this gift, and as she looks over at me, i hold up a vodka filled glass to her, with a shouted "Thank you" yelled over at her. With pretence, to not understanding what i`m on about, she beckons me over! So i get up, with a towel d****d over my shoulder!

"Thanks for the bottle" i say. And she replies, "Well, maybe you can do something for me now". And she asks if i could kindly rub suntan lotion on her back! So i squeeze out some lotion from its bottle, and rub it into both my hands, and begin rubbing it into her back which is clearly already sunkissed nicely. "You tan really nicely" i said. "Thanks" she replied. After about 10 minutes, she turned over, without any shyness at all, her fantastic chest was staring back at me, perfect breasts, dark brown nipples. "Are they real?" i asked. "Cheeky bastard, of course they are" she replied. "Go on, don`t be shy, rub lotion on them for me". I just could`nt refuse. I massaged the lotion into her chest, and she said that i have good hands! I looked down at her sculpted thighs, and was eager to do them too. So without asking, i just went ahead and done them!

After about an hour of massaging and talking, she asked me if i wanted to take a stroll down the beach. so i did so! When we got there, it was rather busy, packed with people. So we decided to try and find a nice quiet spot of our own. We eventually came to a secluded part of the beach, where the water was kissing the beach really nicely. "This is perfect" she said. No one else was there, and we sat next to each other looking out at the sea, all sorts of thoughts going through my mind, as with hers too i assumed! And my assumption was right. "This is a perfect place Gary" she said. "A perfect place for you to suck on my pussy" shortly followed from her lips. I had no shame, and went with it, of course. As the sea water kissed both our feet, she had pulled her lower half bikini piece to one side, and showed me a really nice neat pussy!

"Eat my pussy for me baby please" she said. All the while, the sea water engulfing her bottom half., I was soon down there, between those sculpted tanned thighs of hers, lapping at that pussy like a cat to a saucer of milk. She tasted so nice, fresh. The whole situation i found myself in with her was amazing. The surroundings, the sexual episode in which i found myself in, was just great. After quite some time of sucking on such a wonderful fanny, she noticed a few people on a cliff looking down at where we were. "Don`t stop eating me" she said, and of course i did`nt, i could clearly see she got off on the idea some people were watching a guy eat her out, out in the open. I loved every minute of it, and so did she! It was`nt long before she was marching me back to my hotel room, and giving me the hardest of raw fucking and sucking i ever had.

87% (8/1)
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1 year ago
good start wish there was more detail about when you got back to the room.