Afternoon pleasures

this afternoon

This afternoon, I went out for a walk in the city. It's one of those hot sunny days, you don't have much around here. I felt a kind of racily atmosphere, I liked that. I enjoyed the girls and women strolling in tiny skirts, colorful and loose.
I looked for a place to rest near the canal and I found an empty bench. It was one of my favorite places to enjoy the views of the old canal and the medieval buildings. It is a small canal, only a few meters wide and on the other side there are beautiful trees. Just in front of me a woman in a white skirt was sitting beneath an ash, her head leaned backwards against its stem.
She looked beautiful.
She lifted her head and looked at me, uninterestingly, and let her head lean back to the stem.
A little boat packed with tourists passed by, I looked at it a few seconds, until it stopped to let the guide explain the history of the old warehouse.
I looked back to the woman and I saw she had lifted her skirt just above her knees, to allow the sun on her pale shin-bones. It looked like a famous painting, the green water of the canal, the woman in white enjoying the sun under the tree, the old stucco buildings in the back, the clear blue sky and the distant white clouds.
She looked at me, still uninterestingly, but it took her a few moments longer to get her head back in its- what seemed to me- natural position.
She moved her knees a bit apart, than she put them back together. She repeated this a few times, and to my surprise she moved them much more apart, so I could see her white thighs, and I'd have a glimpse of her dark crotch. She left it like that a few seconds, then she got up and disappeared, without looking at me.
I was too far away to distinguish if she wore a panty or not, but it was too late.
The scenery had made me hard, and I felt my dick throbbing in my pants.
Some soccer enthusiasts finished my erotic mood and I went back to the office.
I am a happy man.

Love, Frank.
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