Why Not?

this morning

I was lucky this morning, the c***dren were still sl**ping and my wife was more relaxed than she used to last month.
She kissed me.
Her hand sliding slow towards my dick. She found him. Hard.
She squeezed him gently, went for my balls and hold them for a few seconds. The warmth of her hand made my balls glow. Her head went down, she sucked him in, I crawled with pleasure.
I took her by the thighs and pulled her ass towards me. I positioned her in a 69, me flat on my back. I looked at her delicious cunt, put my finger in it and she was all wet. I spread her lips and squeezed her clit with my thumb, till it was a little swollen. Then I sucked it, I caressed it with my tongue, I tasted delicious. She enjoyed it, I knew, because she had to let him loose. I licked her harder, and she pressed her pussy against my face, my nose almost in her ass. My tongue did hurt, so I was relieved when she came, pressing her cunt hard to my face.
My face was wet.
She put my cock back in her mouth, she sucked him hard while playing with my balls. She knew I like that, it was near perfect. I once asked to put her finger in my ass, that would be perfect, but she wouldn't do it. Why not, I asked her. It's disgusting. I never had the guts to ask her again.
She turned on her back and spread her legs wide, I love that view, her wet cunt somewhat hidden in her gorgeous bush.
I put my dick deep in her, my balls pressed against her crotch. I stayed still for a while, then I started to move, first slow, than faster until I felt the hot current coming and I could not hold it any longer. I emptied my balls in her, but I pulled back just before the end to let her feel the last drops on her bush. She enjoyed it, first she wants me to unload deep in her, but she also likes to see the spasms of my dick and the last drops coming out of him.
You know, I love to have sex with her, I wish we could do it more often.

Love, Frank
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4 years ago
always hot a day free from duty.
nice story
4 years ago
Very sweet.
My man asked for the same thing, tell her that your reaction will be well worth it. I know his was ;)