Training A New Submissive Slut

Training A New Submissive Slut

One day, Nathan, looked at me as I entered the hotel room to greet him. He said “Greetings slut, welcome me properly by getting on your knees and using your cunt mouth "

My face burning, I sank to my knees and he coldly looked down at me as I reached
to undo his zipper. "Don't," he snapped, brushing my hands away. "Don't touch
without permission. Ask!"

"Please can I undo your pants?" I whispered and my panties were instantly


"So I can suck you," I whispered, my face hot and my hands trembling.

"Suck what?" His voice was low and menacing, his hand gripped my hair as he made me look up at him.

"Your cock," I whispered in a rush. "Please can I suck your cock?" The
humiliation washed through me and I felt as if I was on the edge of coming.
"Ask again, this time call me Sir."

"Please Sir; can I suck your cock?" He nodded and my trembling fingers unzipped
him and released his fat cock, which I hungrily took in my mouth. I felt so
servile, so used as I sucked him, his hand in my hair and his cock filling my
mouth. His hands gripped me as he fucked my mouth and I tried to stop from
gagging and I realized, I had no choice, he had complete control and the thought sent my head spinning.

With a grunt, he came, coating my face with his sticky sperm, drops running down my nose and some almost in my eyes until he casually wiped his cock against my cheek. "You'll have to improve," he said coldly, doing his pants up and walking away without another word, leaving me kneeling on the floor, my face and my panties a mess.

I was so aroused that I had to stop myself from ripping the vibrator from the
bedroom drawer after washing my face. Nathan smiled at me when I walked back, my face bright red.

"You enjoyed that, didn't you?" he said and I nodded shamefully. "You enjoyed me taking control?"

"Yes," I whispered.

"That makes you a slut," he smiled and the word rang in my ears. "I guess the
slut wants to come now?"

I was trembling; his words seemed to be drifting in and out of my head.
"Please?' I moaned. "Please Sir," I added and moaned when I said it.

"Go and get dressed in your slut clothes and wait for me." I rushed to strip off my clothes and dress in the black bra, panties and stockings that he loved me to wear.

Thirty minutes later, I was on my back, panties in my mouth and my ankles tied
to my wrists so my wet pussy was open, hungrily gaping. I was helpless and so
exposed, desperate to come.

"You've been using this without my permission," Nathan said, taking my vibrator
from the drawer, tapping my ass with it. "You don't use it unless I allow you."
I nodded desperately, tasting myself on my soaked panties and moaning when he
slid the vibrator deep into my pussy. Smiling he twisted the end and it started
to vibrate inside me. "Enjoy while I get a drink."

No, I wanted to cry out! Touch my clit, please! It was maddening, the vibrator
deep inside me, teasing me but there was no friction on my clit, and it was
swollen, red and ignored.

Suddenly I heard the doorbell and I strained my ears to listen as Nathan opened
the door. "Hi Slave Lynn."

"Is Slut here? I wanted to borrow something."

To my horror, I heard Nathan say casually, "Yeah, she's tied up in the bedroom
with a vibrator in her cunt. Want to look?"

"Sure," she laughed.

My face was red with shame when they both walked in, the vibrator so loud in the room. "Are those her panties in her mouth?" Slave Lynn casually asked, taking Nathan's drink for a quick sip. "She likes the taste of cunt?"

"I guess. Who cares what she likes?" Nathan laughed and took his drink back. "She just wants to come. Don't you, slut?" he suddenly snapped at me and face hot with shame, I nodded. His fingers removed the sodden panties, dropping them on the pillow next to me. "Beg," he said coldly.

My eyes darted from Slave Lynn to Nathan; both were smiling down at me while calmly sharing the drink. "Please Sir," I begged hoarsely, "please let me come."

"She has a nice little cunt," Slave Lynn observed, looking down at my pussy and the vibrator protruding from it. "And she's a natural blonde. Have you had her ass? yet?" she casually asked and Nathan shook his head.

"Not yet." His big fingers removed the vibrator and he wiped it on my hot
cheeks, teasing my mouth with it. "Beg to come, slut."

"Please, Sir," I almost screamed with desperation and deep in humiliation. My
head was spinning, all control gone as I slipped away, degrading myself without
thought in my urgent need for relief. "Please let me come!"

"You're nothing but a fucking slut, aren't you?" he demanded as he slipped two
fingers inside of me, Slave Lynn giggling softly.

"Yes, yes," I desperately agreed, his fingers slowly fucking me. "I'm a slut!"

"She screams when she comes," Nathan said idly to Slave Lynn.

"I think I've heard her," Slave Lynn laughed, "the walls are a little thin. Does she always get this wet? Her thighs are coated in it, for fucks sake!"

"She gets wet very easily; it's like turning a faucet on/” “His fingers moved in and out and I tried to buck on his hand, to get my clit in contact with
something, anything! "Ask Slave Lynn if you can come," Nathan snapped and Slave Lynn laughed.

"Please Slave Lynn," I begged, humiliated that she should see me like this but I was desperate, "please can I come?"

"Let me think about it," Slave Lynn laughed again and Nathan smiled.

"You are a heartless bitch, Slave Lynn," he said.

"We are two of a kind. All right, slut," she snapped, "you can come."

Nathan's thumb pressed against my clit while his fingers penetrated me, the
pressure rocking me and I screwed my eyes shut. "Show us how you come, slut,"
Nathan whispered in my ear, pushing me over the edge. The waves rolled over me,
intense almost painful as I screamed in ecstasy, lost in my pleasure and

I finally opened my eyes and Slave Lynn and Nathan were standing by the door, smiling broadly. "Bravo," Slave Lynn said mockingly, clapping slowly and my face burned with shame.

Nathan untied one hand and I gingerly lowed one leg, the other still tied to my
other wrist. "Free yourself and get out to the kitchen. We'd like something to

I heard Slave Lynn giggle as they left the room, my stiff fingers fumbling with the rope.

Slut Part 2.

What in the hell was happening, I asked myself as I staggered from the bed,
joints stiff, knees creaking. How could Nathan do that to me? More importantly,
how did he seem to know what was in my head? He seemed to know every dirty
little thought I've had since I was interested in sex! You should get the fuck
out of here, a shrill voice yelled inside my head but I knew I was enjoying
this, needed this and even though I had just experience a really intense orgasm, I was aroused at the thought of what may happen next.

I slipped my wet panties on, the sodden material clinging to me and tickling my
sensitive pussy and I crept into the main room where Slave Lynn and Nathan were
seated, laughing and talking until his eyes saw me. "Did I tell you to put your
panties back on?"

"No Sir," I mumbled, my face was red with shame, standing there in my black bra, black wet panties, thigh high stockings and high heels.

"Come here," he ordered and I stood between Nathan and Slave Lynn. "Take them off." I glanced at Slave Lynn who was laughing softly and shimmed out of the panties.

"Rub your face with them." Humiliated, I rubbed the wet panties over my face and Slave Lynn laughed loudly. "Put them in your mouth," Nathan snapped, "and bends over."

The panties in my mouth, I bent over, showing them both my bottom as Nathan
stood, removing his belt as he did so. With a sharp crack, his whipped my bottom with the belt, cutting across my flesh with a burning sensation. I yelped into the panties, snapped up and rubbed my burning bottom. "Another one for standing up," he said calmly and my heart sank. Fighting the tears back, I bent over again, no thought of disobeying him entering my head as I had sunk deeply into submission. The second slash with the belt hurt more than the first but I remained bent, tears in my eyes and my bottom and my pussy on fire, a compelling ache in my belly.

His thick finger slipped easily into my pussy. "The little slut is enjoying this as well," he laughed and I heard Slave Lynn also laugh. "Get us something to eat," he said, "you can take the panties out of your mouth."

I rushed to the kitchen, throwing the panties into the dirty clothes hamper in
the laundry and started to cook, careful not to burn any of my exposed skin. It
was humiliating cooking naked except for my bra, stockings and shoes but it also turned me on so much my head was spinning and my pussy was really squishy.

Nathan stopped me when I brought the crockery out to set the table. "Two places
only," he said calmly, "you'll wait on us and I may let you eat later."

Face red, I placed the food in front of them after they sat at the small table.
"You smell of sex ," Slave Lynn said scornfully.

"I might decide she has to sl**p in the laundry." My face burned at both
comments and was turning to return to the kitchen when Nathan stopped me.

"We'll have a bottle of the special red wine and take your bra off, Slave Lynn
hasn't seen your tits yet." I removed the bra in the kitchen and found myself
massaging my skin to try to remove the strap marks as I wanted to look my best
for them. My breasts jiggled when I returned and poured the wine into their

"She's rather big," Slave Lynn observed, sipping the wine, "but the nipples are nice and long." My hand trembled as I placed more food on the table. "She's not very well trained though."

When I returned to clear the table, face red, breasts still jiggling in front of them, nipples erect and my pussy aflame, Nathan gestured for me to stand still. "We haven't been able to find a job for you.

"I've decided since you don't have a job, that during the day you'll work as Slave Lynn's maid. You'll complete all housework here and then present yourself next door by ten. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir," I said. Work as her maid? The words reverberated within my head and I felt humiliated and degraded at the thought that he casually gave me away.

"I suspect you lost you last job through lack of discipline so we have to
address that deficiency. Now bring your plate here and I'll let you eat while we finish our wine." I hurried to the kitchen and return with my small plate of
food. Taking it from me, he placed it on the floor. "On your knees, slut," he
said and I heard Slave Lynn giggle as I bent down. "Hands behind your back and you can eat."

Eating the food like an a****l was extremely difficult and they laughed at my
food smeared face as my pussy throbbed. This was so degrading but it made me
more aroused than at any other time in my life.

"I must go," Slave Lynn said after I finished. "At ten tomorrow," she said to me, laughing at my smeared face. "I wouldn't be late if I were you."

Nathan showed her out and then had me bend over the table so he could fuck me
from behind. It felt fantastic, his cock deep inside me, his hand slapping my
wobbling bottom and his fingers pulling my hair, riding me like a slut. I
managed to get some friction against the table and after he spurted over my
bottom, I screamed with pleasure, the relief so intense once again.

After cleaning the kitchen, I was allowed a shower and as I enjoyed the stream
of glorious water, I wondered what had happened to me, what has changed?
Everything has changed, I realized and there was no going back.

Nathan was asl**p when I crept in and as I slipped under the cover, I shivered in anticipation of what was in store for me tomorrow.

SLUT Part 3

Nathan woke me in the morning by grabbing my hair and steering my head down to
his hard cock, allowing me eagerly and sl**pily suck it. The smooth wrinkled
flesh sliding between my lips that male taste filling my mouth as I sucked and
used my tongue. I gagged but couldn't move as he relentlessly pressed his cock down my throat until he came, spurting down my throat.

"Swallow," he hissed and I did, coughing a little and wincing. "Things have
changed now, slut," he said calmly as he moved out of the bed. "You will always
obey me, no questions. This is not a game, do you get it, and do you fucking get it?" His voice rose, almost a scream.

"Yes Sir," I whispered, my pussy shivering, all juicy and warm.

He produced a thin metal band and told me to kneel in front of him, naked as he
fastened it around my neck. It felt cold and a little tight but not
uncomfortable, although I would always know it was there. He locked it shut and
fastened a small tag to it, saying, "get my breakfast while I shower."

Naked, I scrambled to prepare his breakfast, trying to see what the tag on the
collar said but couldn't make it out. He appeared dressed, hair slicked back, so powerful in his suit and tie, skin smooth from shaving and his cologne wafting around me. He's so tall and I'm just average height for a woman so, looking up at him, I felt small and weak. Another deep wave of submission controlled me as he dropped a white box on the sofa. "That's your uniform. Wear it to Slave Lynn's and try to learn something! I don't want you to be useless all the time!"

The door slammed behind him and the thought occurred to me that I should dress
and get the hell out of the apartment. Curiosity however won the day and I slid
the lid off the large white cardboard box to reveal its contents. It was a
maid's uniform, black cloth with white trimming and white flounce petticoats.

It buttoned up the front and it looked dangerously short and although I knew I
should be leaving a part of me wanted to try it on. There were black stockings
and a white lace cap in the box and nothing else. I assumed I should wear high
heel shoes. Sluts should always choose high heels unless otherwise told.

I showered again, styled my long hair and dressed, feelings of submission
rolling through me as I examined myself in the mirror. The uniform was a
reasonable fit, a little tight, my large breasts were uncontrollable without a
bra and threatened to spill out, the hem a little high and the flounce
petticoats pushed the skirt out so I knew if I bent, my bare bottom and pussy
would be exposed.

I applied my make up so I would look just a little sluttier with heavier mascara, a bright red lipstick and eyeliner and, combined with my natural blonde hair, presented a very cheap whore in the mirror. The sight made
me even wetter and I u*********sly squeezed my thighs together as I leaned into
the mirror to trace my pouting lips with lip liner.

I would never have believed I would dress like this in a million years but here
I was, dressed like a slut French maid and it made me wetter than I ever would
have imagined, coupled with the thought I was being made to dress like this.
What was happening to me?

What the hell, I can leave tonight and go to my friends, I thought. I vacuumed
the rugs, dusted and tidied up, conscious of my bare bottom peeking from under
the dress whenever I forgot to bend my knees when I had to pick something up. I
finally got the tag on the metal collar in position against the mirror so I
could see the lettering. Humiliation washed over me when I saw it said “NATHAN’s SLUT'... What would people say when they saw it ? While my face burned at the thought girl goo started leaking down my leg.

And what was Slave Lynn going to do? I checked the clock; it was only half-past
nine, thirty minutes before my debut as a maid.

Just before ten, I almost ran into the toilet to wipe myself, I had become so
wet and I so desperately wanted to get my vibrator but I remembered that Nathan
had said I wasn't to use it without his permission.

Totally embarrassed, I crept into the hall and, precisely at ten, knocked gently on Slave Lynn's door. In a moment, she was standing there, dressed in a pink and blue robe and looking me up and down with a slight sneer. "You will curtsey and address me as Ma'am," she said in that cold tone of hers.

Flushing, I curtseyed. "Good morning Ma'am," I said.

"Get inside," she snapped. "I haven't got all day and we expect a big
improvement from you." I scurried past her, thinking, what does she mean by
'we'? The door closed and she arranged herself on the sofa. "Make a cup of tea
for me, Earl Grey and start running my bath." With a flick, she opened her
newspaper and began to read.

The bath was running when I returned with the tea on a tray I had found in the
kitchen and I bent down, bending at the knees to place it on the coffee table
when she suddenly snapped, "I think we've established what a slut you are!

Sluts don't bend their knees;
they bend from the waist to display themselves!

Consider that your first lesson!"

Immediately, I straightened my knees and bent over, my bottom completely exposed to pour the tea into the china cup, face red with humiliation and I knew I was wet. I checked the bath and returned to the main room, remembering to curtsey before saying, "You bath is ready, Ma'am."

"Start cleaning," she said and without a word, she walked past me and shut the
bathroom door behind her. At least I didn't have to wash her, I thought and was
that a twinge of disappointment I felt?

I was pushing the sofa back into position after vacuuming when she appeared,
dressed in a charcoal business suit, skirt mid calf and charcoal pantyhose.
Slave Lynn had pulled her dark hair back into a bun and she placed black-framed
glasses on as she minutely inspected my work while I stood waiting. "You seem to have a small talent for this," she grudgingly admitted and I felt foolishly

"Thank you Ma'am," I said with a curtsey.

"I suppose you're wet?" she sneered and I flushed. "Answer me!"

"Yes Ma'am," I whispered and she laughed.

"Nathan was absolutely correct; you are a deeply submissive slut. Right," Slave Lynn said in a brisk voice, "your Master will be home for lunch so you have get ready. Take your clothes off." I hesitated and she sneered, "I have seen you naked, if you recall? I've seen you beg to come with your Master's fingers in your cunt! Hurry or you will be punished!"

Face bright red, I stepped out of the clothes and removed the hat, stockings and shoes as well, standing completely naked in her apartment. Suddenly, I realized how vulnerable I was. She led the way into the bathroom and handed me a battery-powered shaver. "Remove your public hair," Slave Lynn said and I gaped at her. "Use the shaver, girl and then you will use the razor and shaving cream! Nathan likes his sluts to be smooth like a little girl.

"But” I stuttered and that was all I could say before she slapped me, her cold
eyes glaring at me.

"Do not ever question me, you fucking little slut! Now get about your business
and quickly!" My cheek was stinging and small tears in my eyes as I switched the shaver on. "Sit on the toilet seat," Slave Lynn instructed and I did, legs apart, peering over my large breasts, as I trimmed my pubic hair down to stubble. Big breasts can be a nuisance and I used my other hand to flatten them so I could see properly. My hair down there is fine and fair so it came off easily. My pussy was on fire and I could see my lips were gleaming with moisture. Slave Lynn noticed this as well and laughed before saying, "You get wet so easily. You really are a find."

It was embarrassing shaving my crotch right down to my other hole in front of
another person but I did, cheeks flaming and I desperately wanted to come, I was filled with an urgent need. I wiped the remnants of the shaving cream away and looked down at myself in astonishment, staring at my smooth groin, my pink
wrinkled lips suddenly looking obscenely prominent.

Slave Lynn handed me a bottle of baby oil and I rubbed it in. "Don't play with
yourself!" she snapped and I blushed guiltily. It felt strange when I returned
to the other room to dress in my maid's uniform again, knowing I was completely
hairless and somehow, it made me feel even more submissive.

I cleaned the bathroom, laundry, bedroom and kitchen while she read or chatted
to friends on the telephone. Finally, the door opened, Nathan walked in and he
tossed his coat to me. "Hang that, slut," he said and sat next to Slave Lynn. "Has she learned anything?"

"A little, she's a quick learner and she has a surprise for you. Come here,
slut," Slave Lynn called and I stood in front of them, Nathan smiling at my uniform.

"It's a good fit. If she undid that button, her tits would fall out."

"Show your Master your cunt." Blushing, I lifted my dress and he smiled broadly
at my smooth pussy.

"Very thoughtful of you, Slave Lynn," he said. "You know I like them hairless. She looks even younger now."

"I thought you'd approve. I guess you want to take her back to your place?" she
said with a wink. "I'll be over later for our business."

Nathan nodded and walked to the door. "Bring my coat, slut." I did so and
scurried after him. He instructed me to kneel on the bed and he used two pairs
of handcuffs to handcuff my right wrist to my right ankle and the same with the
left. I was immobilized face down on the bed, my bottom high in the air, my
wrists dragging my legs apart so my bottom and pussy was exposed. Swiftly, he
gagged me with ball gag and I could only make muffled sounds while saliva
dribbled from my mouth.

"You think this is a game, don't you? He said and I heard him undoing his pants.

"It's not." His fingers slipped easily into my pussy and I moaned into the gag
as he moved his fingers around. Suddenly the fingers were gone and he went into
the bathroom and as he returned I heard the familiar sound of latex gloves being put on.

"You are mine to do with as I wish, to be used as I want and right now I want
that lovely bottom of yours." His words hit me and I protested vehemently into
the gag but it was completely useless, the sounds were completely
unintelligible. Something cold was applied to my bottom and then I felt his
finger moving in, greasing me. No, I screamed uselessly but his finger kept

"You should relax," he laughed and I felt his cock start to push against the
entrance to my bottom, "it'll hurt more if you don't relax and let it happen. It is going to happen, mark my words." I couldn't believe this was happening and tried to struggle but the simple way they manacled me was ingenious, not only did it confine me but, in my struggles, made me open my legs even more. I
screamed again into the gag as he pushed deeper and deeper, the burning deep
inside me and I felt used and violated.

It was inside me, his cock was inside me! I could feel it and tears started to
flow as he cruelly began to fuck me, fuck me in the bottom! His big hand slapped the cheeks of my bottom as he moved faster and faster, the pain was unbearable.

"You'll enjoy this in time," he muttered and suddenly grunted as he came,
spurting deep inside of me and I cried quietly at the humiliation and the

It hurt just as much when he pulled out of me and after he went to the bathroom, he dressed and I heard him pouring a drink in the kitchen. The doorbell rang and Nathan and Slave Lynn returned to the bedroom where I was still face down on the bed, gagged and crying. "You took her arse?" Slave Lynn asked.

"Yeah, it's always nice to pop a virgin."

"You've left the other for me to pop?"

"Of course." Nathan sat down on the bed and spoke quietly in my ear. "Listen
slut, I guess by now you've realized this is not a game but the result of
careful planning. Slave Lynn and I are going to take all your clothes, credit cards, everything and store them away. We will decide what you will wear, what and when you will eat and you will be very
grateful for whatever we provide. You are going to become Nathan’s fuck toy and my cunt licking, butt fucked, sex slave. "

With everything that had happened to me, I still desperately wanted to come.

SLUT Part 4

The pillow my face had been resting on was wet from my saliva and my ass was hurting badly, and felt like it was on fire, my legs were beginning to stiffen. The position he had put me in to fuck my arse was degrading, anyone could walk in and use, as I now realized, either my pussy or my arse. I was so horny I found myself wishing someone would use my pussy, just so I could come at last.

A door slammed and Nathan was perched on the bed beside me, Slave Lynn leaning
against the door and I could smell a cigarette. "I'm going to release you, I
expect you to behave or the few smacks you got with the belt will seem like a
lover's kiss. I can hurt you," he hissed in my ear, "really hurt you if you
cause me grief, sweetheart!"

Nathan laughed softly and his fingers played with my sore and painful arse and then to my pussy. Please touch my clit, I pleaded silently but he withdrew his fingers to unbuckle the gag.

The handcuffs came off next. "Stand up and get out of those clothes," Slave Lynn Said. I pulled the maid's uniform off, wincing when the movement
caused my bottom to hurt and threw the clothes on to the bed. Stepping out of my shoes, I peeled the stockings off and stood naked in front of them.

Nathan seized me by the throat, his fingers hurting me and I panicked, thinking
he was going to strangle me. "You call me Sir and her Ma'am. Got it?" he said
coldly, his fingers around my throat.

"Yes Sir, "I croaked and he suddenly let me go. My heart was pounding, my neck
now hurt as well as my bottom. I could feel something dribbling from my
ass to my cunt and then down my leg.

"You want to get her ready, Slave Lynn? I'll set the camera up."

Camera? What was happening I wondered? "On the bed, slut," Slave Lynn said and I
sat on the bed while she placed a thick towel on it. "Lay down on that." I did
and she handcuffed my hands above me head and fastened them to the headboard.
She took two pieces of rope and bound each ankle to the corresponding thing so
my legs were wide open, my shaven pussy wide open, and my breasts rolling to
the sides.

Nathan returned with two drinks and the video camera. Putting one drink down, he sipped the other while turning the camera towards me, the red light winking and I realized he was filming me, I was totally exposed and on film! The way she had tied me meant my legs were pulled up and apart, my pussy and bottom on
display. Slave Lynn appeared from the bathroom and sat down on the bed, slipping latex gloves on. "This is our new slut," she said to the camera. "Pretty face, big tits and if you zoom in here, a pretty little bald cunt." I opened my mouth, face burning but a warning look from Slave Lynn made me shut it again. "She looks about s*******n but she's actually twenty six and truly submissive. Look," she said, her latex fingers slipping easily into my pussy, "how wet her cunt is. You like this don't you slut?" Slave Lynn suddenly asked, picking her drink up and taking a sip while coldly watching me.

"Yes Ma'am," I answered, saying what they wanted to hear and knowing that part
of me did enjoy it.

"What do you call this?" she said, fingers probing, my juices glistening on the
white latex.

"Pussy, Ma'am," I stuttered, breathing deeply as her fingers probed knowingly.

Suddenly she slapped me, slapped my face hard and I increased the dominant tone in his voice,” Cunt, it's a cunt. Say it!"

"My cunt, Ma'am," I cried, "it's my cunt!"

"I'm glad we understand each other. Now tell the camera what your Master did to

"He used me in the bottom," I muttered, tears welling and this time I saw the
slap coming and tried to move but she still hit me hard.

"He fucked your arse!"

"He fucked my ass, Ma'am!" While tears should have been running down my face given the situation, the only places wetness flowed from was my cunt and from my ass. I was becoming a sticky gooey mess right where I stood.

"And now another cherry to pop." Slave Lynn's eyes glinted and she raised her hand and started to squeeze lubricant from a tube onto the latex glove. "I'm going to fist you, slut." My eyes widened, she couldn't be serious! "And we're going to capture it on film to watch later. You haven't had a hand in your cunt before?"

Wordlessly, shocked, I just numbly shook my head. "I didn't think so." She
turned her head to the camera as she slipped two fingers into my wet pussy.
"This slut screams like a banshee when she comes, this time it will be very
intense for her as this is the ultimate penetration. Bring the camera in closer
and you'll see I have two fingers in her and about to slip the third in."

I grunted when she slipped the third finger t in, I felt full and so wet. It was humiliating but so arousing and I hoped she would just flick my clit. "I'm
avoiding her clitoris," Slave Lynn said, reading my mind, "but if you zoom in you can see how red it is, I could send her over the edge very easily but we want her to come from the fisting, don't we?" Slave Lynn laughed and kept working her fingers in and around.

Moaning, I closed my eyes and turned my head to the side, only to be slapped by
Nathan. "Keep your eyes open, slut."

"I know you don't think I'll get my whole hand in there but cunts are very
flexible, very flexible indeed," Slave Lynn laughed. "Now, four fingers. Can you feel them, slut?"

"Yes Ma'am," I moaned, the sound of her fingers squishing in and out of my wet
pussy loud in the room.

"And now the thumb. This is the difficult part," she said to the camera as if
she was lecturing, "the knuckles form a natural barrier so we just have to wait
until her cunt relaxes a little more and them my hand will slide right in."

I moaned again, I felt full, so completely full I could not imagine what the
whole hand would feel like. "Please," I moaned.

"Please what, slut?" Slave Lynn laughed. "You want my whole hand? Look at the
camera, tell them you like what your owners are doing to you."

I looked up at the camera and Nathan's smiling cold face, filming me naked on the bed, legs spread with a woman slipping her hand into my wet pussy. I was nothing but entertainment; people would watch this and laugh. "I am being fist fucked by my owners," I moaned into the camera, "I like it." I felt humiliated, degraded and used, a plaything to be used and abused, just like in my private fantasies but this time it was real.

"Here we go," Slave Lynn said with delight and I felt her hand slip in, pushing air out with it. "A little pussy fart," she laughed, "how cute. Look slut," she commanded and I looked down, her hand had disappeared into my cunt, her arm protruding and it looked like the arm was growing from me. It was incredible, my whole body was shaking and I could feel every part of her hand inside of my pussy.

"That's fucking incredible," Nathan breathed.

"Put your hand here," Slave Lynn said, placing Nathan's hand on my lower belly," and I'll make a fist inside her." I screamed with the intense feeling as she did it, pleasure rocking within me.

"I felt it," Nathan said. "Unbelievable."

"Film her, quickly, she's about to come."

"Oh my God," I moaned, head tossing from side to side as she opened her hand and closed it again. Suddenly her other hand stroked my pussy lips, moving up to my clit.

"Here she goes," Slave Lynn said, fingers tickling my clit while she opened and
closed the hand inside me. It was intense, so intense it was pain mixed with
sheer pleasure, my whole body erupted and I screamed and screamed with the

I was a shuddering shivering mess, gasping for air and so weak, so very weak
after the incredible orgasm. "Like a volcano, isn't she?" Slave Lynn laughed at the camera. "It's nice to have such vocal submissive." I felt her tug her hand. "Looks like I'm stuck," she laughed and I opened my eyes in panic, looking down at the arm growing from my pussy.

"Stuck?" Nathan asked.

"You have to let the air in," Slave Lynn explained, using her other fingers to peel my pussy away from her wrist. With a sudden whoosh, a gulping noise, her hand emerged and I suddenly felt empty. "Film her gaping cunt," Slave Lynn said. "I'm afraid you won't be fucking that for a little while.

"That's ok," Nathan said from behind the camera as he pointed it down at my
gaping pussy, "I'll use her arse or her mouth."

"After me, of course," Slave Lynn said, "I haven't used her yet."

"Of course."

"Better yet, why not use her now and then I'll take her next door for the
night?" They were discussing me as if I wasn't even there, an object!

"Sounds great to me, want to film it? The gang will love it." Slave Lynn nodded and took the camera as Nathan unbuckled his pants, dropping them to the floor. His cock, hard immediately, bobbed in front of my face; thankfully he had washed after using my bottom. "Say it," he said softly, his dark eyes gleaming down at me.

"Please Sir; can I suck your cock?" I whispered, looking up.

He smiled and Slave Lynn giggled as he slid his cock into my mouth, holding my head with both hands as he fucked my face, fingers tugging the hair. "That looks so sexy," Slave Lynn said. "Look at the camera, slut!" His cock was deep in my throat and gagging and spluttering I looked at the camera. She was filming me sucking cock! He was relentless, sawing it in and out of my mouth with no concern for me, just using me to come; it was almost masturbation.

"Here's the money shot," Nathan grunted, pulling out and spurting over my face,
his sticky mess landing on my cheeks and almost in my eyes..

Slave Lynn zoomed in and then turned the camera off. "Let's have a drink and discuss a few things before I take her," she said and they left me alone in the room.
97% (30/1)
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2 years ago
wow had to pull my cock as i read part 3 ,well done i feel like that slut
3 years ago
More please
3 years ago
Top notch erotica.
3 years ago
wow amazing more please
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