The army secretary. Russian grotesque novel.

The gloomy Russian winter day. The city of Tambov. In street was -20 ° C and the huge snowdrifts. In the streets Russians in felt boots ran wrapped in their thick fur coats. The monument to Lenin in the central square was half-covered with snow. Fifteen minutes ago by a huge icicle that fell from the local KGB building was killed a passerby. The place where fell the deadly icicle already was cordoned off by Cossacks and militia, the Russian police.
The room with the dirty shabby walls in one of the barracks of the army unit at city of Tambov. In air was tobacco smoke of cheap cigarettes. On the walls were the portraits of Putin, Lenin, Karl Marx and Kim Jong Un. In the one corner there was the big red banner with yellow hammer and sickle. In the other corner were a few empty bottles of Russian vodka.
It was heard a horrible creak of the iron army bed. Under the big sweaty midlife man can be seen the two very large breasts of size # 5, with nipples, and the two sexy thick thighs apart of pretty Russian woman Marina, her legs bent at knees.
The lieutenant colonel's hairy ass rapidly performed ​​frictions, fingers avidly squeezed huge breasts of Marina. His cock danced back and forth inside Marina's vagina. It was audible the squishing of sperm in her pussy. The woman breathed heavily and from time to time pitifully implored the officer: "Please let me go!" But the army rusty iron bed continued to creak terribly.
Behold the lieutenant colonel moaning poured out with the jerks his stagnant, trotyl smelling cum into Marina pussy. At last after the finish this big sweaty man left the room and during a few minutes Marina was again alone in the room.
Poor Marina with her sexy legs apart was lying on not so clean bedsheet in a puddle of sperm. Marina is a 28 years old married woman, working at this military unit headquarters as a secretary .
In her mind Marina had counted: "It seems, already f******n these male dogs passed." Before this day she had no idea that such an ordinary party with the officers, vodka and singing of Russian folk songs, ended for her in a long time group sex with the officers of her military unit.
And now Marina heard behind the door the major's voice asking that cute young lieutenant whom she always so liked: "Ты ещё никогда не ебался?" "Did you never fuck a woman yet?" Marina scared. She realized now that major Struchkov, a battalion commander and holder of the Order of Bravery, hero of the war in Chechnya, was offering to the lieutenant fuck her in his turn.
Though Marina already was fucked now the many times by several officers, and her sexy thick thighs, hairy pubis, underbelly and even her very big breasts were covered with sticky cum, and in her mouth was not disappearing male sperm flavour, she suddenly felt ashamed that this young lieutenant, with whom she often coquetted and whom she liked so, will see her now in such a look, and moreover, will fuck her like a prostitute, maybe even in her mouth.
She had also reminded her husband, her f****y, her son Misha, a pioneer and activist of Putin youth fascist organization "Наши" "The Our". Marina had reproached herself that she not at once refused to have sex with her to that brazen redhead captain Smirnov. From him all was started... After Smirnov senior lieutenant Kolomeytsev appeared with his stinking protruding cock...
On Marina eyes tears appeared.
"Let you fuck her properly, don't be afraid, Stepa! Don't drop the honour of a Russian officer!" she heard behind the door the major persuasions. There was a creak of the door and, horror! the cute young lieutenant appeared in the doorway already naked. He was blushing with embarrassment, but yet his big virgin cock stood like a bludgeon.
"Good Evening, Marina Leonidovna!", shyly he said to her as a headquarters secretary.
Marina wept with shame. The lieutenant swinging with his penis timidly approached the army iron bed...

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1 month ago
I love your dirty mind!
4 months ago
it reads like a thriller!