The happening at railway station

It was the spring. My grandma, Alevtina Petrovna, and me, Nina, a Russian 18 years old girl, was waiting for the train at the Voronezh city railway station. We had to wait for our train for 9 hours. We were coming back from a trip to my bridegroom Yuri. Now he is my husband. Then he served a compulsory service of one year in the army. It was not easy for me to part with him again until the next our meeting. To serve for him only one month left. Just after his demobilization we were going to get married.
The waiting for the train was rather tiresomely. We sat in a waiting hall of the railway station. In the waiting hall there was a lot of people, noisy and stuffy. I didn’t know how to pass the time and listened to my MP3 player.
Not far from us sat down the man about 50 years old of rather unpleasant appearance. He stared lasciviously at me, at my sexy legs in flesh colour nylon pantyhose. I was wearing then a mini-skirt, pantyhose, blouse, black varnished high-heeled shoes were on my feet. My fair hair loosely fell over my shoulders. In my pretty little ears I had the two nice catkins with rhinestones.
I, an attractive blonde young girl of 18 years old with quite big breasts, was embarrassed with such staring at me and my legs. I did not like the attention of that elderly man.
My shapely legs in lubricious flesh colour nylon were tightly squeezed together in my lap. But because I was sitting my skirt ridden up and most of my sexy thighs in nylon pantyhose was exposed. Probably that and yet my rather big breasts sticking out almost horizontally and my cute face with naive large blue eyes with their tender expression attracted the attention of the coarse elderly man. I was listening the music of my player, and pretended not to notice that attention. However, he continued look at me closely and lewdly.
My grandma returned now. Even she did notice the attention with which the man stared at me. My grandma irritably squinted at him. Until our train there were 8 hours still.
I decided to walk a little at the terminus. I lifted to the second floor and walked along the long row of stalls with souvenirs, food, and any nonsense. At one of the stalls I stopped. I had liked one cosmetic kit. But it was quite expensive for me. I was exploring it carefully hesitating to buy it. Suddenly someone asked me: "Do you like it?" The same elderly man stood beside me. I shrugged and did not answer him.
The man asked the saleswoman: "Please give me this thing" and pointed at the cosmetic kit liked by me. He paid in cash for it. "This is to you" he said smiling, presenting me the cosmetic kit. I had no idea then what to do - whether to accept the gift from an unknown man. For some time I was not daring to take that cosmetic kit. The elderly man was persuading, smiling, me to accept his gift. And I had taken it. Man tried to strike up a talk with me. He interested where we're going, where I study. I reluctantly replied, embarrassed with his gift and attention. I didn't still like his too lustful look at me, my mini-skirt, my sexy thighs in nylon pantyhose.
I walked further along the terminus second floor. The man didn't depart from me telling something, trying somehow make me laugh. Behold I went back to the spot where I sat with my grandma. My grandma was not there. It can be seen she again somewhere excused me. I sat down upon a waiting hall seat. The unpleasant elderly man also sat down beside me, not taking his eyes off my sexy thick thighs in nylon skin colour pantyhose. My grandma did not come back yet. The man entertained me with some talks. I smiled out of courtesy and replied something to him from time to time.
And then he said: "Already two years I'm divorced, so exhausted without a woman. Don't you give me a little pleasure?" I realized that he was offering me, an 18 years old girl, a virgin, the intim. I blushed deeply not knowing what to say at first.
Then I asked: "Что вы имеете в виду?" "What do you mean?"
The man grinned obnoxiously and said: "Что имею, то и введу" "What I have that I'll insert" The wordplay in Russian language.
"Хочу ебаться с тобой" he uttered. "I want fuck you"
I blushed even more. The word "ебаться" in Russian language is considered as a very obscene one. And he said that to me, a young innocent cute girl.
At last I said indignantly: "What do you allow yourself?!"
He continued to persuade me.
I repeated: "No, no, no".
My grandma appeared. She did not like very much that some kind of elderly man was talking to me, a cute young girl.
"What do you want from her?" she rather angrily asked the man.
"Nothing, we are just chatting", the man replied. He reluctantly got up and walked away from us somewhere.
"Nina, what does he want from you?" asked me my grandma.
"Oh nothing, just interested where I was going", I lied.
To the train were still 7 hours. The man did not leave me alone. Had only my grandma to depart somewhere as he sat down beside me continuing to persuade me to start sexual relation with him, plaintively describing his suffering of two years sex abstinence. His tone became increasingly wretched. He began to annoy me, and I had felt actually some kind of sorry for him.
"I have a bridegroom", I said.
"But he will not know anything", the man replied.
"I'm a virgin and it hurts me".
"Huh? You are a virgin?", he asked me again somehow excitedly, "Не бойся, я могу так ебать, что не порву твою целку" "Don't be afraid, I can fuck you so that I shall not tear your hymen"
"But pregnancy?" I said.
"Гондоны есть" "Here are condoms", he replied.
He took from his pocket a pack of condoms.
The word "гондон" is also considered as indecent name of condom in the Russian language.
He put his hand on my thigh in nylon. I felt ashamed, and at the same time it was pleasant to feel the warmth of his coarse male palm by my inner thigh. Prior to this, nobody touched me so shamelessly. I felt that my pussy got wet.
"Look how my cock is standing at you. It wants you", he added.
I had seen a huge hillock between her legs under trousers.
"Well, do you agree?" he asked.
I felt sorry for this unpleasant elderly man apparently deprived of female affection, and at my lower abdomen was so sweet languor after the touch my thigh with his hand.
After some hesitation I said: "Yes."
"So shall we go?" he asked.
"Let's go", I said.
The man had beamed with delight, on his face flashed a lustful expression. My grandma was not here yet.
"And where we are going to have the sex? At hotel?" I asked.
"There is a suitable place near", the man said.
We got out of the terminus, and he led me somewhere stepping over railroad tracks. We walked among the carriages of trains standing. On the way he was very nice to me and helpful, evidently anticipating the upcoming sexual pleasure and satisfaction, which he, the coarse elderly man, will obtain from me, the gentle 18 years old girl, a blonde with naive blue eyes.
On the way some street urchins of 12-14 years old tagged along behind us. They enviously and lasciviously watching us. "Ебаться идут", I heard. "They are going for fuck". My elderly beau had yelled at them menacingly: "Go away quickly!". Finally, boys got rid of us.
Behold we had come to some abandoned suburban electric train, to one of its empty carriages. The carriage steps were quite high off the ground for me. The man helped me to climb inside the carriage.
We entered the carriage, and I saw in dimness the two more men figures. I felt uneasy.
"Who is that?" I asked my elderly beau.
"Well, that's my pals", said he.
"Why they are here?!" I asked anxiously.
These two men came up to us. They were about 40 years old. One man was a chunky brunette of big height, wearing a cap, the other man was of average height, redhair, with impudent bony face. They were of rather nasty look, they smelled nasty vodka and tobacco fume.
"Ну что привел тёлку?" the chunky man in a cap asked. "Well, brought a heifer?"
I had seen the two dirty old mattresses scenting fuel oil, lying on floor, and now I realized that I have to have sex on these dirty mattresses with these coarse raunchy males smelling vodka and tobacco.
"We didn't agree so!" I burst into tears.
"Shut up! You, she goat ragged!" man in a cap said loudly. "Сейчас выебем тебя и отпустим, не бойся!" "Now we'll just fuck you and let you go! Do not be afraid!"
He approached me, and hugged me at once putting one his hand under my skirt, under my pantyhose and panties, roughly pawing my pussy, touching with his forefinger inside my labia minora.
"But she is wet already", he said addressing his nasty pals.
Indeed, my pussy was wet. Then he began to undress me unceremoniously.
This odd environment - the carriage, the three raunchy men, the dirty mattresses on floor - caused in me some strange mixed feeling of fear and excitement. The man in a cap already took off my skirt and blouse. I'm, an attractive 18 years old blonde gentle girl, now was standing half-dressed, only in my white lace bra, white lace panties, nylon flesh colour pantyhose on my shapely sexy legs, and high heeled varnished black shoes. It was visible as at the sight of me the big penises of the men stood up excitedly under their trousers.
But I still recalled the older man from the railway station that I had agreed to have sex with him only. Then he sat down with me, half-naked, upon the seat, hugged tenderly my shoulders, and began to urge me to give pleasure to his mates, who just had been released from prison to freedom. "They have not seen a naked woman during 8 years", he said.
I didn't consented still. The older man went on persuade me fondly and persistently. Yet I did not consented.
"Okay. Sit here until the morning. Your grandma perhaps searching you there strenuously", my beau from the railway station said.
I imagined vividly my alarmed grandma, and concurred for the sex in order to get rid of them quickly.
Then these three men began to argue sharply among themselves who will fuck me the first. The elderly man from the railway station already told them that I was a virgin. This was somehow very excited them. This their dispute was rather stormy, each of them wished passionately to be the first in fuck with the virgin. Finally, that man with too nasty face, in a cap, persuaded that he must be the first my fucker.
"Lie down!" he said to me roughly, pointing at the filthy mattresses.
I had laid down. He took off my bra, greedily sucked and bited both my breasts slobbering them, and then began to pull off my pantyhose and my white lace panties, taking off he tore them. He threw them crease crumpled nearby on the dirty mattress.
Behold I was laying on the mattress on my back, shamefully covering my pussy with my little hand, my legs bent at knees, my knees were together. The nasty former prisoner, the criminal, took off his cap, took off trousers and underpants, and the first time in my life I had seen a male's penis. Before I saw it only in pictures.
His penis was really very big. It seemed to me then just a huge one. It stood erected hardly like a baton. The penis head was bluish-purple. On the trunk of the cock were visible the sulked veins. From this unwashed cock the strong smell of a male b**st proceeded. All look of the cock, stressed and solid as a stone, showed how it was voluptuously lusting and longing me, my gentle wet vagina. Longing after the obtaining of its sweetest pleasure to ejaculate into my maiden virginal pussy a handful of hot male sperm, as a sign of its gratitude.
I was scared that such a thing I have to take into my little narrow pussy.
"But a condom?" I asked anxiously, "It was promised with a condom!"
"Who did promise that to you?" said the man, "Вот кто тебе обещал, тут пусть и ебёт тебя с гондоном". "But who promised that to you, let him fuck you with a condom"
Embarrassedly I imagined how the millions of tailed spermatozoons of this rude man, a former prisoner, are impudently rushing into my uterus, toward my ovum, and I felt unpleasantly.
"Set your legs apart!" he said me, and began with his hands roughly arrange apart my legs tightened at knees. He greedily snuggled with his mouth to my pussy and began passionately kiss it aspirated and lick greedily with his tongue my labia minora and my clitoris. I was frightened and felt very pleasurably at the same time.
The other two men watched avidly all this.
Then this chunky brunette, a former prisoner, began greedily in the same manner suck my breasts' nipples in turn, at the same time moving with his two fingers between my wet labia minora.
Then he had knelt down between my parted legs for a few seconds, touching with his coarse hairy thighs the gentle inner surface of my sexy thighs, and laid down upon me. I was feeling how such a great hot head of his cock was trying with pushes to thrust into my girlish vagina, stretching impertinently the narrow entrance of my virginal vagina. The man was moaning agitatedly breathing into my face with vodka and tobacco fumes.
I felt the pain.
"Please stop! It hurts me!" I begged.
But ignoring my plea the former prisoner continued saucily to squeeze his huge penis into my gentle girlish vagina. He already was fucking me, the very first time in my life, committing his frictions. The huge hot head of his cock already had got into my narrow vagina stretching it, and was stretching my hymen with pushes, trying to break through it.
"Please stop!" I cried again. I had wept.
I had felt the more sharper pain and cried out.
His huge cock broke through the hymen into my vagina, pulling on this hot club my gentle vaginal walls. Really he was pulling myself on his hot club with savage incessant pushes.
His club was advancing into my vagina deeper and deeper. The sensitive head of his penis was rubbing voluptuously the walls of my gentle vagina, which never felt within itself the male penis.
I was feeling how this head of his penis was drinking a sweetest pleasure from my gentle vagina. The man was committing his frictions on me, groaning louder and louder with pleasure. This former prisoner already just roared like a wild b**st with pleasure, smearing my face and lips with his stinky saliva.
It seemed to me, a gentle young girl, that already not the rude man fucked me, but a huge male dog, a huge monster enjoyed growling my pussy, my vagina, my sexy thighs, my gentle breasts. At the same time that scared and excited me.
And though it was very painful some strange pleasure was felt amongst this pain, and my vagina trickled with juice. My uterus began to contract rhythmically in tact with his fucking motions. Now I wanted to participate in this fuck with this huge b**st, and I became involved in the fuck, started "подмахивать ему", actively moving with my pelvis to and fro in tact with his frictions.
Two other men lowered their trousers to knees baring their erected hardly cocks, and masturbated excitedly looking at us, at our fuck. This nasty male, a former prisoner, breathing with the disgusting fumes, fucked me for a long time, it seemed to me the whole hour.
His cock pulled on itself my vagina and hit with its hot head my cervix, like a boxer hits a punching bag. I moaned piteously from pain and some strange pleasure. And now he had roared more loudly, even screamed with delight, and I was feeling how the hot liquid was erupting with strong jolts into my vagina. This hot liquid was squelching now under his moving cock in my vagina.
At last the chunky brunette doing a few more motions with his cock, pulled it out of my vagina and stood up.
The next who must fuck me was my old beau from the railway station, this 50 years old man. He was more dulcet with me. Firstly the long time this older man kissed me, a sexy blonde of 18 years old, slobbery and lewdly, caressing with his tongue my mouth inside.
Then he tenderly helped me to get doggy on all fours on these dirty mattresses already stained with my bl**d and the sperm. There were not the trousers on him already.
He had knelt down behind me, enough easily thrusted his cock into my vagina full of warm sperm, and began to fuck me very quickly like a dog, squeezing from behind with both his palms my boobs. The sperm of the previous fucker, the prisoner, was sloshing in my vagina. This squelch of sperm was clearly audible to all.
We fucked like two stray dogs perhaps a quarter of an hour - me, an 18 years old cute blonde slim girl, and the burly man with belly, about 50 years old, balding, suitable for me almost as a grandfather. He had got finally his sweet pleasure and satisfaction from me, of which he so long begged me at the station.
I also tried to participate in our fuck moving with my ass in tact with his movements. The older man was so gentle with me, the source of his pleasure, and when he was fucking me, he was agitatedly repeating: "Ah you my sweet little girl! Ah you my nicy!"
Sometime, in the midst of my sexual intercourse with this my elderly beau from the railway station, the thought about my grandma flashed in my mind: "Where is she now? Probably searching for me... What time is it now?" I really lost all sense of time during this my first so tempestuous sex.
The three men in turn did with me two sexual intercourses each.
The dirty mattresses smelling fuel oil were in spots of sperm and bl**d. My hips, pubic, whole lower abdomen were lavishly smeared with the cum of these three not young men.
Finally they finished obtaining their sexual satisfaction.
Now I represented a quite pitiful sight - disheveled, with the kiss hickeys on my breasts and neck, bedraggled with the sperm of these three males, and awfully tired. My deflorated stretched vagina, fucked with three big cocks, was aching. My uterus was still continuing to commit the rhythmic contractions, keeping the memory of the three hottest male batons.
I was lying exhausting with fatigue on these filthy mattresses. It was necessary to give tribute to my admire from the railway station - he had helped me to get up on my feet and get dressed. On the raffish face of this elderly man was visible the feeling of gratitude to me for giving him pleasure and satisfaction.
The two other men, the former prisoners, were on former rude with me, and already called me, an 18 years old girl, "блядью и сукой" "a whore and bitch", smoking and spitting contemptuously saying about me.
Somehow I put in order my hair, lipsticked, did quick maquillage. I was even swaying after such an abundant sex.
With an elderly man, my beau from the railway station, I exited the carriage. The two other men, the former criminals, stayed in the carriage. We went back to the terminus. At last I had glanced at my watch - just two hours remained to our train, so these men fucked me as many as four hours!
I still was swinging like a sailor after storm, my pussy was aching, all the time out of my pussy constantly was flowing the warm cum and dripping down along the inner surface of my thighs, dirtying my pantyhose. My pantyhose, skirt and even blouse were spotted with whitish withered sperm.
At last we reached the station. My grandma was absent at the same place. I can no longer to walk and search her. I felt so excruciated. Yet my elderly fucker found her somewhere at the terminus and brought her to me. Then he had disappeared at once. My grandma asked me anxiously eyeing me: "Nina, where have you been so long? I searched the entire terminus, even by terminus radio the ads were given, even to police appealed!"
I waved my hand negligently like a d***k bosun and said: "Я ебалась с тремя мужиками" "I had the fuck with three men"
"What?!" exclaimed my grandma, "Are you out of your mind?! What are you saying?!"
"Да, они выебали меня" I uttered saucily. "Yes, they have fucked me"
I added: "Threesome".
I got up and walked reeling like a d***k, found a pharmacy kiosk, and bought tampons kotex, a squirt, and a solution for douching. Then I went to the terminus toilet, closed in cubicle, lifted my skirt, pulled down my pantyhose and panties, sat down on the toilet bowl.
My panties and pantyhose's panties area were thickly impregnated with sperm, bl**d stains were visible too. Out of my vagina was still flowing the cum of these three strange casual men. I wondered: "If I get pregnant, whose a baby will be?" My pussy was hurt. I did douching for my excruciated vagina, inserted a tampon. It was the time for boarding our train...
Shortly afterwards I married my groom Yuri who came from the army. Thanks to my grandma, my groom knew nothing about that that I as a cheap terminus hooker was fucked by the group of former prisoners.
Now I'm already at the fourth month of pregnancy. By timing this cannot be a baby of my husband Yuri. It's a baby of one of these two former prisoners and elderly man with belly.
Well, let it be so...

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not as bad)) I liked it, but still have something to strive for anal sex... for example)
what do you think about that?