This son of the boss

My name is Julia. I am a 35 years old Muscovite, a married woman. I have a husband, his name is Vladimir, a 12 years old son, Yuri, and our pet, a Rottweiler, dog Stan.
I have been married already for 15 years. We was always a good friendly f****y.
In winter weekends we often went threesome to forest for ski walks.
In spring, summer and fall on Sundays we had fun in Moscow Gorky Park.
Always threesome we flied on holidays to Turkey and Thailand.
And I was always considered as a very decent woman even according Russian strict standards. I never cheated my husband and, moreover, I got married a virgin.
We live enough well and have the new five-room apartment in Moscow district Vyhino, which we purchased a year ago in the mortgage, and the two cars, Renault and Mazda
Because my look must be interesting for this my narration I shortly describe myself.
I have brown hair, big hazel eyes and magnificent 4rd size breasts. My physique is average. The wider pelvis, lush ass and sexy thick thighs make my figure the enough handsome and sexually attractive.
Sometimes I do hair removal on my legs, but don't shave my pubic area because my husband Vladimir more like hairy pubic.
Usually we were engaged sex with my husband one or two times a week. For us both that was enough. My menses made even longer the intervals between our sexual intercourses, and quite often I just politely refused my husband in sex under the pretext of my female migraine. It's the little female cunning.
I work together with my husband at one of Moscow companies. I work as an accountant, husband works there as an engineer.
Our boss, Dennis Grigorievich, is a director and a sole owner of our quite large company engaged international road transportation. He is 48 years old. He has the great business connections in upper levels of the Russian government, his father is a former functioner of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Now his father is a member of the Federation Council, the upper chamber of the Russian parliament.
At the office of our firm we should observe a strict dress code. Usually at our office I wear female business suits, my favourite colour is pink. My legs are so nice that usually I use short skirts, black or flesh-coloured pantyhose and high heeled shoes.
The events described in my story occurred in autumn last year.
Overall, I was considered as a good employee and I didn't have any serious problems at my work, but I didn't have any prospects for progress on a higher position at our company too.
Our office often was visited by the boss's son Misha, a 18 years old student of one Moscow university. Misha is of average height, his rigid bony face is with freckles, he has flaxen colour hair. He is always louching.
Once in the midst of a working day in November I had heard in the hallway that somebody was overtaking me. It was Misha.
He had taken me tightly by my arm and pulled me to the boss's cabinet.
"Please, please", he whispered excitedly.
At the time there was nobody in the cabinet, our boss gone off somewhere on business matters about an hour ago.
"I want to fuck you! Fuck, fuck, fuck!", Misha repeated with excitement several times, his pupils were dilated and he gave me the impression of an abnormal person then.
"Please, please, I can no longer endure, all the time my dick stands at you, I cannot sl**p at nights!"
"What are you doing? Free my arm!", I was indignant. Nevertheles, I was afraid to make a big noise in the office with son of our so influent in Russia boss, so we found ourselves in the boss's cabinet which was nearby.
There Misha panting and red like a tomato at once thrusted his hand under my skirt, between my thighs in black nylon, at my perineum, trying to grope with his fingers my pussy under the panties. Only now I had felt a wine smell from Misha. Obviously he was slightly d***k.
Misha began to unzip my skirt ineptly with his trembling hands. I felt myself very uneasy and even feared the consequences not knowing how that all will end.
But in my mind flashed the thought about the economic crisis and the prospects for work in this firm, about the necessary for us money to pay the mortgage for our new apartment.
So I said: "Please wait a little" and locked the door of the cabinet. I unhurriedly took off my pink jacket, blouse and pink skirt, black nylon pantyhose, black bra and panties, exposing my magnificent breasts and my hairy pubic. Then I came to the large black leather sofa, and I had laid down on it, on my back, legs were bent at knees and far apart, my lush breasts provocatively looked at Misha.
The lad, getting tangled in his clothes, excitedly stripped entirely, the reddened head of his enough big penis with excitement stared at my hairy pubic and me naked. I took contraceptive a long time, so the look of his penis without a condom didn't frighten me.
Misha panting, with his protruding penis, approached me and began to lie down onto me, but my naked view with my thick sexy thighs and enough big boobs so agitated him that Misha managed not even bring his penis to my pussy close as happened the powerful ejaculation. He doused me with his hot sperm, the sperm dripped from my thighs now.
However, the boy fell onto me and began rather roughly touch my genitals, rub with his fingers my labia, partly dampen with his cumshot, and the vaginal entrance.
I was ashamed and very awkward then, I was trying lightly push his body away from me, but Misha was d***k and so impudent.
Then just as a very impudent boy Misha brutalize crumpled, sucked and bited my big sexy breasts. So his dick stood up again.
He had laid down on me, and I was feeling how he was bungle searching my vagina entrance poking aggressively at my crotch here and there with his young hot dick.
Behold his dick was in my vagina, and the 18 years old impudent boy with freckles on his teens face was rapidly commiting frictions on me, a 35 years old respectable married woman.
Before that day I didn't imagined that one day I shall be fucking by a boy who is younger than me 17 years, and all this will be occured at my good job in my boss's cabinet.
His so hot cock swiftly danced to and fro in my pussy. The boy breathed fastly moaning with excitement, and squeezed my curvy breasts and buttocks.
I tried then to think about my husband, my f****y, my son, that it's necessary to endure all this for their sake.
Yet Misha somehow more and more stired me during his so hot fuck. Behold, I put both palms of my hands on both his buttocks moving rapidly. This feeling of young male buttocks rapidly and impudently fucking me increased mine, 35 years old married woman's, excitation. I already was feeling the moisture in my vagina, I already was feeling that his dick was sliping smoothly in my warm vaginal juice.
Then I had gripped by my gentle vaginal walls the lad's moving cock, the boy groaned with delight more strongly.
My clitoris more and more sweetly excited.
The image of my husband more and more dimed.
It was no longer necessity to stimulate Misha cock clutching it by my vaginal walls. His cock was tightly squeezed by my vaginal orgasmic cuff, which now so sweetly was moving to and fro along his so wet cock. It was sweeter and sweeter for me. And behold the wave of some kind of the sweetest romantic orgasm picked me highly up. I tried then to control myself but I not sustained yet, and screamed loudly.
This my cry even more excited my boy with freckles. His cock now performed frictions even faster, as a dick of male dog in his bitch vagina. Indeed he was fucking me rapidly like a male dog and at the same time moaning with excitement and kissing greedily my lips now.
My boy groaned and cried out even louder in pleasure and I felt how with strong jolts his hot cum erupted into my cunt. There was a plenty of cum. For some time after the cumshot Misha continued to make frictions in my so wet cunt where squelched his sperm because of motion of his cock. Finally, he calmed down, done as if unwillingly a few more motions, took out his cock from my pussy and got up.
The sight of his young hot sperm on my hairy pubis and flowing out my vagina evidently excited him. He began excitedly touch with his two fingers my labia stained with his sperm messing with it his fingers. He snuggled at my magnificent breasts and again began to suck and lick my nipples with the tip of his tongue, to rub my breasts nipples with the head of his still wet cock.
At last he allowed me, now his own bitch, get up. I got dressed and put in order my hair.
Misha also got dressed. He said then parting with me: "Я хочу ещё с тобой ебаться"
"I want to fuck you more and more" We left the cabinet.
I entered the room in the office where my husband works. My husband Vladimir sat at his workplace woefully burying his eyes at the desk. My colleagues already had the time to tell him about my seclusion with boss son Misha in the cabinet, my hasband had the reddened eyes, it was evident that he wept.
"Ah, Julia, what have you done? You have ruined our lives", said bitterly my husband.
"А ты что хочешь без куска хлеба остаться? А что мы жрать будем если нас уволят? Как же твои мечты о покупке новой квартиры?" I uttered angrily.
"But what do you want? To stay penniless? And what we'll fress if we get fired? What about your dream of buying this our new apartment?"
My husband Vladimir dejectedly fell silent, omited his face and bent over his desk again...
Now I often visit my boy Misha at his apartment, he lives separately from his father in his own flat in prestigious Moscow district Sokolniki. He fuckes me three or four times a week regularly. Evidently he considers me as his own sex property now. This 18 years old chap impudently squeezes and crumples my boobs and belabors with his impudent cock my womb two or three times per my visit and f***es me to do blowjobs for him.
Certainly his father, our boss, and even his grandfather, a member of the Federation Council, know that their son and grandson fucks me, a 35 years old married woman as a slut. But as once told me Misha, they like that he became a real he-man now. Often his father and grandfather even bawdy joke on this topic. Sometimes during my working day our boss Dennis Grigorievich smiling indulgently slams with his palm my lush butt.
Several times my boy Misha brought his buddies, the Moscow students, to fuck me too as his friendly present to them, and I first time experienced the group sex. Frankly speaking, really I don't like group sex. When pistons of two males move inside you, and four hands of men simultaneously finger and squeeze greedily your boobs, inner thighs, pubis and pat your back, then you feel yourself just a rubber sex doll, though an expensive rubber sex doll.
And recently, one of Misha mates, the same 18 years old snotter, a student, after two normal coituses with me in my cunt began to fuck me in my asshole for the first time in my life. Frankly speaking, it was very hurt for me, I cried pitifully in pain but Misha and another his buddy lustily watched this scene, and the sight of 18 years old d***k snotter fucking in the ass once a respectable married 35 years old woman with sexy big butt so excited them that they ejaculated quickly even without any masturbation.
So I go from hand to hand like a routine slut. The other hand now I promoted to the chief accountant of our firm and I look down at my husband during working time now. I got a very good my wage increase too, and I already dream of buying our own cottage near Moscow city.
Sometimes Misha with his friends come for their sexual enjoyment to our apartement in Vyhino. For that time my husband and son go out somewhere.
My husband Vladimir almost accustomed to that that Misha and his friends fucks me regularly as a rubber sex doll, many of his views on sex changed last time.
I continue to take contraceptives, therefore Misha and his buddies fuck me without a condom usually. They like so.
Sometimes I have sex with my hasband shortly after my sexual intercourses with my boy and his company, and it seems the squelch of alien sperm in my vagina with my husband penis very excites sexually my husband...

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